The Dangers Of Consuming Too Much Chili

The Dangers Of Consuming Too Much Chili

In previous articles I have written about the benefits of Chili, where this plant is much needed by many people especially for those who are fond of spicy food taste. Chilli has a nutty taste, so the poor can have an impact on health when consumed excessively.

Not only that, some sufferers of specific disease are also not recommended to consume too much chili for example having complaints of stomach acid or other stomach ailments.

Well, remembering for those of you who like spicy food because the Chili can be dangerous. The following is the ill effects of consuming excessive chili that you should beware.

Harms of consuming too much chilli
  • Foods that are too spicy will also result in you exposed to insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night. So you shouldn't eat spicy food at the time of the evening. Because of your break will not be comfortable.
  • Spicy foods have caused acute ulcer disease or gastritis. The symptoms of gastritis are that, such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea.
  • Foods that are too spicy will cause damage to the wall of the stomach. This is because, the type of food that is spicy and sour combination of too much acid penetrates into the stomach, which will cause damage to the wall of the stomach.
  • Foods that are too spicy expose you to the attack of the disease headache impact gastritis. Because too consuming spicy food.
  • Foods that are too spicy can cause the gaster ulcer disease may result or stomach ulcers. The symptoms that appear when you are exposed to these diseases, namely the stomach seemed to burn, the symptoms of nausea, vomiting.
  • Spicy foods lead to weight you have declined. So reduce or eliminate the habits of eating foods that is spicy if you want a little chubby or thin crusts you.
You now know what the benefits of chili for health and have also read the article about the dangers of consuming chili more. Well, to take the safe position should know chilli excessive consumption and condition your body or if you suffer from specific diseases are not allowed to consume chilies.


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