25 Health Benefits Of Cilantro

25 Health Benefits Of Cilantro

Many types of herbs plants are around you that are used as a complement to the spices in the kitchen. Many plants around you could be taken the benefits to the health of either the root or leaves. Coriander seed is well known by the public at large in comparison with the cilantro, because the coriander seeds became part of the seasoning that cannot be released. Various types of cuisine are needed of coriander seeds. Hence, coriander seeds, better known by everyone, even every kitchen definitely there are coriander seeds.

Well, to cilantro is not yet well known, whereas cilantro has benefits beyond the bias for health. Coriander leaves are commonly used to treat the disease and is useful to prevent disease. Some of the important nutrient coriander is fat, carbohydrates, phosphorous, protein, calcium linallol, ferulic, caffeic acid, sabinene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C and much other nutritional content. The following benefit of coriander leaves for health naturally.

Helps prevent cancer

Coriander leaves has natural antibiotic properties and antioxidants, and the content in it is able to prevent the appearance of cancerous cells in the body. So with drinking it regularly, then it is possible that it will be spared by cancer, from breast cancer and other cancers.

Helps reduce inflammation

Anti-inflammatory properties in coriander leaves can help arthritic patients to reduce the swelling of the joints. In addition, these leaves can also help to cure rheumatoid arthritis. Cilantro can be consumed by drinking the coriander decoction. In addition to this way, you can also dry it, then made powder for the dishes or sprinkled on top of your food.

Helps prevent kidney stones

Coriander leaves serve as a natural diuretic useful for removing urine tells us more. Coriander leaves are also able to detoxify your kidney so that it is able to prevent the disease from kidney stones.

Effective as antibiotics

Having done research on coriander, it contained an antibiotic compound, dodecenal, which was tested in the laboratory. The results of this research are quite impressive and shows whether the content of the antibiotics twice more effectively create the gentamicin used, the antibiotic drugs in food kills bacteria, Salmonella.

Effective as an antimicrobial

In addition to antibiotics or antioxidants, the coriander leaves also contain essential oils. And its function is like an antimicrobial or kills cells of bacteria that live in our body, because if left without control can cause various infections, such as a yeast infection.

Helps prevent eye problems

The coriander leaves also contain antioxidant substances in it where one of its benefits is that it helps to maintain eye health and minimize the risk of onset of a disorder or a problem on the eyes.

Helps lower blood glucose

Cholesterol is an essential fatty material capable of causing chronic diseases such as heart failure, stroke and diabetes. Coriander leaves are naturally able to lower blood glucose levels due to the sodium and potassium content in it.

Helps maintain skin health

The ability of coriander leaves are a variety of content that is so good, namely disinfectant, detoxifying, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antioxidant properties as well as cilantro so ideally create a clean skin disorders such as eczema, Drought, and infection fungi.
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Helps control cholesterol

Part of the acid contained in the coriander is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Coriander can also help raise healthy levels of cholesterol (HDL) that works as a defence against a number of harmful conditions.

Helps to nourish the skin

To treat cilantro leaves to be herbal remedy not only in the form of a beverage, but you can also use it as a body scrub or mask. Do I just purée the leaves until really sweet, and give some water just then inhabit you sweep all parts of the skin, from the foot to the face.

Helps reduce pain when menstruation

These leaves contain a variety of acids are quite high where the hormones secreting and can help regulate the menstrual cycle. In addition, cilantro leaves are able to help reduce pain when menstruation.

Helps to remove toxins from the body

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium accumulate in the human body in a long period of time. Gradually the metal and these toxins are capable of causing diseases such as infertility, autism, and dementia.
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Helps to reduce high blood pressure

Consuming coriander has been proven to positively reduce blood pressure in many patients with hypertension. The interaction of Cholinergic and calcium ions, neurotransmitters in the central and peripheral nervous system, more commonly known as acetylcholine. The interaction of these two components of these blood vessels can reduce the possibility of a number of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes.

Effective in initiating digestion

Some components of essential oils that can be found in cilantro can help improve digestion, and can help solve diarrhea. Cilantro can help solve diarrhea caused by microbes and fungi because coriander has antibacterial properties.

Effective for treating Acne

Content like antioxidant, antibiotic, antifungal, and then it is definitely a mask made of coriander leaves can eliminate acne on the face. Should I live you purée the leaves and give you some water then apply to all the face you especially on the part of the breakouts. Use at least 3 times a week so that your acne will start to dry.

Helps prevent anaemia

By consuming leaves of coriander, then the red cells that exist in the body will be purified back and actively produced in order to prevent the body from anaemic attack.

Helps reduce anxiety

Cilantro is able to calm the nerves and keep the stress away. Your muscles are tense has become soft so your anxiety would be reduced.

Effective for treating the skin fungus

Essential oils in coriander leaves that have properties such as antimicrobial will treat many kinds of mushroom country on the skin. Such as skin diseases such as ringworm can also be cured. Live just soften the leaves of coriander and then apply it on the skin part you are exposed to the fungus, and repeat several times a day.

Nutritious treatment urinary tract infections

In addition to helping to clean the kidneys, the coriander leaves are also able to help clean the urinary tract, which in turn can prevent diseases that are related to the urinary tract.

Helps prevent osteoporosis and blood clotting

High Vitamin K in cilantro leaves in addition to good for bone health is also important in preventing blood coagulation.

Effective for treating diarrhea

Some components of life oil found in coriander like Borneo and linalool, digestion of aid, improve the function of the heart and stomach. Not only that these two substances also effectively reduce diarrhea. It also helps to cure diarrhea due to microbes and fungi, for components such as Cineole, Borneo, Limonen, Alpha-pinene and beta-phelandrene have antibacterial effects. Cilantro can also be used to prevent vomiting, nausea, stomach disorders and others. The richness of the bioactive compound has a meaning if there is a lot of health content that can be used from cilantro.

Helps improve liver function

Coriander leaves contain an essential oil like Borneo and linalool and substances such as this is what will return healthy hepatic function.

Helps maintain bone health

Calcium and iron were two vital substances that contribute to growth, bone health, and a variety of abnormalities in the bone.

A nutritious insomnia treatment

Coriander has very soothing properties when consumed. This is because the leaves contain phytonutrients that the function will help to balance the chemicals in the body.

Helps prevent Alzheimer's disease

The content of vitamin K in coriander is very beneficial to reduce the nerve lesions that have been the cause of Alzheimer's disease.

That's the cilantro to the health benefits you should know. Hopefully can become the positive information and useful.


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