Health Benefits Of Mango For Skin Beauty

Health Benefits Of Mango For Skin Beauty

Nutrition content of mango is not only for health, but mango also efficacious for skin care. Who wouldn't want to have a healthy skin, soft and pretty, surely everyone want it mainly for women who think that beauty is everything. Many people are taking care of the skin by using chemical-based beauty cream. You need to realize that the use of chemicals can be bad in the long run, or give a negative effect against the skin.

Maybe the wiser ways to treat skin is by making use of natural materials. The use of natural materials certainly will lower the risk of side effects like no chemical substances. Among the natural ingredients can make your skin healthy and soft fruit is the mango. Not only produce smooth skin and bright, but the skin will be spared from a range of dangerous diseases such as skin cancer and others.

Well, here are the benefits of mango for the skin you need to know, so you're sure to switch to natural materials such as mangoes.

More Radiant Skin

Regular mango consumption can reduce dark spots, stains and acne, as well as glowing skin from the inside. Because the content of vitamin A and beta-carotene in fruits serves to restore, rejuvenate and rejuvenate your skin cells back.

Help to treat blackheads

Do you believe, if it turns out that the mango fruit is also very effective in removing blackheads that are stubborn? The trick is quite easy, you can simply prepare a mango fruit scrub, mixing a teaspoon of mango fruit that had previously been puréed, with a spoon of liquid test milk or powdered milk are also a bit of Honey. After you mix it flat, then rub the mixture of the part of your face with circular movements. And Scrub is able to lift dead skin cells also blackheads.

Help eliminate wrinkles on the face

Antioxidants and collagen on mango fruits can eliminate wrinkles on your face. The content can make your skin become toned and saved by free radicals. In addition, antioxidants and collagen also serves to prevent the onset of signs of premature aging.


The antioxidants contained in fruit mangoes can help to fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation. It also serves to protect the skin from harmful free radicals. 
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Protect skin from sun exposure

Take the fruit mango, and then cut into pieces. Apply pieces of burnt mango skin. Apply more cream on it. It only briefly, about 5-15 minutes and wash it clean with cold water.

Mango is good used for sensitive skin mask

If you have a sensitive skin condition, then you can make the face mask by mixing the fruit mango meat part previously you mash it with oats, milk also honey. After mixing, apply the mixture to your face that you have previously cleared.

Help narrow pores

Mango skin can be used to clean the pores. After peeling a mango, wipe her skin, and then use to rub your face skin. How this can help clean the pores of the skin naturally from clogged dirt pores, reduce acne, and not keep the pores dilated.

Helps eliminate freckles on the face

Mango skins can be used to treat the problem of dark spots on your face. The tricks, Pat dry the mango skin, then made in a powder form. Mix the yogurt with mango skin powder, and then apply it on the face that there were black spots.
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The benefits of the mango to the skin is already no doubt, thus you can do skin care at home and can also reduce the cost of your regular cosmetics buy with costly price.


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