Benefits Of Banana On Face Beauty

Benefits Of Banana On Face Beauty

Everyone has a dream to pasting a pretty face and shining. To have a smooth face skin soft and needed intensive care. There are a lot of things about facial skin problems such as acne, blackheads, freckles, wrinkles and so on. Now how can you avoid problems that face? Most women run to find beauty products and ignore the potential impact that will provide natural is much better and safe for the skin.

Bananas are one of the options that can be used to treat facial skin. Bananas contain nutrients that are good for the skin including nutritious to make your face become more beautiful. This is the benefits of banana in the face you should know.

Help brighten the skin of the face

Has the face of a bright, clean and very obviously dreaming of white women. And now you can do it using banana masks. Surely this way you do not need to pay expensive leather as well as safer.

To remove dead skin cells

The dense activity and requirements of the job in the outdoor environment or dust and dirty that we are facing every day is the reason why our skin there are dead skin cells. Because it is the banana is useful to clean the dead skin cells that accumulate on our face.

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Helps Treat acne

Banana peels are also very beneficial for beauty as some content such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium; Iron, phosphorus and potassium are contained therein. We are able to get rid of acne. The content of antioxidants and anti downy mildew inside banana skins can also reduce excess oil and can overcome irritation and itching on rashes so that it can speed up healing and can eliminate acne old.

Useful for brightening the face dull skin

It has white facial skin, clean and shine is the dream of many people, even many who make a variety of ways to make the facial skin appear whiter and more independent of the result is produced, but the fruit of the banana using very effective and safe if used in a long time and does not cause the effects of dependence. This way of using natural ingredients and of course the result would be a natural aspect.

The path is, purée the bananas are mature, then make the mask and apply it on your face and let it stand for 30 minutes. Then clean with cold water and dry with a soft towel. The 2nd day will begin to appear as a result, these treatments do regularly every day until the skin of your face resembles those of expected.
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Make the skin of the face healthier

The head face is clean, bright and of course everyone aspires, especially for women. You don't have to herd laboriously by emitting big enough money for treatment at a salon or a dermatologist taking care of the skin of the face. Try to make use of this as a banana skin face mask in a way that is simpler and more effective because it does not cause any side effects on the skin of the face. Peel the banana purée using a blender to form the pasta dough, combine with 2 tablespoons pure honey. Once well mixed, apply on the skin of the face evenly and let dry. Finally, rinse the face with water until it is clean.

Make facial skin Smoother

If your skin is coarse and dry, then try a mask using the banana fruit. As a result of the routine when you do it the right way can make the face you always wanted-. Here's how you crush the banana so that it becomes smooth and add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix evenly. After the potion finished, then make like a mask on your face. Doing this way also with the routine in a few weeks for more skin feels smooth and soft.

Make facial skin Firmer

Human beings grow up with the old age is aging. Therefore it also lowers the intensity of the firmness of the skin. To avoid this, you can make banana masks in order to tighten the skin on your face if the age has increased. Because bananas contain vitamin E can help to tighten the skin of the face.

To avoid irritating the face of the skin

The content of the antioxidants and minerals contained in the skin of bananas is beneficial for curing the bruises or irritation as well as rejuvenates the outside of the skin. To get this advantage, simply by tying this banana peels on the skin that is injured and let it sit overnight, and then wash with water until clean.
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How to make a banana hair mask

After you have known the advantages of banana. Now we need to know how to make the banana mask for using in the face so that the benefits last May we feel. Here's how to make a banana hair mask:

  • Prepare 3 pieces of banana, honey and lemon
  • Mash bananas to be like Mush
  • Squeeze lemon, then mix 1 teaspoon of water juice into the dough mask
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of honey too
  • Stir evenly so that it becomes a banana mask of dough

How to use the banana mask

  • Clean the old our face with clean water
  • Apply the mask to the upper side of the banana
  • Then wait until 20-30 minutes
  • Rinse and clean the face with lukewarm water
  • Wipe with cold water so that the pores are closed

That's the information about the benefits of banana on the face. Well, if you want to save the cost of the use of cosmetics, then use natural ingredients straight from nature like bananas.


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