How To Look Younger At 50

How To Look Younger At 50

Most people want to look younger even though her age was up to 50 years. Aging is often marked with gray hair and wrinkled skin. Gray hair and wrinkled skin often occur in people at a young age, it is referred to as premature aging. Well, how to prevent gray hair and wrinkled skin although age has reached 50 years older.

Fox Style your hair

Ask for advice on hairstyles that will make you look younger. We will do the hair is weakened, it is usually an easy loss, seems fragile and unhealthy, so you can cut your hair in a short, in addition to looking cooler and younger, short hair care is usually easier.

In addition, you can try pony hairstyle. Bangs can help cover the wrinkles of the skin in the front part. You can choose the length of fringes, fringe styles, fringes or sides. Style-style of the fringe will look better than a thick fringe.

Your hair color

Quoted by Nowloss, the gray hair will make you look older. Consult a professional hairdresser and ask what hair color makes you look younger and not damage your hair.

Use false eyelashes

We will generally effect conferring on existing in the skin hairs, including eyelashes. Eyelashes will usually be easy to lose. You can use false eyelashes. But choose false eyelashes that are not too thick. Because the false eyelashes too thick makes you look older.

Shaving eyebrows

Unplug or shave the eyebrows are too long and tidy so beautifully. You can also unplug the gray hair on your eyebrows or paint with a slightly darker color than your hair.

The mistake should not do you is to unplug all eyebrows and draw eyebrows tattoo or make false eyebrows. This will make them look natural and not even make you look older.
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Use a thin cosmetic

Many people try to cover the face that had aged using thick cosmetics. But it's the wrong way. Use thick cosmetics so will be more damaging to the face. Especially for you if don't clean it properly.

Use fine light in addition to cosmetics to your face; you will also look cooler and natural, as below:
  • Choose the soft colored lip Gloss and the nude. Avoid using lipsticks with heavy pigmentation. If you have wrinkles on your lips then will look cracked lips.
  • Wear a blush that matches your complexion and more wear on the cheekbones and the outside of the nose to reduce wrinkles in the skin that are formed due to aging. Use powder blush; because the liquid blush will be difficult to worn evenly and make your face look abnormal.
  • Makeup in the eyes, you should look soft and natural, not excessive air. You can use eye Shadow or use gel-shaped eyeliner. Use as closely as possible with the lashes with a thin, not thick.
  • Avoid using products that will make your face look flickering and shimmering.
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If the changes in your body in accordance with the age is reasonable, but there are some things that can be done so that you look younger.


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