Benefits Of Eggplant Skin For Beauty

Benefits Of Eggplant Skin For Beauty

The benefits of eggplant fruit are already considered long, because the nutrient content so often used as a traditional medicine. Not limited to the skin of the eggplant can also be used to take care of the beauty, which is used as a natural mask.

Because few people know the benefits of eggplant skin for beauty, so the eggplant that was peeled, then the Peel rejected. Even if the skin of the eggplant can be the replacement product mask you use every day. The color of the skin can be a sign that eggplant contains anthocyanins. Zantosianin is used to help regeneration of skin cells that die.

The following content and the benefits of eggplant skin from good nutrition for beauty.

Anthocyanin content

The level of anthocyanin on eggplant is also the focus of academic attention. From some research done, then comes the innovation in the field of beauty, which makes a product with the basic ingredients of the skin mask, in the form of eggplant as a piercing facial skin care.
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Vitamin E

The existence of the skin of the eggplant could not be wasted, because it was still a lot of vitamin E that has the ability to increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. With the elasticity there is certainly premature aging can be prevented or minimized. In addition, vitamin E on the skin of the eggplant is also very beneficial for the prevention of damage to the skin is the result of ultraviolet radiation.

With the benefits obtained from this eggplant, already granted to all parties’ benefit more, if its users, or farmers grow eggplants who just get cheap prices of yields.

How to make mask of eggplant skin

To make the eggplant skin mask is including the powder making of eggplant skin and rice flour. To make eggplant skin powder is made by selecting the purple eggplant is always nice and clean purple eggplant with washing it in running water. Then clean your hands by rubbing sprayed on the palm of your hand with 70 percent alcohol.

Then peel the skin and dry the purple eggplant skin with the sun drying and covered with gauze. Once the dried purple eggplant skin is then mixed powder and filters.

In addition to making powder the skin of the eggplant, also make rice flour. Rice flour is useful as an adhesive for the mask.

How to make rice flour? The trick is to choose good quality rice. Then soak the rice with water for one night, then crushed and projected.

How to make a leather mask to the purple eggplant itself is a way to mix the skin of eggplant and rice flour with a comparison of 6:4 and the addition of five drops of gasoline and a drop of propylene glycol condom is then stirred up This mixed and packed.

Leather mask making a relatively easy eggplant is able to make all people, including farmers or eggplants so that it can remove unemployment figures while increasing the income level of people.

Well, that’s all about Benefits of Eggplant Skin for Beauty, may useful to you all.


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