Best Sources Of Vitamin E, For Health And Beauty

Best Sources Of Vitamin E, For Health And Beauty

Best Sources Of Vitamin E, - Vitamin E is known as vitamins for beauty, so many beauty products that add vitamin E to its composition. Vitamin E is soluble in fat and as great antioxidant to protect the body from cancer. In particular vitamin E is beneficial to ward off free radicals that can lead to skin cancer. Not only that, vitamin E is also required by the body for all the organ can work optimally, so beneficial to prevent various diseases.

Deficiency of vitamin E will certainly cause health disorders; therefore you must meet the requirements of vitamin E per day. How to get your vitamin E intake? You can get vitamin E through foods and supplements. Below are some of the foods that are high in vitamin E can you consume each day.

Best Sources Of Vitamin E, For Health And Beauty


Almond is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E. A portion of 100 gram of almonds provide 26.2 milligrams of vitamin E. Although it is recommended to consume raw almonds under the circumstances, however, you can recover it in the form of almond oil or almond milk.
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There are several types of grains that keep very well vitamin E sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Of these three types of these seeds give you 90.5% of the daily nutritional needs of vitamin E with measurement 1/4 cups, namely sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds

Have you ever consumed sunflower seed sunflowers? The food-shaped seeds with small size It has vitamin E which is quite high. Half a glass of sunflower seeds is already enough vitamin E needs up to 82%. Sunflower seeds also provide a source of other substances such as magnesium and selenium.
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This asparagus is a fairly well known plant in the Japan region, the United States and Europe. While in some countries asparagus is still imports of commodities. With the use of asparagus 1, then you could fulfill the needs of vitamin E by 18% per day.


These vegetables are also high in antioxidants keep with vitamin E. Calcium and folic acid is also one of the essential nutrients that have been incorporated into these vegetables.
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The use as a vegetable turnip in Asia is still scarce in the encounter. In some other Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China radish in a vegetable that is very well liked. Turnips may have a round or long shape depending on the type of radish. The typical taste of radish is bitter because it has high calcium content. In the meantime, Radish contains vitamin E at 28.8% of the total normal human needs.

Pieces of fruit

The fruit is a little high in vitamin E. The purple color on the piece becomes little sign fruit which is a source of vitamin E. The consumption of a single it per day can suffice the needs of this vitamin E by 38.7%. You can eat the pieces fruit in the form of salads or mixed fruit juices.
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Papaya fruits as well as vitamin E and vitamin C are needed by the body to maintain health and to provide for immune system. A papaya fruit roughly store vitamin E that is able to meet the daily nutritional needs 17% of you.


Foods containing vitamin E are chili. The content of vitamin E in the chili is very high, even being able to even meet the 40% of daily needs. In addition, it also has chili deposits can relieve the capsaicin symptoms of inflammation. Shoot again, even if spicy chili is beneficial for preventing arthritis and psoriasis.
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The foods that contain the highest vitamin is paprika. Paprika is one of the vegetables that go into the chili. The flavor of spicy and sweet peppers depends indeed on the type of peppers. The content of vitamin E in paprika represented more than 10% of the total number of needs. Peppers contain a lot of pito can dissolve nutrients are fats in the blood. Vitamin E in a cup of paprika can also reach 1.5 mg and contains beta-carotene and Zeaxantin. Therefore, it is also healthy for the heart.


It is a high source of vitamin E which is the most favorite food, as well as delicious, the price is also reasonable. Only half of the avocado fruit is naturally providing more than 2 milligrams of vitamin E. Alas delicious and very nutritious fruits depends on the season.
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Shrimp is one of the sources foods that contain proteins that is very high nutritious and the food Super Fast weight loss Enhancer. Shrimp can meet the needs of vitamin E by 18%. The shrimp also contains antioxidants called astaxanthin. This substance is a very important role for the body in the fight against free radicals and inflammation.

The benefits of the vitamin E can be found from the shrimp is one of the foods as preventive of heart disease and degenerative diseases. Even an antioxidant in shrimp, known as carotenoids Astaxanthin and xantofil able to be antioxidant that meet the daily nutritional needs.


Not only shrimps, tomatoes also include foods that contain high vitamin E. Sometimes the content of vitamin E is used to make a facial mask. This vitamin are combined perfectly with likopen capable of illuminating, toning, and even whitening face skin. As for health, the nutrient content in tomatoes is useful for preventing bone disease in older people.
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Kiwi is indeed known as one of the many fruits contain vitamin C. Vitamin E, but in the fruit Kiwi grew to 7% also contributed enormous benefits to the health of the body. Kiwi has become a source of antioxidants is high that is beneficial for preventing heart disease, asthma, colon cancer, and diabetes. Even vitamin E in the fruit of Kiwi can also be the source of a very powerful deterrent.


Carrots are vegetable with orange color and has fruit at its roots. Carrots can be consumed directly or processed in cooking. The carrot flavor is sweet, crisp and a bit bitter. Carrots provide a source of vitamin E of 5.6%. But the carrots contain beta-carotene. It is a useful source of antioxidants to prevent cancer, heart attacks and blood vessel problems. One of the types of cancer that can be prevented by the consumption of carrots has been colon cancer. Besides carrots are also good for overcoming digestive problems because carrots contain a lot of natural fibers.


Leeks are a type of vegetable that usually becomes a mixture of soup or salad. There is a spicy and tasty with a sharp aroma. In half a cup of green onions found 3% vitamin E. The mineral contents found in leeks are natural flavonoids and sulfur.

String beans

Beans are green vegetables with sweetness and crispy. Beans provide a very important source of nutrients to the body. Some types of nutrients that are found in beans is like carotenoids, beta-carotene Neoxanthin, and Violaxanthin. In addition to beans provide vitamin E to the body about 4%. Beans are beneficial for preventing free radicals and antioxidant mineral resources which is very good for the body.


Pumpkin is a source of vitamin E that is able to provide vitamin E reserve 6% of the total needs for adults. Pumpkin is indeed one of those types of foods that are less known, but it turns out that the content of vitamin E in pumpkin is very important to keep the process of blood oxidation. Pumpkin is a type of fiber-rich food that is very good for the human body.


Broccoli is a vegetable that belongs to the green plants of the cabbage Cleomaceae. Broccoli has a sweet and crispy flavor that can be turned into a variety of dishes. Broccoli has a vitamin E content of 15% of daily needs. Broccoli has great benefits to carry out the detoxification of the body. The consumption of a bowl of broccoli every day while you already meet the requirements of vitamin E is almost 4%. Broccoli also has the ability to lower fat in the body is evil and becomes the source of anti-oxidants that are very important to prevent the growth of cancer cells.


Salmon is a natural source of vitamin E is very high for the body. The content of vitamin E in the substance of very potent antioxidant and beneficial for the prevention of heart disease normalizes the LDL in the body and reduce the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. In addition, an antioxidant in salmon is also very instrumental in combating free radicals. The consumption of 3 ounces of salmon per day is already enough for the needs of vitamin E per day for adults.

That is the source of vitamin E which can help to meet your needs every day. May be useful.


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