Best Sources Of Vitamin D, Especially For Bones and Teeth

Best Sources Of Vitamin D, Especially For Bones and Teeth

Best Sources Of Vitamin D – All Vitamins are important for the body including this vitamin D. Vitamin D is known as vitamins for bones and teeth, this is certainly already known by many people. Vitamin D deficiency will cause health disorders mainly on bone. Strong bones and powerful is the desire of everyone, well to realize the bones stay health so your body should get vitamin D intake each day.

It turned out to have a low vitamin D levels will also lead to increased risk of cancer, stunted hair growth and the immune system is down. An excess of vitamin D are also less good for health because it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. So vitamin D intake should remain on the recommended levels.

Source of vitamin D, you can get through food consumption, here is the best source of vitamin D.


It is hard to believe that the excessive sunlight will cause skin cancer, but on one side of the body should still stay exposed to sunlight, because it's a vitamin D hormone to the skin. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, especially UV-B, then it will be this hormone that has changed to vitamin D. Adjoining, will be stored in the liver and is activated to help of your body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. As in TV ad is true to help grow the bone child by consuming calcium, but it would be best to invite children to play outside to get vitamin D optimally.
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Milk has long been unknown as a vitamin D cotenant beverage and the calcium will be rich is good for your bones. Good cow or goat milk, both have also vitamin D and calcium that is good. It's just that these two types of milk nutritional content are different. Cow's milk has calcium and the amount in vitamin D of up to 50% while in goat milk contains only 31% in a glass. If you are afraid of being fat or are current in the course of diet program, you are advised to drink milk that does not contain fat.

Cod oil

Although many people are not familiar with the taste of cod liver oil, they can effectively get a lot of health benefits for fish oil. Contains vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids in high levels, cod liver oil May meet the 75% of your daily vitamin D care in just 1 teaspoon.

100 grams cod liver oil contains 10 000 IU of vitamin D, and it has been great available cod fish liver oil enrichment flavor so you consume it easy.

Fatty Fish

Sea fish like salmon, sardines and tuna is a source of vitamin D is great. If we consume a minimum of 100 g per day is enough to meet the care of vitamin D daily.


Tuna is a food ingredient that is more commonly used in the daily menu because the price is cheaper than salmon, but its nutritional levels have absolutely nothing to lose.

Including fatty fish types, tuna is a good source of vitamin D and are also rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. A portion of the tuna meat (85 grams) contains approximately 200 IU of vitamin D, and you can easily get it as canned tuna.

Tofu and Tempeh

A processed soy product is also a source of foods that contain vitamin D which is very popular. In the 100 mg contains about 157 IU of vitamin D or the equivalent of 26% of daily needs.
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Egg yolk

Egg yolk also contains a lot of vitamin D. about 40 IU of vitamin D in egg yolk well on any type of poultry. Our bodies need at least 400 IU of vitamin D for a day. It does not need to be forced to consume vitamin D in many if you indeed multiplied should consume egg yolk at 10 times a day. But it is the calculation of the ideal of research, it was not until 400 IU of vitamin D per day does not mean that you are not healthy, but should still consume vitamin D.


Everyone really loves shrimp because it tastes salty, unless they are actually allergic to seafood (seafood). Shrimps are rich in protein which is pleasant for the development of a child's brain. In addition to the protein, the shrimp contains high of Omega 3, but it has fat content and low calories. The shrimp also contains zinc levels although not too much. Zinc is a type of mineral that can keep your immune system. Not only that, it turns out this family of lobster also contains vitamin D that is high. The vitamin D contained in the shrimp around 129 UI each size of 85 grams. With the size of the shrimp, it can meet the needs of the body gets vitamin D more or less 32%.


Fish food sources also help you in the fulfilment of daily vitamin D consumption. Processed fish can be made in one because the function and content of vitamin D on the transformed fish also contains omega 3. Usually it is very rewarding to grow the Hibiscus in a child's brain. This fish has been transformed much content into the processed form at the plant, such as fish oil and canned sardines. By consuming up to 85 grams of canned sardines, you already meet at least 200 IU of vitamin D or up to 50% of daily consumption. For them, you have to pay attention to its vitamin D also, because not all processed fish, fatty fish, fish oils, and sardines that are sold have vitamin D is needed, can be smaller, or more. Also note the expiration date. For fatty fish, like salmon, you just have to take every 100 grams a day, then the equivalent of 360 IU of vitamin D or 90% of your daily requirement. No wonder if the salmon is also a fish expensive to consume daily and yet not surprising its benefits too great.


Cereals are usually made from wheat options so that contain high nutrients. Usually, the cereals consumed are only suitable for children. But such assumptions are false because cereals are also suitable for adults. This is because the cereals contain vitamin D which is good for adults of bone health. Levels of vitamin D in all cereal products are different. So before you buy please read the levels of vitamin D in nutritional information on cereal packaging. To make it tastier, you can add milk by consuming cereals. This cereal is perfect when consumed early in the day before your begin for activity.


Fungi are plants that contain more vitamin D. But not all mushrooms contain vitamin D. Note that mushrooms contain ergosterol, whose compounds can be converted into the body in vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. But to get the fungus with a high-quality vitamin D, the fungi that were previously little exposed to the sun should be heated to direct sunlight in a few hours. After that, it will be found at vitamin D in mushrooms is more than 100%. Usually in a kind of fungus, Oyster 85 grams contain 272 IU of vitamin D or the equivalent of 68% is needed by the body on a daily basis.


Salmon is a type of fish that its nutritional value is probably already. The salmon contains omega 3 and vitamin B12 are very high. Vitamin D in fish is greater compared to other sources of vitamin D. The vitamin D contained in the salmon is very good for the development of the children's brain and for the fetus in pregnant women. You can use this salmon to become a kind of delicious cuisine. Make sure to cook the salmon until it is cooked and cooked before you can wash it in advance until it is clean. So the bad bacteria that stick together can be lost.
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Well, if you want to keep your body healthy, especially the bones and teeth, you should consume the food above. That is the source of vitamin D, may be useful.


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