Benefits Of Eggplant For Pregnant

Benefits Of Eggplant For Pregnant

Pregnant women need higher nutrient intake than women who are not being pregnant. The nutrients needed by pregnant women and fetus that also exist in the content. Pregnant women usually get hormonal changes, hormonal changes that sometimes give the effect of a less than good health. So by consuming food high nutritious can help to keep for the body stay healthy, especially for pregnant women and the fetus. Eggplant can be alternative foods for pregnant women, this is because the eggplants have the content required by pregnant women and fetus that also exist in the content.

Some healthy benefits you can get if consuming Eggplant when pregnant are:

Eggplant becomes a source of antioxidants that are needed by pregnant women

One of the advantages of eggplant for pregnant women is to fend off free radicals. This is because it contains antioxidants is quite high. By consuming eggplant on a regular basis, then it is very useful to maintain health during pregnancy and prevent complaints about pregnancy.

Eggplant helps to stimulate the immune system of pregnant women

One of the advantages of consuming eggplants for pregnant women is to increase the durability of her body from attacks of various types of diseases. Eggplant, after examining it turns out is a fruit that is very rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C in it, even almost resembles the vitamin C content in citrus: With a number of about 3%. Vitamin C is an important vitamin for the health and immune system of pregnant women. It is also useful in the prevention and treatment of mouth ulcers and heat in the often suffered during pregnancy. Therefore, there is no harm for you to place the eggplant in a list of vegetables your pregnancy regimen.
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It allows keeping the weight remains the ideal

In addition to the acne problem for most women is a matter of weight. Variety of ways made to get the perfect slim body. From the absurd to the outside reason, there are actually many types of fruits and vegetables that we can consume to help lose weight like the benefits of lime juice to lose weight. Similarly, the purple eggplant is also beneficial for losing weight and keeping the weight remains stable because consuming the eggplant makes the digestive system smoother and minimizing the toxic substances that accumulate in the body.

Eggplant to prevent hypertension

Benefits of vegetable eggplant for pregnant women, for example, maintain the stability of blood pressure. Preeclampsia (poisoning in pregnancy) is essentially triggered by high blood pressure. Well, in order to avoid this, it is advisable for pregnant women to consume it regularly. Eggplant can be used as vegetables in your daily food menu.

Eggplant as a food source of phosphorus and magnesium

In addition to calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are two essential minerals needed pregnant women to strengthen the bones and teeth. Bones and teeth are very important to be kept in order during and after pregnancy, we do not live the tooth problem and the bone is porous. The fruit of the eggplant contains phosphorus and magnesium in sufficient quantity of many. In 100 grams of violet eggplant, for example, contains 24 mg of phosphorus and 14 mg of magnesium. This amount is enough to maintain the health of our bones and teeth.

Eggplant contains good anti-cancer substances for large pregnant women and fetus

As the dangerous and deadly disease of cancer is a disease is that needs to be controlled and prevented. Living healthily and eating nutritious foods and good nutritious vegetables such as purple eggplant. Phycocyanian and anthocyanin content that have can help prevent and fight cancer cells.
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Eggplant will reduce the risk of damaging the fetal brain

The purple eggplant contains folic acid is quite high, which is useful for supporting the development of the nervous system and preventing brain damage in the fetus. It is very risky pregnant folic acid deficiency because sometimes the fetus is born with a low weight or premature birth.

That's the remarkable benefits of Eggplant, including for pregnant women and the fetus. By knowing the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables can make your body more healthy and strong.


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