Use The Guava Leaves To Care For Beauty

Use The Guava Leaves To Care For Beauty

Benefits of guava leaves for health I have written before. Well now, if the leaves of the guava can be rewarding for beauty. Perhaps this is a great question for you. According to experts the leaves of guava is effective for beauty, such as to care for the skin and hair. Hair and skin are the two important parts of the beauty that should always be observed. Many people ignore with the condition of their skin and hair, making his appearances falls apart.

Well how do beauty treatments using the leaves of the guava? Read the reviews below.

Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Beauty

Treat acne and black spots

The leaves of guava are effective in getting rid of acne and black spots on the skin. This is because the guava leaves contains antiseptic that can kill the bacteria that causes acne. Puree of guava leaves and apply on acne and black spots. Rinse with water after a while and do it regularly.

Brightening Face

Although few people use this alternative, but not least as well among women who do not yet know how to do it? First you have to do is to smooth the leaves of guava to taste, add a little water until the texture is turned into dough. It could also be combined with egg yolk so that your results can be more optimal. Next could be applied to the whole face evenly.


The guava leaves contain antioxidants that destroy the free radicals that damage the skin, so that it protects the skin from aging, and improves the tone and texture of the skin. Ripe leaf Guava decoction can be applied on skin to skin tightening.
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To treat vag*inal discharge for women

Vag*inal discharge is a common problem that often occurs in ladies. And in this case you are worth trying in the processed guava leaves so that you meet the vag*inal discharge can be solved. How to do it? By the boiling leaves and the guava mixture of the leaf of the blade with water until boiling. Measure can be customized (to taste). Stew and drank water 2 x a day until you finish the problem.

Treat blackheads on the face

In addition to acne medicine, it turns out that the benefit of guava leaves to deal with is to eliminate blackheads. Blackheads are the dirt the rest of the cosmetology or dust stuck in the face is usually in the nose. Guava leaves can be used to eliminate it in a way done rub. Rubbing-rubbing the guava leaf that was pounded in a smooth face is that there is a black and leave it for a few minutes. After that, rinse until it is clean with cold water.
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Treat hives

Itching of the skin can cause serious problems if it is not immediately treated. Guava leaves is an instant remedy to get rid of the itch to contain allergy blocking compounds.

Premature Anti-Aging

This mark usually appears with the growing age. This is the case of wrinkles, fine lines, pleats, smiling lines, Panda and many others. If left, maybe this problem will be very distracting and reduces confidence. Well, to disguise or even reduce the signs of aging, you can use the guava leaves as a mask.
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Hair Loss Treatment

To stop hair loss, boil a handful of guava leaves in a litter of water for about 20 minutes. After cooling, apply to the scalp, while in the massage.

Moisturizing Facial Skin

The face is identical to a variety of problems. Just like dry skin, peeling or the appearance of scales due to dry skin and the use of evil soap. Well to solve this problem, you can use a mask of guava leaves mixed with milk or honey. Then applied to the face so that the skin stays moist and remain elastic.

You can use guava as natural ingredients to care for beauty, especially for skin and hair. Thanks for his visit and hopefully useful.


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