Benefits Of Banana For Hair

Benefits Of Banana For Hair

Bananas are fruit plants that can thrive in tropical areas or areas that have rainfall evenly. Bananas are found mostly in Latin America, Africa and in other tropical countries. In addition to being fruit consumption, bananas can also be utilized to treat hair. The hair is part of the beauty of the body that must remain guarded. To have black hair, soft and lustrous not owned by everyone. Maybe it's just owned by the woman who is concerned with the condition of the hair.

Caring for hair can be done in various ways, one of which is by using the banana fruit. The fruit of this one is believed to have improved from the first till now, especially for the health of the hair. Bananas contain nutrients that are good for the body such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamins and many others. This plant is not just a fruit that can be taken of the benefits, but starting from the root to the leaves can all be utilized.

The hair is part of the body that need the nutrients as well; good nutrition is certainly going to affect the health of hair, hair growth, and strong hair. What you might get when you use a banana as a natural herb or make a banana as fruit consumption every day.

The advantage of using banana to take care of beauty hair

The banana is used as a mask to soften the hair

The contents of vitamins A and C in the banana fruit will make your hair soft, easy to set up, and not dry. To make fruit banana as a normal hair care, you are quite smooth a banana fruit, and then mix it with almond oil or coconut oil.

Use the grass as a hair mask. Let stand for 15 or 20 minutes, and then rinse with clean water. Make this treatment once a week or twice a week to get the maximum results.

Strengthens the roots of hair

Beta-carotene is usually found in a vegetable or fruit that is red, yellow or green. Beta-carotene that is consumed is converted to vitamin A by the body and has a function to preserve the health of the scalp and soften the hair, strengthens the roots of the hair so that it is not easy to fall.
Bananas make the hair softer

How can you do to make this banana mask was first, purée the flesh of the banana and avocado using the blender, then add 1 scoop of coconut or almond oil, stirring until the dough forms a paste. After that, apply to the scalp surface at the ends of the hair until uniformly, and expect about 40 minutes. Finally, rinse with clean water or shampoo using shampoo.
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Used as a mask for hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by the scalp and the hair shaft which is less well preserved. To prevent and treat hair loss, you can try the banana fruit and the yogurt mask. Vitamins and essential oils in the banana fruit if combined with protein in yogurt will provide nutrients to the scalp while covering the hair tree so that it does not break easily.

Create the mixture masks of the flesh of the ripe fruit banana with yogurt. Mix evenly distributes and then applies it to your scalp. Then massage gently so that the blood circulation in the scalp is smooth and the nutrients can be absorbed by the perfect mask. Leave it for 15 minutes at 20 minutes. After that, rinse your scalp and hair with fresh water.

High protein is good for fertility hair

The protein is the main functional substances build our hair, since the hair is composed of about 98% protein. So it is very important for proper protein intake for our body properly.
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Hair is a Crown of beauty must remain guarded and cared for so that your appearance is always beautiful. Well by utilizing the fruits of bananas will make your hair healthier, stronger, and softer and not easily fall out.


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