Benefits Of Juicing, Fruit And Vegetables For Health

Benefits Of Juicing, Fruit And Vegetables For Health

Fruit and vegetables are the best sources of nutrients for the body. Fruits or vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, zinc, sodium and others, where these are important substances in fruit and vegetables needed by the body. Eating fruit and vegetables each day is highly recommended for every day your body requires the intake of nutrients.

Not just as source of nutrients, but fruit and vegetable have efficacy for preventing disease and cure diseases. The fruit can be consumed by infants up to adults. Baby will be able to grow well if getting a balanced nutrition. Fruit and vegetable is best companion foods of breast milk.

Another way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables is making it for juice. Maybe the juice will not reduce the content of nutrients that are present in the fruit. If fruit and vegetable cooked beforehand may be many important substances are broken.

Fruit juices you can make refreshing drinks as the sun shining in, surely this will make your body fresh, removes thirst and can be beneficial to your health. Below are some of the benefits of fruit juice you can set as reference.

Apple juice

Apple is one of the world famous fruit and not only that, the fruit is also good for health and beauty. Eating the apples directly without first being processed, you will get the nutrients optimally in it. Apples are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, and there are also other nutrients such as deposits of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and others. Consuming raw or apple made the juice will get a nutrient than eating an apple after it is cooked.

Avocado juice

Avocado is one fruit that tastes quite delicious, so it's not surprising that many people admire it. Avocado fruit is also effective to prevent cholesterol, keep the health of joints and more. Drinking avocado juice s useful for making skin moist, helps the production of red blood cells and preventing anemia.

Apricot juice

The fruit is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K. In addition these vitamins,  the juice also has other important content that is helpful to resolve the skin wrinkles. Nutrition in apricots is also good for maintaining healthy hair, strengthens bones and teeth.

Grape juice

The grape is a fruit that is widely preferred by many people in the world. Make wines as beverages (grape juice) surely can help prevent various diseases. The nutrition content of grape juice is calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, and iodine. Grape juice is also efficacious for treating disorders of the liver, tuberculosis and heart disease.
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Cantaloupe juice

Fresh cantaloupe juice rich in nutrients that your body needs, this cantaloupe juice nutrition content including beta-carotene, pro-vitamin A, magnesium, manganese, zinc and chrome, so it is useful to prevent inflammation of the intestines. The content of cantaloupe will help to absorb the food that not chewed perfectly in the intestine.

Blackberry juice

The content of antioxidants in the juice is good to prevent cancer caused by free radicals. Blackberry juice is effective for controlling diabetes and preventing diarrhea. The content of calcium is beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin serves as an antioxidant and improves body endurance. Drinking lemon juice per day will help meet your daily vitamin C needs. But for you who are suffering from the disease of gastritis do not too much consumption of sour taste like lemon juice.

Orange juice

Orange juice is also rich in vitamin C, where the vitamin C will help boost the body's immune system, relieves sore throat, liver cleanse and prevent cancer. But for those of you, who have gastric problems, should have a sweet orange.
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Mango juice

Fresh mango juice is beneficial to help clean up the blood, prevents body odor, and cell regeneration.

Juice dates

Dates are rich in natural sugars that are beneficial to the body's energy supply. However it is not recommended for diabetics to consume a lot more dates.

Melon juice

Melon juice can help prevent dehydration, prevent cancer, digestive system, prevent heart disease and stroke. To make this melon juice add 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons lime juice, 1 tablespoons ginger and water.

Mix juice, watermelon, pineapple, apples and papaya

The juice is especially appropriate if taken to lose weight. Mixed fruit juice has high fiber content so it is good for the digestive system. The content of antioxidants in the juice will protect the body from cancer and cholesterol.

Mix juice papaya and mango

This juice is rich in fiber so good to help lose weight. Compounds in the juice helps prevent swelling and digestive disorders. The high fiber content in the juice will help prevent constipation and digestive system.

Mixed juice sour-sop, pineapple and papaya

This juice helps launch digestives, prevent constipation, increase the body's immunity, increases appetite and prevent cancer.

Those all the benefit of juicing, replace unhealthy drinking habits with healthy juices from now, so your body will  be more healthy and beautiful.


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