How Much Water Is In Our Body

How Much Water Is In Our Body

Water is the biggest component in the human body. In the human body there are two organs that are in dire need of water. Two of these organs are the blood and the brain. The blood consists of 95 percent of the water while the brain is 90 percent. As has been suggested by the experts are advocating that every day we should consume at least 2 liters of water. What happen if someone consumes water less than 2 liters?

If the body is less water then it will suck up moisture in the body itself, such as the moisture content in the blood and the brain will be sucked up by the body. It makes the blood becomes more viscous fluid and brain deficiency of water. When the blood becomes thicker, surely will cause kidney work become more severe, even in some a long time can cause kidney disease.

Kidney function is to filter the blood, when Gore could cause the glomerulus of the kidney was torn. This will cause the color of the urine becomes reddish, if not promptly treated can cause kidney disease.

Then what about the brain when moisture deficiency? The brain is an organ of the body that are most in need of food intake and oxygen. If the blood flow very slow will able to effect on brain cells even cause brain cells to die. Thus the brain can't function optimally. When this is coupled with heart disease will certainly add to the burden of brain function. Not only that, this condition also can trigger a stroke.
You should know the benefit of drinking more water.
So from now you hate to try to consume at least 2 liters of water per day, so all the organs in your body of the body can work optimally. And you can be avoided from many kinds of diseases.


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