Health Benefits Of Mango For Pregnancy

Health Benefits Of Mango For Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires more attention, specifically regarding the intake of nutrition. Not just for mothers but the fetus in the womb is also need good nutrition. It is much needed nutrition intake by fetus to grow well and be more flawless. When pregnant, there are some foods that should be avoided by the mother and vice versa there are types of food recommended that consumed.

Mango fruit have nutritional good for pregnancy. Mango also has a sweet flavour and fresh, of course this made mango became a favourite fruit for many people. The fruit is a good source of nutrition other than vegetables. Well, if you are pregnant should consume mango fruit. The benefits of the mango to pregnancy you can read below.

Mango is a source of vitamin A

As he knew that vitamin A is essential for the body especially for the eyes. The good news there is vitamin A on the mango fruits. Although the amount is not as much vitamin A in carrots, but you can also accommodate vitamin A deficiency with mango consuming during pregnancy. During pregnancy, vitamin A plays an important role in the embryonic growth of the fetus. Vitamin A in mangoes also serves to keep the immune system and as a deterrent to various diseases.

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Mango is a food fiber source

Fiber in fruit Mango helps you feel satiated without eating too much.
Fiber feeds the digestive system.
Many pregnant women suffer from constipation during the first trimester of pregnancy. Consuming fiber-rich foods such as mangoes will help prevent constipation.
Fiber is also a nutrient that can help lower blood pressure to normal levels.

Mango is a source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is also one of the benefits of mango fruits for pregnant women. At the time of pregnancy, you will need a lot of vitamin C input so that fetal growth works well. Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants that are suitable for consumption by pregnant women because of its convenient and easy to find. This antioxidant plays a role in the development of resistance to harmful substances that can trigger cancer diseases or pregnancy disorders. Vitamin C also plays an active role in collagen formation; wound healing and iron absorption is good. Vitamin C also plays a role in fetal brain development, namely cognitive and neurological function support.
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Mango is a source of potassium

Potassium helps control heart rate and blood pressure.
With the increase in blood volume during pregnancy, your body needs minerals.
Potassium helps to maintain the balance of fluids and electrolytes
Send nerve impulses and maintain muscle contraction.
Reduce pregnancy cramps.

Mango is a source of calories

Calories needed by pregnant women as a source of energy. Throughout pregnancy, pregnant women should continue to do a variety of activities, including work and other activities. A shortage of calories will cause the body of pregnant women to be weaker and easily hurt. In addition, caloric requirements for pregnant women will be higher when entering the third trimester. It is necessary to prepare the birth process, the production of breast milk and a source of energy. Thus, the consumption of fruit for pregnant women like Mango, it is very important to be the source of power that is important during pregnancy.

Mango is a great source of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential element in the development of very good nerve function for the mother or fetus conceived during the period of pregnancy. Mango Fruits The benefits for pregnant women with regard to vitamin B6 is to help a pregnant mother of morning sickness, disorders, namely disorders that often occur in pregnant women with very sick condition to the stomach With nausea. The vitamin B6 found in the mango fruit is also good for brain development in infants because it helps the formation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters.
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Mango is a source of copper

Copper is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the formation of blood cells.
Assist in the establishment of various organs such as the heart, skeletal and vascular system.
It for maintenance of the bone health of pregnant women.

Mango is rich in protein

Protein found in fruit mango has a very important role to keep pregnant women healthy always. Proteins found in the benefits of mango for pregnant women, have a role to be a source of energy and reduce a feeling of fatigued overload. This is what makes the mango in a fruit that is very refreshing and makes the digestive system become better.

Mango is a source of magnesium

Pregnant women have different needs and changes that are very different from those who are not pregnant. Pregnant women require a higher magnesium intake to get rid of stress during pregnancy. The magnesium found in the mango fruit is also important to keep the muscles of the body being relaxed so that pregnant women are not easily tired. Magnesium deficiency can cause pregnant women to be easily fatigued due to the stress and pressure of hormonal changes.

That's the benefit of mangoes to pregnancy that we can pass on. Nutrient content of the mango which pretty well consumed by a pregnant woman could be fruit freshener.


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