Foods That Keep You Young (Fruit And Vegetable)

Foods That Keep You Young (Fruit And Vegetable)

Everyone person towards old age, but if the aging is not comparable with the age of course there is less precise in your life. Many people who attempt to prevent premature aging to stay pretty and look younger. It turns out that consume the foods is very influential on the early aging. Now many foods that do not support to health care, they only give priority to sense and ignore health factors.

Premature aging can be prevented by a few things, one of which is by consuming the right foods. Fruit and vegetable is highly recommended as a food that can keep you youthful. No wonder the ancient people who made fruit and vegetables as daily food, they are ageless and longevity.

For a long time ago, fruit and vegetable foods that make us timeless. The reason is, there is a content of antioxidants that is moisturizing and healing in fruits and vegetables.

The opinion is not false. Before you decide to do plastic surgery or other beauty procedures that involve the use of chemical substances, there is no harm in taking a little more fruit and vegetables to get the look of the young face.


Put cucumber slices on your eyelids helps reduce wrinkles. But add fresh cucumber into your meals also helps to produce clean, shiny skin, and reduce acne. The silica content on the cucumber increases the production of collagen to the skin, reducing wrinkles, and makes the skin elastic and youthful.


Squeeze a little lemon juice, then added to the drinking water, you can detoxify and clean your liver. The lever is clean will also have an impact on the skin. Don't forget to drink enough water while you are doing this diet. Keeping the body hydrated remains and the perfect functioning of bodily fluids is the keys to look young.


Rich in beta-carotene, eating raw carrots can make the skin stay supple and youthful. You don't need the sun away from the beach; eating a cup of carrots a day will help you get a nice skin and shine. You also don't need to worry about exposure to the sun.


Lycopene in tomatoes can brighten the skin. While its vitamin C helps to eliminate stains and acne. Tomatoes also have antioxidants that can banish wrinkles and free radicals that damage the skin.
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Watermelon fruit contains a lot of water certainly can make your body feel fresh. However, the excess of watermelon fruit is not good for health. This fruit also contains lycopene, which functions as an antioxidant. The antioxidant compounds on the watermelon skin will protect most ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin tissue and can even cause cancer cells that are dangerous.

Scientists also believe that watermelon contains more phytochemicals than raw tomatoes. The natural chemical is equivalent to SPF 3, which is used to withstand ultraviolet radiation. Although already consuming watermelon, always remember to always wear sunscreen.
Raw Fruits and vegetables

Some vegetables are indeed recently obtained its usefulness after being boiled for a while. But there are also fruits and vegetables that can bring benefits for digestive health, skin, and body circulation if eaten raw.
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That's some foods that keep you young, so from now on try to consume these foods on a daily basis.


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