Calories In Corn On The Cob, Fear Of Weight Gain

Calories In Corn On The Cob, Fear Of Weight Gain

You may also want to gain weight or lose weight and fears consume corn. Alarmed at the content of calories in corn will make you fat, or want to add corn as a menu to add weight. Well, how does with calories on corn on the cob.

Roasted corn meal or corn on the cob is very delicious. Especially if the surrounding air is being cool, corn has always been a food of choice.

Corn also comes into the menu foods that enliven the party, such as party barbecue; party new year's Eve, and so on.

Even so, some people who were present at the party there do not want to consume corn. The reason they are afraid of the weight increase. From this raises the big question, is it true that corn can make a person becoming obese.

Corn nutrition info:
  1. Corn on the cob calories 1/3 lower than corn chips or popcorn
  2. The calories contained in the corn around 125 calories/100 g
  3. There are 5 grams of protein content in it
  4. And there is little fat
  5. This means that corn that's healthy and good for consumption. Even it is far better than rice.
You are not satisfied with the info; we found other supporting info from diet and health researcher consultant Bangalore, Sheela Krishawamy. According to him, the corn contains carbohydrates that are good for the body that requires the contribution of energy. High nutritious vegetables, corn is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B5 and vitamin C which is able to help fight disease and help the regeneration of new cells in the body.
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Corn also has a high fiber content can digestives, and corn are also good for diabetics because it can control blood sugar to keep it stable.

Well, what about popcorn? Is it good for health?

The popcorn was good for health, and is categorized as a healthy snack. However, lately there are developments in the culinary world, and many of these discoveries led to the popcorn taste and have extra sugar.

Well, this is what causes the popcorn becomes less healthy and calorie levels have higher levels of money.

Does corn could make someone fat?

Could, if consumed excessively, and ways of cooking corn is to be fried. Automatically, butter, or oil used to cultivate corn will give extra fat and calories. This is the reason why eat corn can cause overweight.

However, if the corn served with boiled corn, then the way is much healthier and do not trigger obesity.

Select the corn which is the best?

When linked with health and diet, of course, corn on the cob is the best because of the calories is much lower. In addition, corn has a high fiber content will digestives. So you do not need to worry about while eating corn on the cob.
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That's the information about the nutritional value of corn on the cob and how its influence on health. Because many people doubt consume corn on the cob for reasons of weight will increase.


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