14 Sweet Potato Benefits For Health

14 Sweet Potato Benefits For Health

Sweet potato is one of the results of the farm that has a selling price. Sweet potato also processed into various food types are much sought after by the public. Many people assume that the sweet potato is an ancient food that's been abandoned. Whereas sweet potatoes can afford modern food processed into which has attraction and also healthy.

As it known that there is some kind of sweet potato based on its colour that is sweet potatoes, white, yellow, purple and orange. Whatever type of sweet potato which is important is very beneficial for maintaining the body's health. Important compounds can also be found in sweet potatoes so it is very beneficial to health and beauty as well. Well, below are the benefits of sweet potatoes for a healthy body.

Help with diabetes prevention

Sweet potatoes are considered low glycemic index and contain recent research suggesting that sweet potatoes can reduce blood glucose and insulin resistance in diabetics. The fibers in the sweet potato make a big difference too. Studies have shown that type 1 diabetes that consumes a high fibre diet has increased blood glucose, lipids and insulin levels. An average sweet potato gives about 6 grams of fibre.

As a source of food energy

The iron contained in the sweet potato could provide extra energy to the body, because the iron was instrumental in improving oxygen throughout the body.

Help treat inflammation

Although not included in the potato family, sweet potatoes have an anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effect. Betacaroten, vitamin C and magnesium supported, sweet potatoes are very effective in curing internal and external inflammation.

Help control blood pressure

Benefits of Yams the second is to maintain blood pressure. Stable blood pressure is one of the keys to getting a healthier body. The potassium content in the sweet purple potato plays an important role in controlling blood pressure, heart rate and also controls the muscles and nerves in the body. In addition to a source of sweet purple potatoes is the best you can get from potassium from a banana, orange and more.

Help treat bronchitis and asthma

According to an expert, who is also an expert in nutrients, vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients in the sweet potato help effectively to deal with bronchitis? Not only that, sweet potatoes are supposed to help warm the body also has the ability to help cope with bronchitis. The typical scent of sweet potato is effective in overcoming the clogged nose and helps to relieve asthma.
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Useful for keeping fertility

For women who are still fertile, consuming more iron from plant sources can affect fertility, according to Harvard Medical School Health Publications. Vitamin A in sweet potato (consumed as beta-carotene, then converted to vitamin A in the body) is also important during pregnancy and lactation for the synthesis of hormones.

Help Maintain eye health

The content of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes has the ability to nourish the vision of the eye. Beta-carotene in the orange will look sweet but in a purples sweet potato also had levels of beta-carotene do not lose a lot of sweet orange colour. If the more concentrated colour is produced, the more betacaroten content anyway.

Helping to treat arthritis disease

Composition the betacaroten, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex makes sweet potatoes to be selected to cope with arthritis or arthritis. How do you, compress the parts that experience pain due to arthritis with boiled water sweet potatoes?

Help control cholesterol levels

The content of soluble fibers in the sweet purple potato can help lower levels of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. This will reduce your risk of developing heart disease and stroke as well. Not only has that can, taking the sweet purple potato on a regular basis helped to lose weight. The complex carbohydrates contained in the sweet violet potato can make the fullness of the stomach is durable. So this will prevent you from snacking activities that can make the weight up.

Boost the body's immune system

Vegetable foods such as sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene offer the immune amplification of their powerful nutrient combinations. The content of vitamin C in sweet potatoes, serve to prevent diseases that come through a virus like the flu. Vitamin C is also found in sweet potatoes.

Helping to maintain bone health

Sweet potato has a mineral content that could help fight various diseases of the joints and bones. In addition, it also has deposits of manganese substances that can give up to 44% of the RDA. Manganese is one of the minerals that can maintain the strength of the bones. Therefore, the consumption of sweet potatoes will prevent osteoporosis regularly.

Preventing cancer

The presence of Betacaroten, which is an antioxidant and makes the colours on sweet potato, as well as vitamin C, becomes an important element to help overcome cancer. Especially for colon cancer, bowel, kidney, prostate, and other cancers.
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As a source of carbohydrates

Diabetic patients have very strict dietary rules, especially sweet foods. But needs carbohydrates to keep provided. As for these sweet potatoes are still safe for consumption because the content of carbohydrates in it is still very effective in helping to regulate the blood sugar levels. But it is advisable to keep it balanced and not exaggerate.

For a smooth heel

The problems often arise on foot from the skin of the dry and chapped heel. You can use the purple boiled sweet potato water to smooth.

That's the benefit of sweet potato for health. So, do not think poorly of sweet potato which is known as the ancient food.


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