Younger Looking Skin Treatments

Younger Looking Skin Treatments

Skin is the outer part of the body which is vulnerable of affected by pollution, while the most influential parts of the skin against beauty is the skin face. Facial skin wrinkles and rough makes you look older. Facial skin is also very risky exposure to sunlight and pollution so often cause dry facial skin and dull. Facial skin problems that often happen are acne, dry skin and wrinkles. Skin problems will cause premature aging.

To prevent the problem of facial skin occurs, you have to treat skin properly. How to treat facial skin so taut so it looks younger? You could try some of the tips below.

Moist skin

Moist skin is one of the keys for which someone may seem to keep looking young and stay beautiful. But do you know how can you get skin always moist? Wet skin can be obtained fairly easily. First, you have to be diligent to consume water.

Drinking Plain Water

If you are a woman, drinking water at least 6 to 8 glasses a day is something you should make it a habit so that the body remains hydrated and hydrated face. For men, is the number of glasses 8-12 is recommended. Avidly consuming plain water can not only cope, but the water can give effect to the face and can brighten the face so it looks fresh.

Eating Fruits

The other foods you have to eat are fruits with different colors. We can almost be sure that all doctors, either the skin health experts as well as those who are experts in the field of beauty always advise to consume fruits at least one a day.

Fruits contain a lot of benefits from antioxidants to a nutrient source. In addition, the fruits also contain a lot of water could be a moisturizing skin cream.

Eating Vegetables

If you have considered this one, the vegetables are an important part of the face is young and beautiful. But not all people want to consume enough quantities of vegetables every day.

Vegetables are a healthy food and are highly recommended. Therefore, if you do not like vegetables, try to grow vegetables in some interesting foods that taste good that you have become accustomed to consuming vegetables every day.
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Regular breaks

It is also the most important part of getting a youthful face. Give time to the body especially the face for the rest of the various activities and offers an opportunity to relax will make it look younger for longer.

Natural mask

Did you know that every day there are thousands of dead skin cells that are in our face. If not lifted and cleaned, dead face skin cells will continue to accumulate and cause the skin to become dry and looks elder.

You should at least have time once a week to do the exfoliation or lifting of dead skin cells. One of the ways you can do to remove dead skin cells is to use a natural mask. In addition to nourishing and moisturizing the face from the outside, the famous natural mask can also lift the cell's dead skin cells.

Among some popular natural face mask and frequently used face include banana, papaya mask, white eggs mask, tomatoes and Aloe Vera mask too.

Don't forget to mix other natural ingredients useful in your mask like lime water juice, rose water, honey or other ingredients like Aloe.
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How to make natural masks to treat facial skin

1. Wash your face properly

A facial wash activity is very important and should not be underestimated. If you want to get a youthful face, always wash your face every day. This step is very important and you should do every facial cleansing.

Start by washing your hands. You certainly do not want any dirt, germs or bacteria and oils that are in your hands move to your face? And, if you have makeup on your eyes, first erase this section or remove it before you start cleaning your face.

2. Moisten the whole face

Moisten the whole face with lukewarm water. The water is not too hot water temperature or we call with warm water. The water that is too hot can be staggering and could even make the skin capillaries become broken.

A part of the face that is quite sensitive to temperature is usually located around the nose and cheeks. Then use your fingers to massage, clean the skin of your face with circular movements are soft and small.

3. Make sure the dirt and makeup on the face is clean

One of the best ways to make sure that dirt and makeup also raised with both when washing the face is using a chiffon cloth. In addition, if you do the rubbing and the small tricks and can also serve as a gentle scrub.

4. Wash and clean the hair and neck parts

The fourth step in regards to the external factors of the face that is often forgotten is the hair, neck and angle on both sides of the nose.

This part is very important because the neck also becomes a part of the face, then both sides of the nose often times we miss. Not only that, the hair should also be washed and rinsed because it often becomes part of us that most often touches the face. And did you know that hair could be a source of dirt and bacteria?

5. Rinse with clean water and cold

Put an end to the process of washing your face with cold water splash at least three times that the habit of closing the pores. Then, dry your facial skin using towel, do not rub against because it can damage the skin and cause the skin to become rough.
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That's how to treat of facial skin in order to be healthy and you look younger.


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