Sweet Potato Benefits For Diabetics

Sweet Potato Benefits For Diabetics

Sweet potato is a great food source of energy that can be consumed by any person. At the previous reviews we have discussed the benefits of sweet potatoes for health and beauty. It turns out that sweet potatoes also have benefits that are good for food by diabetics. Any diabetics should always pay attention to any food taken, particularly for foods that contain high sugar levels.

Some of the important content of sweet potato like vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and beta-carotene content of antioxidants to protect the body from cancer. In this day and age has been widely circulating type of food trigger cancer and disease. Most of them have the delicious taste and become favorites because the flavors are seeded. If you are more aware and know that health is strongly influenced by food. Accustomed to consume unhealthy food will certainly invite a wide array of diseases.

Healthy food and nutrition is rich with sweet potatoes, even sweet potatoes have a low Glycemic content so that safe consumption by diabetics. The following benefits of sweet potatoes for diabetics.

Helps control sugar levels

This is because in sweet potato contains natural sugars, which can increase insulin sensitivity in diabetics. As a result, blood glucose levels continue to be monitored properly.

As a source of fiber food

Fiber content in sweet potato more slowly digested, so it can slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood and make you not hungry fast.

Help protect your eye health

Sweet potatoes have a carotenoid that is converted to vitamin A when there is in the body. Vitamin A is very useful for people with diabetes. With often taking vitamin an eye then saved from damage due to excess sugar in the blood. In addition there is a supplement for the good of the respiratory system.

To maintain muscular health
Never thought, that sweet potatoes are able to maintain healthy muscles. This is because the sweet potato contains potassium that is able to treat muscle weakness, cramps, or swelling.
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As a food source of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is contained in the sweet potato can reduce the chemical Homocysteine, where this can prevent the onset of a heart attack.

Make healthier bones and brighten the skin

Potatoes have vitamin D in addition to vitamin A rich. Vitamin D is very good for bone health, dental, and human heart. For people with diabetes, vitamin D is necessary for the body to remain strong. In addition, vitamin D also helps the normal function of the thyroid gland.

Help control blood pressure

Potassium in sweet potatoes can stabilize the blood pressure and optimize the electrolyte of the body.

Improve the oxygen flow in the body

This is due to the sweet potato contains magnesium and potassium which are able to increase circulation in the blood. In doing so, the oxygen supply will be more smoothly predominantly in the body's cells. Thus, it is able to prevent the appearance of damage to diabetic body organs.

Boost the immune system

Contain antioxidant compounds that help stimulate the immune system to fight free radicals.
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Good for the Diet program

All diabetics, it is highly recommended to go on a diet. Sweet potato is safe for use as a menu feed for diabetics. Protein and carbohydrates in sweet potatoes will not increase blood sugar levels.

Help improve the function of the heart and the brain

This is because sweet potato contains vitamin B6 which is able to prevent the onset of strokes or heart disease due to diabetes.

That's the benefit of sweet potatoes for diabetics, so from now on you don't hesitate to consume sweet potato occurring healthy food and safe for diabetics.


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