How To Gain Weight Fast For Women

How To Gain Weight Fast For Women

Many women who want to lose weight because she wants to have slim bodies. But for most women too thin so it looks less attractive. Therefore, they want to gain weight to make her look more ideal. It's not just for men who want to have an ideal body weight but also many women who want to have a little more body fat in order not to look skinny. When weight loss for woman under the normal, then she would look too skinny. To gain weight also requires processes as losing weight.

Many skinny women like to lift weight with an approach that is less accurate. Most do not care if the addition was based on the accumulation of body fat network. In fact, because the fat is not so interesting, because we cannot control the fats that later will be saved in the body. In the abdomen, the arms, the buttocks, the thighs that have excessive fat are certainly not interesting.

Therefore, the good approach in the body fat of women is the fattening of healthy weights increases by building muscles without excess adipose tissue. This way you will not only gain weight, but also earn healthy weight and beautiful body.

Increase your consumption of dairy products (yogurt, pudding and ice cream)

You can eat these foods as snacks or desserts. These foods contain a lot of calories also contain water which is no less important to lift a weight.

Consuming fatty foods

For example, peanut butter is not only suitable for bread, but also large eaten with apples, bananas, or a whole wheat cracker. Another way is to add oil (olive for example) in a baked potato, a salad or a sandwich. You can also add other trimmings such as nuts, cheese or other dairy products in foods that are consumed.

Choose Calorie Drinks

Rather than water does not contain calories at all, you can choose pure fruit juice, milk, or vegetable juice. Add yogurt, cheese, and fat or protein powder to portions of the fruit juice to increase calories. You are also suggested to avoid alcohol because although high in calories, this beverage was very minimal nutrients.
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Eating properly

When eating, try to pass the first food that most high levels in order to prepare your stomach do not trigger the fullness so that it no longer adapts to the food. For example, eating breakfast when the first pieces of avocado, egg, then end up with new cereal if you are still hungry.

Increasing appetite

Another cause of the skinny body is due to a low appetite. Therefore, in order to succeed in fattening the agency within 1 week, you obviously need to force yourself to eat more often. His guide was three meals (main course) are about 5 hours. In addition to eating two to three times a day snacks between meals.

Active move

Active displacement is not only good for health but can also increase appetite. Exercises involving the strength or stamina of the body for example, are very effective in increasing muscle mass while shaping it. For example, sit ups, push ups, and so on.

Reduce aerobic or cardio exercise

If you are fighting weight, then increase the cardio-type limit exercise, especially if the metabolic processes in the body belong to the fast. Cardio Exercises for 30 minutes 5 times a week should be enough. In the meantime, you may also have to avoid aerobic sports such as cycling or running. The reason, this exercise can even reduce body fat that is actually needed if you want the weight to increase.

Increase your calorie intake by 20 percent

The absolute way to fatten the agency is to add to your calorie intake. Just put, if every day you eat 2000 calories and it can only be to maintain your weight, then you need to eat 2400 calories if you want the weight to increase. If you have trouble making this kind of calculation, the other alternative is to add 500 calories per day. So the body weight goes up to ½ kg a week.

Sources of carbohydrates

Just because you are asked to increase the amount of calories, this does not mean if you could eat anything. Make sure the food is nutritious as well. Some examples of calorie-rich foods that is also full of nutrients is brown rice, nuts, dried fruits, and avocado. Other food such as doughnuts, bread, cakes, fast food is indeed high calorie and high levels of glycemic. A lot of consuming these foods can indeed make weight gain, but the risk of exposed heart, diabetes, and other diseases thus increased. You certainly do not want this to go well?

High quality protein Source

For body fat to be made up of picturesque strong muscles, choose a source of high-quality protein such as eggs, meat, fish, milk, beans, protein supplements and the like. Your body requires 0.8 GM/protein weight (kg)/day to build muscle.


This is how the woman's body could be fattened often neglected. Every time possible, breakfast each morning and add 1 egg and a glass of fruit juice each morning meal. In addition to adding to the weight, there are still many other advantages: the importance of breakfast benefits that can not be ignored.
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Add a portion of a meal

You can also reproduce the packaged part that the usual body if you want to gain weight. Just keep remembering not to include food in the dish. Choose a healthy calorie food or a source of carbohydrates and complex fibres.

Consumption of vegetables containing flour

Your friends are diet can avoid it, but you don't have to. You are free to consume potatoes, peas, candies, or pumpkins.

Avoid drinking before eating

Drink before a meal can keep you satiated so Just eat little. This could certainly make the body become the way of fattening to failure. Therefore, we advise you to drink after eating, wait 10 minutes before drinking water.

Make a note

There is no harm in making you some kind of diary to find out how much your weight gain this week. In it, you may also need to include the type of food consumed as well as what sports do. This way makes you understand, how to fatten the agency that works and which are not.

But what if it was not the low appetite or the speed of body metabolism that becomes the cause of you skinny? What if there are other reasons? For this you must obviously be checked first to see a doctor.


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