27 Health Benefits Of Soursop Leaves

27 Health Benefits Of Soursop Leaves

The healthy benefits of soursop fruit, soursop leaf itself however is no less good for health. Various studies have proven that very potent soursop leaf to treat cancer. Even those States that have the force of soursop leaf 10000 times from chemotherapy. Soursop leaf extract is able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and to cure cancer. Not even doctors rarely prescribe natural soursop leaves for cancer treatment.

Many people have been able to trust that the soursop leaf is used as a herbal medicine to cure various diseases. The benefits of soursop leave no doubt to be used as a natural remedy. Soursop leaf contains compounds are important and have a positive impact when it is consumed by humans. Some of these compounds are annohexocin, linoleic acid, annomuricin, anonol, acetogenins, annoctalin and muricapentocin.

Maintaining healthy kidneys

Soursop Leaf also has a content of antioxidants that are supposed to be able to treat and maintain our kidney health.

Helps treat diabetes

The limits of normal blood sugar levels in the United States range from 70 mg to 120 mg. Nutrients in the soursop leaves are expected to stabilize blood glucose levels in the normal range. In addition, the Soursop sheet extract can be used as a natural herbal medicine solution.

Treatment of Gout

Eating soursop Leaf regularly turns out can treat the gout of the disease. This is proven by the large number of medications of the use of uric acid as the main ingredient of the soursop leaves. To make herbal remedies uric acid, you just have to boil 6 to 10 soursop leaves that have been sanitized (select the old one) using 2 cups of boiling water and left a single glass. Drink this herbal remedy for 2 times a day so that the resulting benefits get the maximum.

Soursop Leaves

To treat cancer and cysts

Based on research conducted by many experts, soursop leaves contain an inhibitor of cancer cells as well as cancer diseases could cure 10 000 times much more efficiently and quickly than chemotherapy. If chemotherapy takes a lot of cost and cause different side effects on the body, soursop Leaf therefore cheaper and also safe. Not only does any soursop leave cancer confidence can inhibit and slow the progression and growth on the cyst.

Relieving back Pain

Often we suffer from back pain especially during exercise and growing age. The use of chemical drugs for dorsal pain can cause side effects. Soursop Leaf is an effective herbal remedy for treating dorsal pain without negative effects.
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As antibody substance

The benefits of the soursop sheet are antibodies. Please be aware that antioxidants and other nutrients in soursop leave to increase body immunity and avoid infections in the human body. This way the body will be spared by a variety of deadly diseases. The trick is by boiling soursop leaves as much as 4 to 5 sheets with 4 cups of water until 1 drink and drink. If drunk regularly water decoction of the leaves of the soursop, our body will always be maintained its health.

To help lower high blood pressure

Hypertension is a dangerous situation, as it can invite other diseases and conditions that are more dangerous, such as a stroke. To lower the blood pressure, you can drink the water decoction of the leaves of soursop.

To treat Rheumatism

The principle is the same as above due to the onset of inflammatory arthritis or inflammation in the joints and the causes of the joints feel stiff and painful when moving. Therefore, the traditional method of treatment using therapeutic extracts soursop leaves to treat rheumatism.

To increase fertility

For those of you who do not also get the offspring, the soursop leaf consumption water decoction can be used as one of the solutions. In men, taking soursop extract from leaves can increase the amount of sperm. While for women soursop leaves thought to strengthen the uterus.

Inhibits tumour growth

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, soursop Leaf is very effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and tumour development. Curative properties belonging to make soursop leaves able to use as antidepressants drug seizures. They were also able to reduce the fever and lower the blood pressure. Soursop leaves help to treat inflammation and swelling of the legs. They help with digestion and improve appetite. The consumption of soursop leaves regular help to improve your stamina and facilitate the rapid recovery of various ailments.

Relieving muscular pain

Consuming water the decoction of soursop leaves is also considered capable of relieving pain in the muscles of the human being. This is because the presence of content in soursop leaves that are capable of muscle relaxes muscle pain if in decline.

