Benefits Of Banana For Baby, Best Food Should Be Feed

Benefits Of Banana For Baby, Best Food Should Be Feed

The fruit is the best food for babies, and most good consumed by infants are bananas. Banana fruit have a texture that is very gentle so very appropriate if consumed by infants. Not only that, the content of nutrients in banana fruit also become advocates for the growth of the baby and to prevent various diseases including the boost the immune system in infants.

You need to remember is to give the fed the baby as an escort breast milk in infants who are already aged more than 6 months. So do not give fruit banana babies under 6 months of age. Most babies love to when fed bananas, because the banana has a sweet taste and soft. Benefits of banana fruit for babies already no doubt, since bananas are rich with vitamin and minerals needed for growth. Among the other nutrients are substances content of iron, potassium, fiber, copper, biotin and much more. Bananas have a low fat content so that it can be used as preventive food illnesses.

To find out the benefits of bananas for your baby, please read below.

Good for baby's first food

As already explained above that feed the baby after the baby is 6 months or older. This food as an escort of breast milk, and have the proper nutritional value. So that your baby can grow properly then you should not choose the wrong food. Bananas are very good as food for infant’s identifier. Where banana fruit with creamy texture so chew without using teeth and easily swallowed. This is because the baby does not yet have perfect teeth. It's not just the sweetness that makes babies happy, but banana is also easy to digest and is safe for baby.

Good for the digestive system of infants

Banana is Soft and flesh of the fruit that is good for the digestion. In addition, its high fiber content will certainly keep your digestive system healthy. This type of fiber in bananas is the pectin that is soluble in water. The pectin has the function to transform carbohydrates into simple sugars and into energy.
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Maintaining bone health and eye

At the time of the baby's bone health and growth of the eyes is very important, well it is precisely with the banana fruit is known as food sources of potassium. Function of potassium is sodium that helps to neutralize the formation of bone. Levels of calcium is wasted through the urine will be replaced with nutrients that are present in the banana fruit. It's not just the content of calcium, bananas are also rich in vitamin A, where these vitamins have an important role for eye health and protect the eyes of various eye diseases.

As a food source of Nutrition complete

Babies need lots of intake of essential nutrients. Some of the essential nutrients required by infants are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, iron, vitamin B12 and other nutrients. The nutrients have been found in bananas. From some of the content is very helpful to improve the performance of reproductive organs, including the help of red blood cells (haemoglobin) and others. Bananas are also rich in iron making it beneficial for reducing the risk of anaemia.
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For preventing diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the health problems that often occur in infants. The disease is caused by a virus in the digestive tract. If this happens in your baby then immediately go to the doctor. In addition, you can give the bananas because bananas are rich with fiber so it is good for treating diarrhea. Fiber will also improve the digestive system so the diarrhea will soon recover.

Not all foods are good for your health let alone baby food, you should be more careful when taking the decision to feed your baby. We recommend that you take a banana as food the best escort breast milk can be consumed by your baby every day.


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