23 Sweet Potato Leaves Benefits

23 Sweet Potato Leaves Benefits

It's not just sweet that has great benefits for health and beauty, the leaves of this plant are also good for health. The leaf of the sweet potato has a size that is wider, the tips of the leaves taper and the edges of the leaves. Sweet leaves the young vines are often processed into food accompanying rice. Many studies prove that the leaves of sweet potatoes are very nutritious for your body's health. This is certainly due to the nutritional content of sweet potato is quite high and it is important for the body.

Some of the important nutrient content in sweet potato you need to know, because with the content of the body to be healthy. Among the important content of natural sweet potato are vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, where these types of vitamins have their respective functions in the body. Other important nutrients content in sweet potato are also found such as iron, calcium, carotene, beta-carotene and protein. Well, thus the leaves of sweet potatoes are beneficial to treat and prevent various diseases, as mentioned below.

Used as swelling drugs

The benefit of the first sweet potato leaves is like a potent drug to deal with the swelling. These leaves have many natural compounds that will help the body to relieve swelling in the body.

Used to treat ulcers

The cause of ulcers is usually because of the excessive consumption of protein. Here's how easy enough, take a sprig of sweet potato leaves, then heat until wilted and stick it on the sores. Or it could be with a smooth first.

Help reduce the risk of heart disease

The leaves of the sweet potato are not suspected turned out to have extraordinary properties. The leaves contain vitamin B6 can reduce the risk of heart disease. The nutrient content in the sweet potato leaves is proven 3 times larger than other green vegetables, 5 times the amount of vitamin C, and also riboflavin by as much as 10 times.
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Helping to cure dengue fever

Use a belt of sweet potato leaves, then boil with a water litter, once cooled, the strain and drink boiled water instead of drinking water is about one litre per day.

Help ease the hangover in a vehicle

The benefits of sweet potato leaves are also used to attack drunk to you often drunk in a vehicle. These leaves will neutralize the nausea in your stomach so that it can prevent vomiting because of a hangover.

Used to treat inflammation

Inflammation or inflammation in a person's body often occurs. This can apparently be overcome by eating the sweet potato leaves. Sweet potato leaves are known to contain vitamins and proteins to restore body health by treating a variety of inflammation that occurs in the body.

To treat a sore throat

Do you have problems with a sore throat? Try to take 5 strands of sweet potato leaves are dried, and then boiled like a tea. Then drink it hot when morning and afternoon. Sore throat will heal by itself.

Making healthier bones

Vitamin K in sweet potato leaves actually helps the body to conserve calcium in the bones and reduce the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Studies show that high vitamin K intake can prevent bone loss in patients with osteoporosis. Vitamin K is essential for increasing calcium while forming bones. Vitamin K in sweet potato leaves can increase bone health and decrease the likelihood of bone fractures in women after menopause.

Some data also suggest that vitamin D and vitamin K work together to improve bone density. Vitamin K has a positive effect on calcium balance. Consuming foods rich in vitamin K when you there are cuts or wounds to the body can help prevent the restoration of broken bones.
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Preventing constipation

Using the sweet potato leaves to taste then made of sweet potato leaves juice and then drink it, and it could be boiling the sweet potato leaves to taste and then drink the decoction.

Used as a treatment of arthritis

Content beta-carotene, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B complex makes sweet potatoes as the right choice for coping with arthritis. Boiled sweet potatoes can be rubbed on the joints to relieve the pain due to arthritis.

Good for eye health

The benefits of sweet potato leaves are important enough to be able to nourish your eyes. It is extracted from the content of vitamin A in it enough to meet the nutritional needs of both your eyes.

Help Lower Fever

Another benefit of the leaves of sweet potatoes is their subjects who were able to relieve fever. The leaves of sweet potatoes if the water boiled and consumed by fever sufferer, then one can be healthier and fever can immediately subsidy. Therefore, please either fixed you and your family fever using natural remedies i.e. sweet potato leaves.

Reduce Risk of diabetes

The leaves of sweet potatoes can be used to help control the sugar levels in the blood. By Way of drinking the decoction of leaves of sweet potato or consume as vegetables, your blood sugar will drop quickly.
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Helping the blood coagulation process

The benefit of sweet potato leaves is good for those of you who have haemophilia body condition. Why do we say that the good is cleaned from the leaves? Because on the sweet potato leaves help with the blood coagulation process supported by 12 protein vitamins, a vitamin K. Vitamin K helps blood clots to restore cuts and bruises in the skin quickly.

Reduce the risk of anaemia

The leaves are sweet potatoes contain iron, ie natural substances that will increase the red blood cells in your body. Enough red blood cells will make your body avoid the anaemia of the disease, so your body is not easily tired.

Relieving nausea

Sweet potato leaves are beneficial to health, related to subsequent digestive problems, i.e. nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting often disturbs you that have a stomach that is not healthy. It turns out that there are natural ways that you can do to treat nausea and vomiting that often you feel. The way is by eating the leaves of sweet potatoes.

Boost the immune system

The iron content in the sweet potato leaves is able to allow the production of white blood cells in the body so that the stamina of the body will increase. The vitamin contained in everything plays an important role in maintaining the body's immune system.

Good for the health of the skin and hair

Vitamin A on the leaves of sweet potatoes is important for the growth of skin regeneration and for wound healing. In addition, this content of sweet leaves helps in the formation of the glycoprotein which is a combination of proteins and sugar within range of the soft tissue fixation cell in your skin. The leaves of these tubers also produce collagen production that helps to give you healthy and strong and luster to the hair.

Help improve breast milk production

The content of the Laktagogum substance in the leaves of sweet potatoes is capable of improving the production of breast milk. Organic sweet potato leaves are better than containing pesticides.

As a herbal remedy for the inflammation of the stomach

The content contained in the sweet potato leaves is complex of vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene, calcium is very effective in relieving the inflammation of the stomach. In addition, the fiber that contained sweet potatoes can prevent the onset of constipation and accumulation of acid, so that lessen the possibility of inflammation of the stomach.

Help control blood glucose

For those of you temporarily a misguided diabetic lead that causes sugar levels in the blood increase can be overcome easily by using the leaves of the sweet potato. Sweet potato leaves that you can use as a medicine for diabetes. When you feel in your blood sugar levels are on the rise, then consuming sweet potato leaves or drinking stew water.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Cancer is another of the most dreaded problems can attack human health. Cancer can occur because of free radicals that are often threatened because of the influx of unhealthy foods that make it healthy-the more widespread it is in the body. That's why you're supposed to eat the sweet potato leaves to fend off the free radicals occur.
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Sweet potato leaves are rich in antioxidants

The sweet potato material is known to have very high antioxidant content. Having enough antioxidant in the body could prevent many diseases come disease, including cancer.

That's the benefit of sweet potato leaves you should know, so it's not only sweet but leaves is also very good for the health of the body.


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