Used as a remedy for asthma

Prepare 7 soursop Leaf created by the ant nest rang. Then press and water capacity until it reaches approximately half a glass. Drink every morning until your illness heals.

To treat the flu and the Fever

You know the painkillers? Analgesics are used to relieve pain or pain by not removing the user's consciousness. Soursop let it heal. Thus, the headache, as well as associated with pain or pain in your body, which you are used to taking medicines that medicine in pharmacies and others can then move to soursop extract of sheet. So it is much healthier for the body and especially for your liver and kidneys.

In addition soursop leaves also traditionally proven in different countries and cultures in the world and by the research. i.e. soursop leaves can treat fevers, colds and typhoid fever.

To treat lung disease

Soursop leaves have pretty good efficacy in therapy treatment either wet or dry lung, this is because the leaves of soursop have very good lethal bacteria cause lung disease. Soursop treatment of the leaves by means of boiling soursop leaf and water of this decoction mixed with honey.

Helping to treat blackheads

Soursop leaves that have been crushed if applied topical on the skin can be very useful in preventing the appearance of blackheads and other skin problems as well.

Helps maintain nerve health

In addition to relieving the pain, the benefits of soursop leaves others is to brace the nerves in the human body in order to be able to work properly. Because of its ability, soursop leaves this could even are used for anti drug seizures.

To treat ulcers

Take some young leaves soursop up to 5 to 10 strands, then stick it in place are exposed to such ulcers until it dries.

Launch blood circulation throughout the body

The narrow blood vessels that lead to the elevation of heart disease and stroke are very harmful to the body. However, no need to worry because of the water decoction of the leaves of soursop has the ability to dilate the blood vessels so that the blood can flow properly.

To cure Haemorrhoids

People with haemorrhoids should avoid spicy and acidic foods, because these two types of food can be a trigger for the emergence of haemorrhoids. In addition the treatment of the in need also. One of the folk remedies to deal with haemorrhoids is soursop leaves. Boil 10 leaves soursop leaves with 3 cups of water until the water remains just a glass. Drink the water decoction once a day. Other natural ingredients that can treat haemorrhoids are leaves.

To eradicate head lice hair

Now it has many products that can eradicate head lice hair that is chemically made by the plant. But if there is a secret that is revealed can eliminate lice without having to wear chemicals, why not try? Soursop Leaf is one of them. Boil some pieces of old leaves, then air the results of stew used for shampoo. Do it regularly.
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Kill parasite

The benefit of the soursop leaves is to kill the parasite. Humans, especially children are very vulnerable contracted parasitic worms as they often play in dirty places and do not use shoes during the game. Well, the water decoction of the leaves of the soursop is capable of parasitic mortal worms in the body without any side effects.

Lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be treated by various chemical drugs, but it certainly gives the side effects less well for health. Thus, the herbal remedy made from the decoction of soursop leaves of water may be the best solution.

Digestive problems such as constipation, can consume water decoction of soursop leaves so that the intestinal movements smoother. In addition to facilitating digestion, eating soursop leaf extract is also able to increase appetite.

Helping to maintain heart health

The leaves of soursop contain that can nourish the heart. The trick is to consume water decoction of leaves Soursop regularly once a day.

Help improve breast milk production

The soursop leaves contain a natural nutrition for breastfeeding mothers. For this reason, the leaves are very useful in terms of increasing the mother's breast milk production.

Preventing premature aging

Soursop Leaf to have content that can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles naturally. The trick is to apply soursop leaves that have been crushed on the areas of the face.

To treat vaginal discharge

Benefits of soursop leaves that are very useful for women are to address the problem of vaginal discharge. This is of course due to the ability of the leaves soursop to kill the bacterial cause of the vaginal discharge.

Helps to cure malaria

Soursop leaves can also be used to accelerate the healing of malaria. This is because the presence of content in soursop leaves that can kill the virus cause malaria.

That's the great benefits of soursop leaves that are able to be used to treat and prevent various diseases particularly to cure cancer. Currently many cancer patients find this soursop leaf to help the healing process and recovery.


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