Benefits Of Sapodilla For Skin, How To Make Sapodilla Masker

Benefits Of Sapodilla For Skin, How To Make Sapodilla Masker

Sapodilla fruit tastes very sweet and the texture of the flesh of the fruit is soft so much favoured by many people especially in Southeast Asia. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, but not infrequently also sapodilla fruits processed into a variety of foods like jams and ice cream. Sapodilla fruit will taste more delicious when eaten in the cold state.

Sapodilla fruit which is ripe easily foul and not long lasting, therefore you must save this fruit in the fresher Tuesday to make it more durable and cool. Sapodilla is often served on a table as a fruit of the mouth fresheners. Packed sapodilla you not only benefit fruit flavoured delights, but you also get the benefits of sapodilla that is good for health and beauty. Has been previously discussed the benefits of sapodilla for health, well to the current article about the benefits of sapodilla to my skin.

Human skin is a vulnerable part of the body with various impurities, viruses and bacteria. So don't be surprised if a skin problem often appears. To care for the health of your skin can benefit from the sapodilla fruit. Read the benefits of sapodilla fruit the following.

Makes the skin smoother

The content of vitamin C, A and E that many on sapodilla fruits is beneficial for smooth skin. In addition to sapodilla fruits consumed, can also be applied as a mask and skin scrubs to the face. Far too easy, purée 1 – 2 The Sapodilla fruit is ripe and wears on the face. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. Use the Sapodilla mask is regularly once a week to be optimal.

To hydrate dry skin

The dry skin can be wrinkled vulnerable exposed in relation to the moist skin. Therefore, take good care of your face to avoid wrinkles or premature aging. Taking care of everything does not have to deal with the cost being prohibitive because of the benefits of Sapodilla fruits can also moisturize your skin and avoid dry skin. Moist and supple skin you would get if the diligent use of sapodilla fruit masks regularly.

Help eliminate black pockets around the eyes

Besides the slices of sapodilla can also be used as a mask or compress the eyes to get rid of black bags on the eyes.

Makes the skin brighter

The shining glow of the face is one of the keys to seem confident. You can get the shiny face with diligent care. Maybe most women will take care of her face by doing a treatment in the living room. But for those of you who do not want to spend a lot of costs, with any fruit sapodilla can make you look beautiful. Because the content of vitamin C in fruits that could lift dead skin cells and brighten your face. The face will feel fresh and always diligent clean if you use the sweet fruit mask.

Sapodilla fruit is beneficial for protecting the skin from exposure to sunlight (UV)

UV Light It is not good for the health of the skin especially the parts of the face. When you are not wearing protective gear, the face will be dull, dry and black spots appear. Therefore, you should wear sunscreen to avoid it. You can also use the Sapodilla fruit to protect your face from UV rays. The content of polyphenol on Sapodilla can help prevent free radicals and will also be confronted with an inevitable danger of ultraviolet light.

Helps to tighten the skin so that it does not wrinkle

Who wouldn't want to have the skin toned face? You can have it diligently worn masks because of the high vitamin E sapodilla.

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How to make Sapodilla fruit Mask

Sapodilla the fruit slices: first, then soften with a spoon. Then added little of honey and mix again until it becomes a paste. Then add the sugar and mix well. Well, this mask is ready to be applied on the face.

Before applying, for the first is cleaning the face with water, then use this mask evenly on the face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. After the dry mask sapodilla, add 3 to 4 drops of water on the face. The face gently rubs with a circular motion. You should pay attention to the chin, nose and forehead. When rubbed for 3-4 minutes, wipe the face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel. After doing this for Sapodilla mask 3 times then you will feel better the texture of the skin of the face and the glow.

If you find the above grass too annoying, you can try to make sapodilla the fruit masks are simple. Should I purée 1 or 2 the Sapodilla fruit is ripe. When it is soft directly apply on the face evenly and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with clear water until it is clean. If you do this on a regular basis, i.e. one week once, then it will be able to prevent it from premature aging. The reason is that this sapodilla fruit contains high antioxidants that can fight free radicals and also give effect to cool the skin of the face.

Okay, that's the benefit of sapodilla fruit for beauty skin in particular. If you want to look gorgeous always then notice your skin health.


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