The Best Fruits For Pregnant Women

The Best Fruits For Pregnant Women

Best fruit consumed by all people especially for pregnant women who need more nutrients. There are many kinds of fruits in the world, but not all the fruit has a very perfect nutrient content. The fruit is a healthy food that must be consumed each day, especially for pregnant women.

Now it's a lot of nutritional products specifically for pregnant women such as milk and other types of food. To meet nutrition for pregnant women are not always buying nutritional products that has been sold over the counter. Consume fruit is the best choice so your pregnancy healthier natural.

Well, what kind of fruit is either consumed by pregnant women? Here is the best fruit for consumption of pregnant women.


According to Wikipedia is a type of apple fruit is produced from the apple tree, the colour of apples there are red and green. The taste is mild, a slightly acidic fruit, a little soft, and its skin was hard but safe for consumption. Apples are nutrient rich, and there are some apples in fruit vitamins one of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and vitamin C. And for pregnant women, a pregnant mother for Apple functionality is very useful for dealing with constipation or diarrhea and certainly good for fetal development. The nutrient content and nutrients in apples like malic acid, tannins and other fibers very necessary for the nutrition of pregnant women and apples in addition, eating an apple every day to maintain the body weight remained ideal for pregnant women.
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Cherry fruit sometimes called cherry fruit is a fruit that has nutritional 20 x folding apples and oranges. For the daily life of cherry fruits has several advantages, namely anti inflammation, cancer control, early anti duality, calm nerves because the ingredient can initiate blood circulation to the brain so that it makes the nervous system is More relaxed. The cherry has a mineral content of iron, potassium, copper, manganese, etc. For pregnant women, the function of the cherry fruit can initiate digestion and help the skin of the baby in good health and white.

Palm Date

Dates contain sugar 60-70%, there is the complex of iron, potassium, and vitamin B is very useful to overcome cramps on pregnant women, strengthen the uterine wall, in the last trimester pregnancies the fruits of the palm date deserves Often to be consumed as a source of energy is getting ready for work.


Avocado fruit come from Mexico and Central America which is now grown in the states of South America and Central America. On the fruit of avocado contains folic acid, complex vitamin B, and potassium. 3 This content is necessary for the development of fetal brain and spine of the fetus. In addition, fruit avocados reduce nausea and vomiting during the first period of pregnancy.


The wine is shaped round or elliptical fruit that has small seeds in the flesh of the fruit. Not a few people who are happy with the wine because it has a sweet taste. There are two kinds of wine, namely red wine and black wine. The content of the wines is very useful for pregnant women because the wine is rich in antioxidants prevent cancer in addition to polyphenolic compounds of wine and also has a resveratol that works for a variety of body metabolism among other things give the iron input, and energy source.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit-seller, which, among other things, for pregnant women, it is caused by the already ripe uterus fruit can help to eliminate the phlegm that is often inflicted on pregnant women. The Dragon fruit is also rarely use pesticides because of the very thick outer skin, making it very safe for pregnant women's consumption. Besides there are some uses of Dragon fruits for health and beauty too.

Syzygium aqueum (Rose apple)

Syzygium aqueum is a fruit of the guava-myrtle family that originated in Southeast Asia. The content contained on Syzygium aqueum are vitamins A, C and water, because on Syzygium aqueum, there is a lot of moisture content so that it can reduce dehydration. In pregnant women can reduce thirst, trigger digestion and optimize the performance of white blood cells.
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That's the best fruit for consumption by pregnant women. Well, if you are a woman who is pregnant, please provide the fruits in your home.


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