Health Benefits Of Corn, Nutrition Fact

Health Benefits Of Corn, Nutrition Fact

Corn is a food that can be processed into a wide range of food products. Corn has a very delicious taste when eaten, and it can help make the body healthy. The content of nutrients in corn a enough if consumed will be able to help meet your daily nutrient intake. Health benefits of corn for may and read the following.

High in calories and vitamins

Every 100 grams of corn cereal, there are 342 calories contained in it. Corn is also rich in complex vitamin B that keeps the nerves healthy.

Initiation of digestion

Corn is rich in fiber that helps the digestive process. According to the research, a portion of maize already meets the needs of 10% of the fiber each day.

Energy Source

Floury vegetables, including corn, are able to provide energy to the body. Included in this type of complex carbohydrates make this meal consumption can give you a feeling of satiety for longer so that steady energy continues.

Good pregnant women consumed

Pregnant women need to eat corn, because these foods are rich in folic acid. While folic acid, itself is a nutrient that is necessary to lower the risk of congenital malformations.

Helping to gain weight

As we know, corn carbs are choices for people who have a skinny body. This is due to corn rich in carbohydrates and calories that are able to put on weight for these deficiencies.

Help Maintain eye health

Eating corn every day is also able to feed the eyes, because the corn contains a carotenoid that lowers the risk of eye damage in their twilight.

Helps strengthen bones

Corn contains minerals such as magnesium, iron and phosphorus needed for bone health. Satisfying these nutrients prevent the bones from cracking when you are getting old.

Help to maintain the heart health

Other organs get benefits if corn consumption is the heart. The same as its use on the eye, a carotenoid on the corn plays a role in lowering the risk of coagulation of the arteries.

Preventing cancer

Corn is rich in potent antioxidants against certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer and liver cancer. Maize had a role in the death of cancer cells without injuring the healthy cells in the body.
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Helps maintain healthy skin

Corn oil is a product in the form of beauty that many have found on the market. Corn oil has had the ability in healthy skin naturally.

Rich in minerals

Some of the minerals contained in maize are magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and selenium. Throughout the mineral plays a role in maintaining the health of the body as a whole.

Prevent anemia

If it is hit with anemia, corn consumption can be improved, because anemia is usually caused by the condition of vitamin B12 shortage, folic acid, and iron.

Diabetes control

The surprising benefits of maize for next health are to control diabetes, because there are certain compounds in corn that is able to reduce the risk of this disease.
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This is the benefit of the corn for health you need to know, so from now consume corn to get benefits as written above.


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