22 Health Benefits Of Winged Bean

22 Health Benefits Of Winged Bean

Winged bean vines and fruit is often complementary food cooked rice. This plant grows vines and twisting everything around it. Winged bean fruit shape is long and curved. The colour of the fruit is green and when old black. The fruit has a lot of winged bean seeds and if are old seeds become black and hard. This plant is often in planting around the House or in the garden.

Winged bean also sell over the counter either modern or traditional market, now for you who want to cook the winged bean could directly purchase it. Winged bean is rich with nutrients needed by the body. Nutrient content of which is winged bean is vitamin B complex, vitamin C, folate, saponins, tannin, niacin, sodium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron, fat, carbohydrates and many others.

The advantage of winged bean to body health

Preventing premature aging

The winged bean is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. The vitamin works both as an antioxidant that can prevent premature signs of aging such as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Rich in antioxidants

The benefit of winged bean fruit is labelled an antioxidant that is natural. This fruit is a type of food that has advantages to prevent the bad effects of free radicals. You just have to eat this fruit with the routine.

Rich in vegetable protein

As an explained above, winged bean vegetable is very good for the body, protein source per 100 grams can be in its protein (27.8-36.6%). This is where this protein helps to repair the cells in the body, the most important was the establishment of the age of the muscle and also the energy source that your body needs, besides the protein is also capable of accelerating the metabolism of the Food that penetrates the beauty of the body, in terms of protein is beneficial for the health of the hair thoroughly.

Good for bones and teeth

The mineral content of winged bean is urgently needed by the body, one of which is calcium and phosphorus. The content is able to maintain healthy bones and teeth, especially for children in times of growth and for people who are already older to prevent osteoporosis or porous bones.

Good for the skin

High antioxidants in the winged bean are good to maintain healthy growth and skin, because antioxidants will protect the skin from free radicals that are very harmful to the skin.
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Adding red blood cells

The benefits of winged beans for people with anaemia are extremely good. The fruit is able to become fruit that helps the body to produce red blood for active, so that you will not contract the disease and iron deficiency anaemia.

Rich in carbohydrates

By 100 grams of winged bean contains 41.7 g carbohydrates where the carbohydrates itself has roles for the source power also the additional energy of the body, and also the processes of metabolism of the petrified body, as for the types of foods that are rich in Carbohydrates such as sweet potato, potato, wheat, corn, cassava, beans and rice as well.

Boost the immune system

Winged bean vegetables contains antioxidants that are good once as an antidote to free radicals and can improve and maintain the immune system from attacks of various kinds of diseases.
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A source of energy

The winged bean contains a considerable amount of calories, where the calories are is urgently needed to move body organ systems. Up to 100 grams of winged beans contains about 49 calories, and if the seeds have matured, then in each 100 grams contains about 409 calories.

To prevent dehydration

One of the existing contents on this fruit is water. The benefits of winged bean with plenty of water will help prevent dehydration. It will be optimized if you take it every day.

Rich in folic acid

Winged bean comprises vegetable fruits containing sufficient folic acid, folic acid which in general has always been related to the health of pregnant women. In order to maintain the longevity of pregnant women's body and fetal health is also DNA formation, folate is also very good for strengthening the immune system as a whole.

Improves brain function

The protein in the winged bean is quite high; the protein can maintain the brain's performance. In addition, it can also educate and strengthen your power memory. So very well prevent the senile when already advanced age.

Protect DNA

The winged bean also contains various essential minerals, such as iron, manganese, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin A, which is beneficial in preventing DNA damage.

As anti-inflammatory

The benefit of winged bean is as anti-inflammatory that relieves inflammation. We often have a lot of inflammation of the body and swelling due to something, ranging from a sore throat to inflammation of the mouth. To overcome this problem, you can try this fruit at herbal remedies.

Good for the eyes

Its public eye vitamins many benefits, such as carrots with the benefits of winged beans on it, the composition of carbohydrates are also vitamins and minerals that are good to believe that vitamin A absorption is higher, directly related to the health of the eyes. While many of the leaf extract of winged bean is used as a natural herbal remedy to heal painful eyes also swollen eyes due to inflammation.

Good consumed by pregnant women

The content of folic acid in vegetable-winged beans is able to keep the contents of health for pregnant women, to prevent the appearance of fetal defects and to help the fetus in the process of its growth. For pregnant women from now on do not underestimate the bean-winged vegetable.

Help with the growth of nerve cells and tissues

Winged Bean is also a source of folate which is an essential element for the development of DNA. Folate has played a key role in the process of cell development, growth, and neural network formation.

Rich in vitamins

As already explained at the beginning, the fruits with bean wings have a lot of vitamin that is great for the body. So no wonder if it deserves to be a fruit that is rich in vitamins for the health of the body.
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As with dietary foods

Plant this one also contains healthy fats, unsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, if proper consumption in the winged bean could be weight control, a source of protein and carbohydrates is able to make its full Quickly and also the energy source, while the existing fiber able to control the body weight so that ideal.

Help Clean up free radicals

The active components are also antioxidants of vitamin A and C that it is able to keep the body clean of free radicals that damage the body cells to sign-in the attempt; indirectly if free radicals can be inhibited in the Body can prevent the formation of cancer.

Helps rid dandruff

This one benefits can still rarely known, the young winged bean if in the mash will produce the sap and fruits that can be used for natural shampoos, vitamin A that it is naturally treated as dandruff remover Natural. Besides vitamins it is also able to make the hair more black and strong from the roots at the ends. Maybe someday we can try.

Good for digestion

The winged bean contains the type of fructose of sugar, glucose, lactose, galactose, sucrose and maltose. A certain type of sugar is very important for the growth of probiotic bacteria in the intestine that can help with food digestion.
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Winged bean is a vegetable that is processed into food, many people who already consume winged bean but only a few people know the benefits of winged bean for health.


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