11 Health Benefits Of Apple For Skin

11 Health Benefits Of Apple For Skin

The benefits of an Apple are already known to all corners of the world, one of the benefits of apples is to care for the beauty of the skin. The skin has a relation with the beauty, clean soft and healthy skin has a different value for everyone who looked at it. Especially for every woman's skin becomes part of the body that is always a concern. No wonder that many women spend a lot of money to make their skin softer and brighter.

You can do skin care naturally using natural ingredients straight from nature so you don't have to buy an expensive beauty cream. When the natural way you can do with the right meal will give you optimal results. Apple is great for taking care of the beauty and health of the skin, like below:

Help to treat acne naturally

Acne is very disturbing for your facial skin, especially for oily skin and dirty. But you do not worry, to cope with acne; you can use as Apple Cider face toner. You can also create your own facial toner of apples. After using toner from Apple let a few minutes then wash it with water until clean.

Help cope with oily skin

Oily skin is vulnerable on the growth of acne. One of the natural ways that you can use to help address the problem of oily skin is to use apples. Create a mask from apples regularly will help make your skin softer and healthier. You can take the Green Apple puree and then added water to the juice of a lime and two spoons of sour cream. Then apply the natural herb on your face evenly and let alone dive a few minutes to sink in. After that, rinse your face with warm water until clean.

Makes the skin brighter
Apples contain hydroxyl Acids, where the substance has a function to help the regeneration of skin cells. Surely this will make the skin brighter and soft natural.

Helps to disguise the wrinkles on the face

Wrinkled face will change your appearance be older than age actually. Wrinkles on the face is a common problem that often occurs in everyone, well to reduce wrinkles on the face could use natural way is making masks from apples.
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Good for sensitive skin

Natural Apple mask is also used on sensitive facial skin. How to make Apple mask quite easily, Green Apple fruit puree then apply on face until evenly distributed. Leave for a few minutes, and then rinse with water until clean.

Helps to cleanse the pores of the skin

To prevent the emergence of pimples and blackheads is to how to make a pore facial skin is always clean. Keep clean the pores of the skin of the face; you can use a mask of Apple skin. The natural way is quite safely done from on using beauty products.

Help get rid of freckles on face

Beauty is often interrupted by the appearance of freckles on the face. No wonder many women are always trying to overcome the freckles on the face. In fact, they are willing to spend a lot of money in order to eliminate black stains on the face. But at home, we can use the Apple as a natural mask without having to spend a lot of money.

Apple as a natural skin moisturizer

Dry skin face feed makes you feel confident. Dry skin face is indeed very annoying and makes you less comfortable, but this problem can still be dealt with using a mask of apples. To make Apple mask quite easily, i.e. with the smooth apples, add a little glisterin. And then apply it on the face and leave on for a few minutes. After that, rinse with water until clean.
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Help lifting dead skin cells

The benefits of an Apple mask is to replace the use of chemical substances is also beneficial for supplying nutrients to the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells. So the skin of the face will look brighter and softer. How to make Apple puree apples are masks, add two spoons of honey, add two spoons of oatmeal then stir. Then apply the skin until evenly, leave for a few minutes and rinse with water.


Apples are rich with essential compounds that are useful for maintaining healthy skin. The important content of apples such as antioxidants, fiber and flavonoids are able to reliably prevent skin cancer.

Protect the skin from sun exposure

The skin is the outside of your body; it surely could not avoid sun exposure. Sunlight can positively impact on health could also give adverse effect on beauty. The skin often exposed to the sun exposure became more dull, dry and scaly. Well, to reduce the adverse effects of sunlight you can protect the skin by using apples.
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That's the benefit of apples for skin may be able to help make your skin softer and brighter natural.


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