18 Health Benefits Of Apple For Pregnancy

18 Health Benefits Of Apple For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a moment eagerly awaited by every woman because with presence of a child may be able to add to the tight relationship with husband. Pregnant women need nutrients that are quite important, in addition to the mother is also in order for the fetus that is present in the uterus can grow flowers well. Nutrients can be obtained through the consumption of foods especially vegetables and fruits.

One of the right fruit is consumed by the pregnant mother is apples, because apples are in a position to 12 of the list of fruit which has high nutrition. So the benefit of apple is large enough for pregnant women because it can help meet nutrient intake. The important content of apple such as vitamins, fiber, calcium and other are desperately needed by pregnant women or fetus. The following benefits of apples for a pregnancy that you need to know.

Seem more beautiful

Eating an Apple tour can make pregnant women look more beautiful. Because, when eating PAL apples will have more chewing and makes the muscles in the face of any knuckle moves like facial gymnastics. This kind of movement can prevent wrinkles and lethargic facial looks. Therefore, try to eat apples during pregnancy.
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Help prevent gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is the excess of sugar in the blood during pregnancy to take place. Women who are pregnant have no prior complaints of diabetes, could be the experience of gestational diabetes due to the presence of a fetus in the uterus has made the sugar rate of pregnant women increase. In order not to worsen, this disease should get the manipulation as soon as possible. One of the ways that can be done to stabilize the blood sugar level is the consumption of apple green fruits.

Initiation of defecation

Pregnant women will know very strongly if you are having interferences on the digestive system. Fibers in apples can help pregnant women overcome difficult bowel movements; it can be in balance with plenty of drinking water.


Antioxidants are useful for preventing radicals that carry bacteria, viruses and diseases going into the body. In an apple there is already such a flavonoid and polyphenolic antioxidant that the function maintain the body remain healthy. Benefits of apples for pregnant women of course, in addition to increasing the intake of vitamins also help to eliminate toxins and harmful substances in the body.
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Protect the body from cancer

Apples can be one of the solutions to fight against deadly diseases such as cancer. Especially for my friend who entered in a period of pregnancy. A number of studies mention when people who commonly eat apples can ban growing cancer cells at 42%.

Helps reduce pain

It is undeniable; during pregnancy pregnant women often experience pain in some limbs of her body like legs, back, spine, lumbar, arms and others. The contents of the nutrients in apples that are sufficiently completed are able to contribute to exceptional properties, one of which is to reduce the pain.

Reduce swelling of the feet

On a fairly low physical condition and the burden of the body are increasingly heavier usually pregnant mothers tormented because of foot pain and swelling. By consuming apples can reduce swelling in the legs and other limbs.

Preventing constipation

Pregnant women whose name has not escaped digestive problems (constipation), it is often experienced by the most pregnant women. The main cause of EI due to lack of fiber, and would harm the fetus if left alone without any treatment of fixed constipation or prevention. By leading the digestion of the fruit Apple could be the right solution by preventing the onset of constipation.

Help prevent cholesterol

Apples contain a lot of fiber that is good for consumption. In addition to the fiber, apples have antioxidants that can lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood friend and avoid the onset of LDL oxidation in the body. With commonly consumed apples can make Buddy seem younger. Eat the apple with the peel includes a very desirable, because the skin of Apple contains antioxidants more of its flesh. However, make sure that you consume the apples that are pesticide free and wash it with clean water flowing.
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Relieving morning sickness

Morning sickness (nausea accompanied by vomiting) is a reasonable thing experienced by pregnant women, but if there is no effort to relieve and even pregnant mothers become soft, tired, weary and shy due to lack of energy. The morning sickness itself occurs because of the increased levels of gastric acid caused by hormonal changes. Here is the role of an apple, which helps to lower the levels of gastric acid so that it can relieve nausea. The detailed information on tips to overcome morning sickness.

Help to control emotional 

Does the mother feel sensitive when she's pregnant? It is common in the natural by pregnant women and is usually the affected people were around the mother. Well, this is where the role of the fruits in keeping the blood pressure and emotional as much as Apple can control the bad cholesterol in the body so that the blood pressure becomes normal, the consumption of fruits per day.

Lowering high blood pressure

Pregnant women will experience emotional and often irritable disorders. Anger can trigger high blood pressure or hypertension. Lowering the high blood is one of the benefits of apples for pregnant women, because they can lower the levels of fat (cholesterol), thus lowering the blood pressure.

Helping to maintain lung health

For a friend being pregnant, consuming fruit apples are wise choices of the daily nutritional needs of pregnant women. Mainly because Apple can maintain the health of pregnant women and their fetus contains. Diligent food apples can help solve a number of ailments such as asthma and protect the lung health buddy.

Helping to start the digestive system

In addition to coping with nausea and vomiting, savouring apples for pregnant women is the digestive. Many have found pregnant women who experience constipation (constipation) during pregnancy to take place. Fibers in apples that is appropriate to help solve the problem of constipation.

Relieving nausea

Morning sickness or symptoms of nausea and vomiting that often in nature by almost all pregnant women, the often jazzed burden and body feels helpless. The mother has experience like consuming apple to reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Increase appetite

It is sometimes difficult for pregnant women to respond to nutritional intake due to lack of appetite. Well to increase the appetite is by way of eating an apple green for the pregnant woman very appropriate to solve the problem.

Helps control sugar levels

Apple already contains the natural sweetener that can be absorbed by the body and maintain the balance of sugar levels in the blood. Also, apples can keep insulin levels and make a friend feel satiated for longer. Therefore, Apple is also useful if you want to run the program a healthy diet.

Feed the organ of the liver

The liver is an important organ in the period of pregnancy. One of the complications occurred because of the secretion of the bile to an already acute. These circumstances make babies born prematurely and prevent it by eating a green apple fruit.

That's the benefit of apples for pregnancy; I hope this review is helpful to those of you who are pregnant.


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