20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelon

20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Health Benefits Of Watermelon, - Watermelon fruit is delicious and healthy body, don't you miss to consume each day. Watermelon is rich with water of course very delicious when eaten during the day. Not just sweetness and fresh watermelon also have nutrient content high enough so that it can help to make your body become healthier.

Watermelons are planted by farmers for commercial purposes, and at present we are easy to acquire fruit of watermelon. The watermelon is consumed when the summer, because it can be used as a mouth freshener fruit. Watermelon nutrition content don't you underestimate, the following nutritional watermelon each 100 grams.

1. Selenium = 1.2 mcg
2. Manganese = 0.112 mg
3. Potassium = 319 mg
4. Phosphorus = 31 mg
5. Magnesium = 30 mg
6. Calcium = 19 mg
7. Sodium = 2.9 mg
8. Iron = 0.98 mg
9. Copper = 0.15 mg
10. Zinc = 0.32 mg
11. IU Vitamin A = 1630
12. Thiamine = 0.092 mg
13. Riboflavin = 0.09 mg
14. Niacin = 0.521 mg
15. Folate = 9 mcg
16. Pantothenic acid = 0.654 mg
17. Vitamin B6 = 0.123 mg
18. Vitamin C = 23.4 mg
19. Vitamin E = 0.15 mg
20. Protein = 1.74 grams
21. Fiber = 1.9 grams
22. Calories = 85 calories
23. Vitamin K = 0.4 mcg

Incredible Benefits Of Watermelon For Health

Healthy eyes

The watermelon fruit contains vitamin A which is very beneficial for healthy eyes, and made eyes became the sharper vision. The young sweet red fruit is very good for your eyesight organs, vitamin A is also functions needed to keep your skin, mucous membranes healthy, and to protect the body from lung problems and cancer of the oral cavity.

Energy watermelon

Don't be surprised if you've never heard of L-Citrulline. It is best known in the world of sport because it is a non-essential amino acid that helps athletes improves their performance. Non-essential amino acids are proteins can be synthesized by the body.
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Preventing asthma

A benefit of watermelon is a magical fruit to prevent asthma. This fruit is not curing asthma, but only preventing the symptoms or breathing stage of the disease could be asthma. The high content of vitamin C in watermelon fruit effectively immunized to increase so as to prevent respiratory problems.

Watermelon anti aging premature

The nutrients of the watermelon, like the licopen, vitamins A and C, keep the free radicals that attack the skin. It is exposure to direct sunlight on the skin, causing fine lines. Antioxidants in watermelons help heaps of free radicals on the body. Consumption of watermelon fruit with regular is able to prevent premature signs of aging in your beautiful skin.

Prevent dehydration

Watermelon is an example of a fruit that is good if you want to feel the fullness and the body remain hydrated at the same time. The water content of watermelon fruits can help you hydrate, and the complete content of good electrolytic content. Watermelon fruit is also good for helping to maintain stable body temperature in the hot weather that sting.

Prevent cancer

Watermelon fruits have become high sources of vitamin C and ZAR licopen. Both kinds of these substances is very important to protect the body from cancer causing the free-radical attack. Health benefits of watermelon from being the source of very high in antioxidants and is good for people with prostate cancer and some types of cancer to the other. Watermelon fruits also contain potassium, which is beneficial for lowering blood pressure. The watermelon also contains useful caretenoid to prevent the onset of hardening in the arteries and venous vessels. The prevention of hardening in the arteries and veins to the vessels is very important to lower the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure).
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Keep the skin moist

If the type of your skin dries, the watermelon may be the best fruit catch, due to the abundant moisture in the fruit. In addition to giving moisture to the skin, consuming watermelon also keep the body to avoid dehydration.

For the health of hair and skin

Who would have thought when the watermelon fruits benefits both for the skin and the human hair? Vitamin A is found in watermelon fruits, helps to keep the skin and the hair tree you keep moist. In addition, watermelon also helps to encourage the growth of collagen and elastin which is healthy and good for the skin of the face.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Watermelon not only increases our energy, but it is also useful for health. When the amino acid citrulline and arginine joins, our bodies produce a very beneficial gas called nitric oxide.

Prevent thrush

Various vitamins and water content in watermelon fruits beneficial to prevent the onset of thrush. These thrush emergent is diseases because of bad bacteria in the mouth, not to mention your mouth in the dry state. Water content in watermelon fruits beneficial for basic cleaning or to reduce bacteria in the mouth.
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Overcoming constipation

Watermelon is a fruit that contains fiber and water is very high. The fiber in the watermelon can solve the constipation problem mainly due to a shortage of soluble fiber in the intestine. The fiber is found in the watermelon can form a natural gel on the colon so that has initiated nutrient absorption and defecation.

Maintaining kidney health

The potassium contained in this watermelon benefits fruit, cleanse the toxic substances in the kidneys, thus helping the work of the kidneys. Watermelon fruits also reduce the levels of uric acid that suppress the risk of forming kidney stones.

Help correct erectile dysfunction

L-citrulline contained in the watermelon can help correct erectile dysfunction. It is through the vasodilator of nitric oxide and endothelial function. By improving blood circulation naturally, watermelon can relieve mild cases of erectile dysfunction.

For the health of the heart

Watermelon fruits contain licopen are beneficial to maintain heart health in the body and to improve the flow of urine so that the maintenance of healthy renal organs.

Prevent inflammation

The inflammation that occurs in the body can lead to a very dangerous disease. A Colin compound found in watermelon has a very important function to keep the body's muscle balance, helps the body create a relaxing effect, and improve the brain's memory. Composed this watermelon in place of Colin, also have a role to balance the health of the body cells, the delivery of the nervous signal helps the brain and the motor skills as well as the help of the process of absorption of the fat in the body.
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Protect the body from ultraviolet light

Watermelon fruit contains water, fiber, and a useful licopen to maintain skin moisture, protects the body from ultraviolet rays, and maintains heart health.

The source of natural collagen

Collagen is a compound that is needed by the body to maintain the elasticity of the skin. A benefit of watermelon for the skin is because containing vitamin C which is very high. Vitamin C is a type of vitamin that helps the body to absorb so collagen makes the skin become softer. In addition, the watermelon that is full of water will meet the needs of the water to keep the skin cells.

Boost the immune system

The watermelon fruit contains vitamin C to amplify the immune system. With the intake of vitamin C that is sufficient for the needs of the body, the body becomes susceptible to the disease, especially when the weather is not good for the body, as the extreme time.

Maintaining a healthy heart and bone

The watermelon contains licopen compounds working to help maintain bone and heart health. The watermelon is able to run the blood in the heart becomes more optimal, nourishes the cells of the body, and reduces the oxidative level in the blood vessels that often lead to a heart attack. In addition, watermelon is also very effective in shaping bone density to prevent osteoporosis. Licopen will maintain heart health and maintain bone density by accelerating calcium absorption.

Urine launch

People who have problems with kidneys and diuretics use watermelon as natural therapies. Watermelon water contains very high and could increase the flow of urine in the body. Watermelon also helps to create toxins in the liver in order to relieve the kidney's work system.

That's the benefit of watermelon you should know so that you will no doubt consume watermelon.


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