13 Health Benefits Of Mango

13 Health Benefits Of Mango

Types of food and fruit and vegetable are high. It is highly recommended by health experts. The addition to fruit and vegetable are very well as nutritious healthy foods for beauty. One fruit of concern by experts is the fruit of a mango. Results of the study prove that is rich with good nutrient for the human body. Consume mango surely you will benefit the taste so delicious. Especially if served with a cold mango juice.

Immature mango tastes very acidic, but when its cook turned into sweet mixed acids. Many people are fond of mangoes, but most types of mango are a seasonal plant. This is certainly quite difficult find mangoes when not being fruitful season.

The fruit that comes from the Himalayan Mountains turned out to have great benefits for health. Mango fruit stored in nutrient content which is beneficial to protect the body from various kinds of diseases. Well, below are the benefits of mango in detail you can read one by one.

Help for skin care in order to be healthy and beautiful

The effectiveness of Mango for the treatment of the skin is able to clean clogged pores and get rid of acne. So, get your skin healthy and well maintained, the fruit can be eaten, made in juice or is applied directly to the surface of the skin.
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Reducing the risk of asthma

Risk of asthma is lower in people who have obtained nutrient-specific nutrition. One of them is the nutritious beta-carotene that can be obtained from the fruit of a mango.

Preventing diabetes

Mangoes contain a low glycemic index so that sugar levels will not be increased if we consume good mango fruits in large numbers. Not only is the meat of the fruit, the mango leaf also mentioned being able to reduce diabetes in a way to boil some mango leaves and soak overnight. Once it is filtered and boiled water is drunk as a decoction of herbs that are able to regulate the levels of insulin in the body.
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Rich in vitamin C

Raw fruits containing a lot of vitamin C help to fill the calcium need the body in order to make strong bones. They are also important nutrients help the body to fight inflammation. And make the blood vessels so powerful that it more elastic. Vitamin C plays a role in the creation of blood cells, helps to absorb iron, as well as to prevent bleeding.
Other fruit that rich in vitamin C are :

Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood

High in vitamin C and rich in fiber is found in fruit mangoes can help lower the cholesterol levels in your body. It is the fresh fruit of potassium-rich fruits. Potassium desperately needed by the body to balance the cells of the organic fluids that are useful for controlling blood pressure and heart rate.

It helps to stimulate the immune system

The abundance of vitamin A and vitamin C in the Mango plus the content of 26 types of carotenoids are very effective in maintaining the immune system to keep it strong and healthy.

Helps protect the body from cancer

Beta-carotene-rich Foods also played an important role in the prevention of prostate cancer. This is based on the research by the nutrition Department of the Harvard School of Public Health. In various studies in Texas AgriLIfe Reasearch, found that an extract of polyphenol from Mango can give a positive impact in the fight against colon cancer, leukemia, breast and prostate cancer. But the most notable is its effects on breast cancer and the intestine. This provides the basis for further research into the benefits of mango fruits in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Preventing heart attacks

The fiber, potassium and vitamins found in the mango fruit as a whole can ward off the heart pain. Decreased sodium intake coupled with increased potassium intake may reduce cardiovascular risk because dietary habits are transformed.

Well consumed by pregnant women because it can relieve nausea

This is the reason why pregnant women like young mango cravings, because the young mango could help reduce the intensity and minimize the frequency of nausea. If you eat raw mangoes regularly, the nausea can be lost in total.

Helps to burn calories

A unique fact about mangoes is to burn the fat on your body. This fruit rich in fiber you digestive. As well as helping to keep the digestive system, and to satisfy the vitamins.

Help the digestive system

Due to having a lot of fiber and water, Mango is able to prevent constipation and preserve the health of your digestive system.

Rich in iron

Mango has the iron content is high enough that it can be used as a natural solution that is just for those who suffer from anemia. Mango also mentioned very beneficial for women who are pregnant or who already know menopause because the mango can increase the levels of calcium and iron at the same time.

Helps maintain eye health

Not only are the carrots beneficial for both the health of the eye, but also the fruit of a mango. Vitamin A contained in mango fruits can help to keep eye diseases, such as night blindness and irritation in the eyes. When you get bored with the carrot, you could switch to the mango fruits.
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Mangoes are rich with essential nutrients that can be beneficial to health.


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