Can You Drink Rain Water?

Can You Drink Rain Water?

Can You Drink Rain Water? Many people ask how with rain water? Can we drink rainwater? Allow bath using rain water? And so on. We are often catch in the rain, even for the kids to play when the rain is highly anticipated moment for them. They are so nice to play raindrops; unwitting children swallow the rain water. How is rain water entering inside the human body, is it dangerous?

Rain water coming down from the sky looks clean, but you need to know that the air also contains a lot of impurities. Dirt brought in air will be exposed to rainwater and well mixed and fell to Earth. For tropical countries have high rainfall, especially when the rainy season. When it rains a lot of children playing outdoors and plays while enjoying the rain. Rainwater mixes with pollutants in the air of course if drunk can lead to a negative thing for the health of the body.

Drinking rain water directly is indeed less recommended by experts, though cooked first rain water remained to be aware of how to offer it. Below are some of the negative effects of drinking rainwater directly.

Is rainwater safe to drink?

Rain water can cause skin problems and teeth

Rain water before experiencing a process of demineralises, although derived from sea water which eventually form a cloud. Because demineralises process is to remove the mineral water. The mineral is very needed by dental health, so rainwater without mineral content will negatively affect the dental pad. Not just on the teeth, the skin that is exposed to the rain water can also arise the bad things. In the rainwater contain monoxide which is a poison. Skin problems which often arise due to rain water is itching in addition pollutants and bacteria may be conceived quite a lot of rain.

Rain early in the season is not good for health

After the dry season will then switch to the rainy season, rain at the beginning of the rainy season is not good for the health of the body. Rainwater contains many pollutants that come from the air, as long it doesn't rain. Some harmful substances in rainwater as heavy metals and toxins will impact badly on the intestines, skin and teeth. No wonder, after the kids playing rain water then easily get sick if they don't have a good immune system.

Head dizzy

The rain water that falls on will because temperature changes drastically, this will cause the head dizzy. The rain water that falls on its also result in constriction of the blood vessels in the nose and throat. If your body's endurance is less fit may be exposed to the flue, fever and cough.

Rain showers more dangerous

Rain drizzle more contains pollutants than rain downpours. Therefore, avoid your body from rain water.

You know water is too important for our health, but I have to stay careful drinking water, may need to know How Much Water Is In Our Body.

Can You Drink Rain Water? Raindrops are indeed many benefits in life, but rain could also be bad for your health, then be careful to very ill due to rain. Keeping the body's immune system is the best way to maintain the health of the body.


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