Benefits Of Banana For Weight Loss 18 Kg

Benefits Of Banana For Weight Loss 18 Kg

Banana diet are familiar, this diet program utilizes banana fruit as the main menu for weight loss. Banana fruit diet can be a second option for people who want to have a more slender body and do not have much free time for sports. Banana diet is extremely popular in Japan because of a Japanese man was able to lower his weight to 18 kg for some time is to consume a banana every day and drinking water.

Lose weight with a diet of bananas turns out to be sought after by many people, this is due to the diet method is pretty easy and can run all those who want to have more ideal body. Run this banana diet doesn't have to change his diet. Bananas are one of the fruits that are rich in fiber so it is very appropriate when used as a fruit diet to lose weight. Ideal weight will certainly make an appearance more interesting and increase confidence. Well, how does the banana diet right? Please follow the steps below.

Some Banana Diet Rules

Before you run a banana diet there are a few things you should know, including:
  1. Breakfast with fruit banana, you should be eating more than one banana at breakfast time.
  2. Lunch, grab a banana and fruit salad as a meal Companion.
  3. You may drink water, but water temperatures equal the room temperature.
  4. Dinner before 8 to have food that supports diet and not excessive.
  5. Going to bed before midnight.

Some of the above rules you have to follow in order for the program to lose weight can be optimal. In addition to the rules above, you should also avoid some things below.
  1. Do not consume cold water.
  2. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates.
  3. Increase plain water consumption.
  4. Avoid foods that contain a lot of cooking oil.
  5. Consume fruit banana as many as 5 pieces in a day.
  6. Banana fruit Consumption: 2 bananas for breakfast, 2 bananas fruit for lunch and 1 banana fruit for dinner.
  7. Sleep early.
Diet recipes with bananas


  1. Breakfast: To start eating in the morning can try to eat a banana fruit, coupled with a glass of unsweetened coffee or tea with a glass of low-calorie sugar.
  2. Lunch: For lunch, a banana fruit combined with a single sheet of cheese, with a glass of sweet tea.
  3. Dinner: To eat at night, just a banana fruit plus a glass of hot milk is low in fat.


  1. Breakfast: To eat in the morning can take a banana fruit, coupled with a glass of unsweetened coffee or a cup of tea with sugar and whole wheat bread with low calorie content grilled without butter or jam.
  2. Lunch: For lunch, can eat vegetable soup with two fruit bananas added with a slice/sheet of cottage cheese/cheddar cheese with a glass of low fat milk.
  3. Dinner: To eat bananas at night, as many times as you want until quite complete plus chamomile tea or Scoop vanilla ice cream.
  4. Breakfast: To eat in the morning can take a banana fruit, coupled with a glass of yogurt and wheat toast without butter or jam.
  5. Lunch: For lunch, can try grilled chicken breast with lettuce and two fruit bananas.
  6. Dinner: Eat at night, eat a banana with an egg salad boiled or added to the glut.
  7. Diet Tips with Banana
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The examples of recipes above can be practiced every day in a row alternately, or the sample the first recipe of a row during the week followed the example of the second consecutive receipts during the week, and so following.
  • Continue to consume water with large quantities.
  • On the sidelines if hunger eats hours allowed to eat an extra banana as a snack.
  • Keep exercising and gentle activity as usual.
  • Avoid cold water consumption.
  • Avoid consuming fried foods.
  • Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates such as rice, bread and noodles.
  • Avoid foods that contain too much sugar.
  • Sleep in taste and avoid staying out.
  • Limiting food consumption was at eight o'clock in the evening. After that, he should drink only clear water.
Banana diet has been proved and is able to lose weight to 18 kg in a few months. Well, if you are currently having trouble losing weight. Trying to do a diet with fruit banana hopefully can help make your body more thin and pretty. That's the information Benefits of Banana for Weight Loss are reviewed in, may be useful.


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