Best Sources Of Vitamin K

Best Sources Of Vitamin K

As vitamin A and vitamin B complex, vitamin K also has important functions in the body are mainly for the process of blood clotting. Vitamin K deficiency causes the blood it is hard to freeze if the body is injured. Vitamin K is actually divided into 3 namely filoquinon (vitamin K1), menaquinon (vitamin K2) and menadion (vitamin K3). The body requires vitamin K less than other vitamins such as vitamin C.

The Symptoms of lack of vitamin K will certainly experience some health complaints, such as if there is a wound on the body of eating blood clotting are hindered, lack K also cause osteoporosis, bleeding in infants, and others. To meet the dose of vitamin K suggested by the experts, you can consume foods containing vitamin K, below are some foods high in vitamin K.

Lettuce leaves

The nutrient content in lettuce leaves each measure by 100 grams is 128 mcg. Lettuce is usually used for fresh vegetables. If you ever ate at the restaurant the menu provides a grilled fish, will definitely get the lettuce leaves. Unfortunately, it is of course not to measure 100 grams for each dish in restaurants. If you want, you can buy it on its own.
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Cauliflower originates from different European countries, but it is not so prohibitive to preserve vegetables is beneficial. Back to offend about the vitamin K contained in the plant, about 125 MCG stored in 100 gram cauliflower.


Kiwi that apparently contains 2 times more vitamin C than citrus and also contain vitamin K. Vitamin K on Kiwi fruits on 100 gram is 40.3 MCG. or the equivalent of 10% of the daily vitamin K your body needs. Its usefulness as a good antioxidant, rich in beta-carotene or maintaining the ocular function, as well as relieving digestive problems.


Cucumber can have many benefits, including by meeting the needs of vitamin K. for the World of beauty, the cucumber used as a toner and a sanitize with doing it as natural masks.


The amount of vitamin K in 100 gr of fruit Blueberry is 19 MCG, or have met the 24 percent of daily vitamin K needs. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, which is good for keeping the brain and heart healthy.

Spinach leaves

Spinach is green vegetables that grow at a height of 1000 meters above sea level. There are three types of spinach, disconnection of spinach, that is, quotation marks and spinach in general. The contents of vitamin K by 100 grams of spinach at 89 MCG. The spinach is easy found in the world because the harvest is only 4 weeks old. So it can be grown itself.


Initially, broccoli is more dominant in the state of Italy. However, as time goes by, Broccoli has also begun to grow in China and India. By 100 grams of broccoli stored 200 mcg of vitamin K for which enough to meet your daily nutrition.


The content of vitamin K in avocado of 100 gram is 81 MCG or the equivalent of 36% of vitamin K in body needs on a daily basis. The avocado is able to reduce the cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease, as well as be able to keep the quality of caring. Avocado also have abundant of vitamin K that maintain the growth and health of the cells. Thus could prevent a person developing cancer.


Asparagus also has its benefits as a source of vitamin K. in 100 grams of asparagus leaves contains 144 mg of vitamin C. Asparagus is a vegetable whose price is quite expensive because it is only found in certain area.

Grape fruit

In 100 grams of grapes contained 22 MCG of vitamin K, or the equivalent of 21 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin K. The fruit is good for maintaining the health of the kidneys and pancreas.
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Fish oil

In addition to containing Omega 3, fish oil also contains a lot of vitamin K. Not much liked the fish oil because it smells like fish and it felt weird. But the oil also contains vitamin D is very good for the health of the body.

Green Mustard

The content of the vitamin K on the greens mustard is quite high than other vegetables. or 419.3 MCG per one cup. It is so high, you just consume mustard every day as much as a period of time, then it will fill your vitamin K needs on the daily basis without having to eat more vitamin K supplements. Benefits of consumption Green Mustard has been able to against a variety of cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and urinary tract cancer. The research will benefit from mustard has been developed in the United States and proved, that is able to reduce the risk of breast cancer is up to 40%.


I accidentally add the types of nuts here, in fact, still there are other beans become a supplier of vitamin K, like soy beans. Peas or pea beans provide 5 mcg of vitamin K needs you at a rate of 100 grams of peas.


The potatoes are brought to Europe in the 1500 years. But not described the potato itself comes from where. Because plant tubers are considered to be used to carry diseases such as leprosy in Europe. Then at the time of the 1800 years, potatoes became popular especially in the United States because it can be used to make French fries. The content of the vitamin K on the potato itself is simply 2 mcg per 100 grams of potatoes. Excessive consumption can lead to obesity.

Beef liver

The beef liver is anywhere. Especially in the traditional markets and the meat market. the price of this beef liver is little expensive. Depending on a variety of factors, but the price could be your reference. As for the content of vitamin K by 100 grams is 7 mcg. Need to be careful choosing the beef liver, avoid  Beef liver with a lot of worms.
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That's some foods source of vitamin K that can you consume each day. Vitamin K is indeed beneficial to the health.


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