Best Sources Of Vitamin B5

Best Sources Of Vitamin B5

Best Sources Of Vitamin B5 – As vitamins B1, B2, and B3 vitamin B5 then also have an important role for health. Another name of vitamin B5 is Pantothenic Acid that has function in the metabolism of carbohydrates into energy. Vitamin B5 deficiency will cause body limp due to lack of energy. In addition to helping the process of the formation of energy, vitamin B5 is also keeping cholesterol levels in the blood to keep it normal.

Not only that, vitamin B5 is also efficacious for beauty for example help care for the health of hair and skin. To obtain your intake of vitamin B5, you should consume foods that are rich in vitamin B5. The following types of food like this.

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Avocado Fruit

As like apples, an avocado fruit is also a fruit that contains a lot of nutrients. Avocado fruit is a medium sized fruit containing 2.792 mcg of vitamin B5. A very large number than other fruits.


Egg is a popular food that rich in vitamin B5. The egg is an excellent source of protein. A cooked egg gives 0.70 mg or 7% vitamin B5 of the daily value. Meanwhile, a good way to consume the eggs to increase vitamin B5 intake you eat boiled eggs for breakfast.


You're avoiding food on this one? The liver contains quite a lot of vitamin B5 which is beneficial to the body. In hearts with a weight of 2.4 ounces of course already contains 50% of vitamin B5. The amount is half the amount of vitamin B5 is needed by the body. So it hurts too if you avoid consuming the heart. It is not necessary to enter every day food menu that comes from the liver and treated should also note how to cook it, so that the important sources in it does not disappear because of the cooking process.

Banana Fruit

The fruit is a favorite by monkey is also worthy of our consumption if it is to meet nutritional needs in the form of vitamin B5. In addition to niacin, bananas are also a source of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus are all the nutrients needed by the body to repair and regenerate tissues. In an average size of banana fruit store vitamin B5 as much as 0394 mcg.


This is a vegetable broccoli sources of vitamin B5, in half a cup of cooked broccoli contain 0.48 mcg vitamin B5, it is the number of broccoli content to meet the needs of vitamin B5 in a day if you.
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During this carrot is known as vegetables containing vitamin A. However, orange vegetables are good for eye health also contains vitamin B5. As much as a half of the cup carrots contain 0.181 mcg of vitamin B5.


The content of Omega 3 in the salmon is able to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. And also, this salmon has become one of the fish that has a number of other very important nutrients like protein and vitamin B5.


There may be people who are not very fond of food on this one. The beans are already no longer a secret that has many important substances, one of which was vitamin B5. For example, almonds, 100 g of almonds in there are vitamin B5 of 0133 mcg. 100 grams of cashew kernels contain 0245 mcg of vitamin B5.

That's why some chocolate wrapper producers that adds a lot of these two types of nuts in each chocolate, not only because it can beautify Brown's look. However, the function of what is soothing brown will be in charge of obtaining maximum assisted by vitamin B5 on almonds with a function that is also the same.


Beef is a source of food that contains a lot of vitamin B5. A piece of cooked beef shoulder contains 29 mg or 2.93% of daily value pantothenic acid. Other parts of the cow that is a source of vitamin B5 include beef ribs (12% of daily value), the sirloin calf (11% of daily value) and beef steak (12% of daily value) in the share of 85 grams.


Apple is indeed known as the fruit has many health benefits. There is even the phrase "an apple by May deprive you of the Doctor". This means that every day, consuming apples can cover various illnesses. This is because the Apple contains many vitamins and minerals that are nutritious for health, including vitamin B5. In a medium-sized fruit contain 0.111 mcg of vitamin B5.

Chicken and Kalkun

Chickens and Kalkun are popular foods. Both are also rich in vitamin B5. Cooking chicken thighs is under give 0.55 mg or 6% of the daily value of vitamin B5. During this time, Kalkun the thighs (10% of the daily value), the chicken breasts (9% of the daily value), the flesh of the young Kalkun (8% of the daily value).
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Admittedly, it has not been secret if the grain is a source of B vitamins, including vitamin B5. To consume 100 grams of oats in 1 day, you can get vitamin B5 from 0135 mcg. There is no harm is not if you include wheat as your meal. Since grain also has many other benefits that are good for the body, wheat can also be used as a substitute for rice. In addition to wheat, you can get vitamin B5 from whole grains to another, like sunflower seeds.


Vitamin B5 is also found in maize. In 1 large corn contains vitamin B5 of 0.935 mcg. Corn is usually served in the form of vegetable soup and spinach dishes. It made of roasted corn or popcorn.


Cabbage or cauliflower is still brothers with broccoli. These vegetables contain a considerable amount of vitamin B5. Half a cup of cabbage contains 0.13 mcg of vitamin B5.
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A lots of fruit that you can find this one on the market or the supermarket. A fleshy orange is a kind of pumpkin that is commonly consumed as compote or can mix you with steam. Without you, even knowing, the consumption of pumpkin is already helping you get the source of vitamin B5. A pumpkin weighing 100 grams in itself already contains 0492 mcg of vitamin B5. You can take vitamin B5 on the pumpkin with the occasional attempt to enter it as the food is obligatory, for example by making pure pumpkin or others.


The cheese has some varieties and widely used in sandwiches, pizzas and other recipes. As dairy products, cheese is considered to be very nutritious. Among the varieties of cheese, brunost is the best source of vitamin B5 provides 34 mg or 3.35% daily value in 100 grams of the dishes. Other varieties of cheese containing vitamin B5 in smaller quantities include blue cheese (5% of daily value), Camembert (4% of daily value) and feta (3% of daily value) at 28.5 grams.


The eggs also contain vitamin B5. Because eggs are a favourite source of natural food in Indonesia, so it is very easy to meet the needs of your daily vitamin B5. In fact, it is only the yolk of the egg containing vitamin B5. But in the kitchen is usually between the egg yolk and white mixed in. If another does not hurt to consume, white eggs as well. Only 5% can be filled with yellow for the needs of your daily vitamin B5.
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In addition to vitamin B1, B2 and B3 you should also get vitamin B5 intake so that your body is healthy. Well, above are some sources of vitamin B5 can you provide at home. Hopefully this information is useful.


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