Benefits Of Red Onions For Weight Loss Naturally

Benefits Of Red Onions For Weight Loss Naturally

Benefits Of Red Onions For Weight Loss, - Having excess weight will make the body less comfortable and more vulnerable to illness. Well for those of you, who have more weight; try to reduce your body weight to be more ideal and healthy. Lose weight naturally is the best way for you to do. In addition to the safe also do not cause significant side effects. Losing weight can be started by keeping his diet. Diet programs that support food become the best choice for you like this red onion.

Red onion is often associated with the seasoning to cook, but who would have thought the onion can also help make your agency more ideal and healthy. The following benefits of red onion to lose weight.

  • The Onion has become one of the ten types of foods containing so many polyphenols especially quercetin that has an effect on weight loss, keeping the cardiovascular system as well as maintaining the body of insulin resistance (low).
  • Onion is also known as flavonoid-rich food sources, which works against inflammation and insulin resistance in the body so that the body facilitates more easily doing exercises on a regular basis.
  • Red onions are also rich in biotin can help metabolize excess carbohydrates effectively which in turn can accelerate weight loss.
  • Onions contain diallyl disulfide, a compound that can help reduce cholesterol levels and can stimulate intestinal performance impacting on weight loss effectively.
  • Red onions are also rich in manganese, phosphorus, potassium and folate is a very important safeguard of the health of the blood circulatory system and the maintenance of body health in general.
  • Onions contain sulphides that help the connective tissue of the body so well that you can exercise painlessly.

Benefits Of Red Onions For Weight Loss Naturally

Diet with Onion

Undergo a diet with onion to the shallot consume three times a day or the equivalent of 600 grams of onions per day. You can live on an onion diet is as long as you want. The more you consume the onion, and then the potential to lose weight are also coarser. Choose the onions that are really fresh with the texture of the crispy outside skin and not soggy.

Select the bottom of still fresh and organic alembic

We both know if there is a certain type of onion. The onion that contains richer in antioxidants and flavenols. If you want to use the red onion for the needs of your diet, it is good when you buy at least 30 cloves of garlic for you a week, because you will need it to make tea, onion soup, onion and tomato juice-onion to consume A day.
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5 ounces of onion tea once a day

You can make onion tea drinks for your diet. To do this you enter the rest of the onions (including the peel) in the mix as smooth as possible. Add a litter of boiling water and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then pour into a container (you can mix some ice) and then drink immediately.

If you want to feel the effects more as it reduces flatulence, you can add a handful of parsley while you are straightening with the mixer on the first time.

Note: This onion tea, you can store in the refrigerator no more than three.

2 ounces of red onion juice twice a day

Enter 4-5 onion in the citrus press. Then mix with orange juice or tomato juice if you want to reduce the strong flavor of the red onion. This onion juice serves twenty times more quercetin than other foods usually you daily consumption.

Note: Most of the content of the quercetin is the most external layer of the onions very, so do not be too peeling the onions too deep.

Replace simple meals by consuming under the onion

To make this onion soup, you have to cut out six onions and simmer in a piece of 6-8 of beef or chicken broth. If you are a vegetarian, you can replace it with vegetable broth.

To further improve the effect of the fat burning properties of this soup you can add garlic, parsley, turmeric, chili, coriander, pepper, salt or lemon juice.
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That's how to lose weight naturally with red onions that you can do at home. Before you start the diet program with red onion, we recommend consulting a doctor and do you have a disease that does not consume too much onion or not.


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