Benefits Of Lime Leaves For Healthy And Beauty

Benefits Of Lime Leaves For Healthy And Beauty

As its fruit, lime leaves also have a great benefit for health and beauty. Lime leaves are often used as tasty flavor on the food-giver is also beneficial to health, and can be used for natural beauty care. Lime leaves are often used as ingredients to make traditional medicine efficacious for treating some diseases. The antioxidant content surely will ward off free radicals that can trigger cancer.

Nutrient content of the leaves of lime you should know like including vitamin C, essential oil, flavonoids, apigenin, quercetin, luteolin, kaempferol, rosmarinic and many other nutritional content. Therefore, lime juice is effective for health and beauty, for more information the benefits of lime leaves you can read below.

Help eliminate bad breath

The incidence of bad breath is usually caused by the lack of hygiene of the mouth. For example is as rarely brushing my teeth. The benefits of lime leaves can kill bacteria causing odors that exist in the mouth or on the touch line of the teeth. You are used to living just gargling at least 2 to 3 times a day to get rid of bad breath.

Helps maintain the health of the mouth and teeth

Teeth and mouth is indeed one of the parts of the body that we have to pay attention to. Maintaining health and hygiene in this oral area will give effect and also supports the healthy appearance. The most common problem is poor dental health such as coral, swollen gums and teeth are hollow. Any problems, it could cause bad breath that does not work. Lime leaves contain vitamin C which is good for keeping your teeth and gums health problems. You can chew the lime leaves and then use it for gargling. The breath will be fragrant and the smell of the mouth will also be lost.
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Help treat ambeien

A total of 10 gr of lime tree roots are washed clean, and then boiled with water 1 litter during the 1/2 hours, then the stump. Make warm hot drink 3 times a day.

Helps relieve stomach pain and nausea

The lime leaves are already from the time of our ancestors used as herbal medicine to deal with a variety of disorders such as abdominal pain caused by cold or digestion problems, because the lime leaves can also be in the Sport has become essential oils that have remarkable properties.

Lifting dead skin cells

The content of AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) in the fruit of the lime is able to lift the dead skin cells that are in our face. This has been proven by the presence of a wide range of research. NET can make the pores of the skin to breathe more freely, encouraged the formation of the new skin healthier, and maintain the elasticity of the skin. For maximum results, use pure lime juice and apply to the skin of the face with the help of the cotton.
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To get rid of blackheads

The blackheads were frequently and the problems common to many people. A lot of people who feel bad about clearing comedones because still there, there and there are more. But with this lime fruit, we can reduce blackheads even eliminating blackheads from the face. The traditional recipes that are already proven to meet this are by rubbing the lime juice all over the face of the many blackheads every night. Not to mention the night and rinse the next morning. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

Help improve sleep quality

Many thoughts that insomnia may be acceptable to those of you who are often busy, such as using medications, but fear of having side effects, my suggestion that you use the right product is herbal like Benefits of orange leaves which, of course, has no side effects and dependence. The contents of lime leaves so brewed and mixed with honey and tea can make the body calmer and sleep healthily while going on believing can treat weariness.

Help Treat Tonsils
Leather 3 limes washed, cut into pieces then boiled with 2 cups of water until the water remains 3/4, stump. The water used for the gargle. Do 3-4 times a day.

Helps treat cough

A lime washed, pressed, mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt, mix well and then filtered. Taking 2-3 times a day. Or the juice of a lime plus a chunk of sugar cubes and stirred up the soft drink 2 times a day until cured.

Helps treat kidney stones

Two grains of lime juice diluted with the hometown 2 glasses of lukewarm water, a drink after dinner. Do it every day for 10 days.

To treat a cold or flu

Method 1:
A washed lime then pressed added 3 onion pods that was crushed and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply on the forehead of the sick.

Method 2:
A briefly roasted lime, cut out, then squeezed, add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink all of a sudden.
To avoid hair loss and dandruff

Two limes cut into three parts, apply on the scalp until mixed. Wrap your head with a night towel, wash the next day. Do it three times a week.

To treat a sore throat

Cut 3 pieces of ripe limes, then wring. Boil the water with the juice of 1/2 cup of hot water, add 1 tablespoon of honey while stirring. Well warm, use this herb for gargle for 2-3 minutes. Do it three times a day.

To treat toothache

Combine lime juice, black amethyst and Cinderella mill grinder each 1 tablespoon. Add 3/4 cups of salt water into it, and then stir until mixed. The next is pressureing and the strain of the grass. Use water to rinse the sieve for a few minutes, and then remove it. Do 4-6 times a day.
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To treat flatulence

There are several causes that can make your stomach feel swollen, and one of them is because of the fatigue factor will eventually trigger the gas in the stomach. With the consumption of the decoction of lime leaves that have content such as apigenin will remove the magnitude of the gas in the stomach.

To treat wounds

Injuries due to scratches or exposed knives may also be treated with lime leaf. The trick is to grab a lime leaf which is still fresh from the tree. After that, wash to clean and smooth mash. Stick to the section of the wound and always replace periodically. The compounds in the lime leaves can kill all the bacteria on the wound and the speed of the wound drying.

To increase endurance

Combine a chicken with egg, water, juice of 1 lime and a little sliced brown sugar. Stir until mixed, and then drink. Do it once a week.

To treat rheumatism

It turns out that lime leaves also believe can treat rheumatic disorders, rheumatic diseases are usually caused by an unhealthy life model, whose symptoms appear quite obvious as pain in Joints. If you are confused for a remedy using herbal remedies like using the sheet file solution is probably quite swallowing the lime juice sheets and applying on your part that pain. As with other techniques such as the use of soursop leaves and leaves the series.

For facial care in order to make it healthy and shiny

With comedones and dead skin cells raised, then the clear skin that is usually seen shining will soon be visible. The removal of dead skin cells make the skin cells grow and automatically make our skin become fresh.
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High blood pressure treatment

Provide 20 to 30 petals of flowers and lime leaves. Wash to clean the water, and then add the juice of 2 limes. Boil the ingredients in 3 cups of clean water to the remaining 2 1/4 glass. Once cool stump. Soft water drinks 3 times a day 3/4 glasses. Drink this decoction and a little honey. Do it every day.

Prevent insomnia

A very distinctive fragrance that is in the lime leaves it gives a very soothing effect when you kiss. Thus, drinking the decoction will make us comfortable and finally problems like insomnia could be on the decline.

Help remove toxins from the body

Poison in our body can be caused by a variety of things. From the food we consume can also because of factors such as air pollution that goes into our body. With the consumption of the lime leaf decoction on a regular basis, then it will eliminate the toxins in our body.

That's the benefit of lime leaves for health and beauty. Using natural materials for health and beauty is the best way that you can do.


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