Sweet Potato Benefits For Skin Beauty

Sweet Potato Benefits For Skin Beauty

The skin also becomes special attention to everyone, because the skin is the body part that is visible to everyone and would certainly affect the beauty. Beauty is synonymous with the beauty of the skin, so it is not surprising that many people are more considerate members of the skin. Not uncommon people willingly pay dearly in order to have the skin soft and healthy, especially for every woman.

Skin care can be done in a natural way by taking the direct materials from nature that is effective for the skin. In this world a lot of types of crops that can be used as an herb to keep the beauty and health of the skin. Among the plants that are beneficial for the skin, one of them is sweet potato. Indeed during this sweet potato is known as a source of healthy food. However on the other hand, the sweet potato is effective for the skin.

Sweet potatoes contain various kinds of vitamins that are beneficial for the skin and supported by others as a nutritional supplement to perfection. Other important compounds are magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and omega 3 which is instrumental to maintaining healthy skin.

The advantage of using sweet potatoes to treat skin

Helps smooth the heel

If the skin on your feet dries with a cracked heel, use water to smooth the sweet potato stew. Let the water not overheat and soak your feet in it.

Help moisturize the skin

To make a light scrub, 1 tablespoon oatmeal, and 1 tablespoon of yogurt, then mixes everything to form rough dough. Use this mixture to rub your skin with slow circular movements, then wash with lukewarm water, then switch to moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that you use.

Helping Metabolic processes

Sweet potatoes also contain manganese, namely minerals that help promote metabolism and maintain a healthy glycemic balance. It also helps to control your appetite, thus preventing excessive eating habits, so also helps to lose weight. Sweet potatoes are also useful in the treatment of anemia and severe premenstrual symptoms.

Reduce the risk of skin stress

Sweet potatoes contain minerals such as magnesium and iron in a good quantity. It is believed that magnesium helps to relax and acts as a deterrent to stress on the skin.
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The benefits of sweet potatoes for hair

Sweet potato as a beauty food

Besides the sweet potato contains vitamins A & C, also contain vitamin E is known to be beneficial for the health of the skin. This increases the skin, thus giving the skin smooth. These vitamins (A, C & E) composed together known as "beauty Food" for the skin.

Help with hair growth

By the presence of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes, it makes very ideal foods to help hair growth. Nutritional deficiencies can cause common problems on hair like dull, damaged hair and hair loss. and also it can cause dandruff.

The natural shine of hair

Hide sweet potatoes with other ingredients such as honey, yogurt and olive oil worked for hair that is dull and rough, and makes hair hydrated and natural shine.
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Sweet potatoes are now indeed considered ancient food, but who would have thought that the food is considered one eye proved to be capable of providing the health effects and incredible beauty.


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