Benefits of cucumber on face

Benefits of cucumber on face

There is no doubt for the cucumber as a natural remedy to treat skin of the face to make it look clean and beautiful. So the benefits of cucumber instead of only for health, but cucumbers are also efficacious for treating beauty. To take advantage of cucumber for the face, many people usually on set as a mask and to remove wrinkles of the skin around the eyes. To remove wrinkles around the eyes, cut thin cucumber then paste on the eyes and let it for a few minutes. Not only to overcome have the wrinkles of the facial skinned, but cucumber also re fresh the eyes also.
Below are the benefits of cucumber for beauty.

Reduce the dark circles on the around the eyes

The appearance of dark circles on the area around the eyes is triggered by a burst of work that accumulates causing stress and triggers a lack of sleep or rest. Cucumbers contain silica and antioxidants that can rejuvenate and smooth the skin of the face. Here's how to reduce the black ring around the eyes using cucumber:
  1. Clean a fresh cucumber.
  2. Slice the cucumbers-sliced into circular sections.
  3. Put the sliced cucumber around the eye area.
  4. Let stand for a few minutes to sink in.
  5. Rinse with clean water. Reduce swelling in the eye bag

Cucumber can reduce swelling in the eye bag

Had ascorbic acid cucumber content that helps reduce water retention can reduce swelling in the eye.

Useful for reducing the black spot or stains on the skin of the face

Black spot is caused by excessive exposure to the sunlight and acne scars that are attached to the skin of the face, you can fix using the cucumber as a face mask.

How can you do to make it a natural mask is. First, clean your face first with hot water, so that the contents of vitamins and nutrients quickly seep into the skin of the face. Then prepare the fruit of the cucumber to taste, puree with the help of a blender to form the pasta dough. After that, apply it to the surface of the cucumber mask of the face skin evenly, and allow about 35 minutes. Finally, clean the face with cold water until it is clean. Do this way with a routine and a regular basis 3 times in a week.

To get rid of acne

For those of you who have problems dealing with rashes, you can also use cucumber to eliminate acne that disfigures your face. Benefits of cucumber for facial is of course has been proven.

The trick is quite easy, you can soften the fruit of cucumber to taste and use as a face cucumber mask. Let stand until it dries and rinse with lukewarm water, then continue using cold water. Do it this way on a regular basis until your acne disappear.

Rejuvenate Facial Skin

Benefits of cucumber fruits to other facial beauty that is able to rejuvenate the skin, and the age-free look of the front face. How can you do to do it, not very different from the way I described above.

In addition, you can combine the cucumber mask with other natural ingredients such as honey. How to make it very easy. First, prepare 2 cucumber, then puree with a blender to form a dough, then combine with 2 tablespoons of honey. After that, apply a natural mask-it made to the face surface outside the eyes and lips, and leave it for 40 minutes to really sink. Finally, rinse the face with cold water until it is clean.

For treating skin irritation due to excessive exposure to the sun

Contents of cucumber fruit able to cool on relief and cool skin face burned by excessive exposure to sunlight directly. To solve this problem, you can use this cucumber as a fruit facial masks to overcome this difficulty. You can combine this with tomato cucumber mask and honey.

As to how you can do to do it was. First, prepare the cucumber mask first, then combine with 1 tablespoon of honey, and 4 tablespoons of tomato juice. After that, apply a natural mask on the skin of the face until it is evenly, and expect about 35 minutes. The last rinse face with cold water up to clean.
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Improve skin tone

The most common advantages of cucumber is to correct the color of the skin by way of illuminating the skin of your face and how to whiten the face naturally. How to make cucumber to improve the skin with lemon juice cucumber mixture and used to cope. This mixture is very useful to fix the skin tone and blur the freckles and how to whiten the skin naturally.

Treat the risk of facial skin because it is exposed to the sunlight

The skin of the face could burned if exposed the sunlight for too long. Cucumbers can also tackle the causes Sunlight burned because it has the benefits of cooling the skin and soothing the skin and speeds up the healing process of the skin is burned.
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Pore Shrinkage

Cucumbers can be how to shrink large pores of porous-naturally if used as facial toner. You can combine this with a few drops of vinegar, lemon, Aloe Vera or tomatoes. It can also be used without any mixing. The pores of the open skin will soon be eclipsed by the use of cucumbers. There is also a way to discourage the pore by using rice water for the benefits of beauty.

Approaching oily face

The causes of oily skin waking time can be overcome with how to take care of oily skin using a mask made of cucumbers and moisturizers for oily skin. There are several ways to make a cucumber mask:

Grate half of the cucumber in a bowl and add a teaspoon of rose water. Wear to the forehead, nose and chin on the face. Leave it for fifteen minutes and rinse the face with lukewarm water.

Combine cucumber with mint leaves to taste, and use on the skin of the face. This mask is especially useful during the summer, as it can relieve irritation, inflammation and redness on the skin.
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Sensitive face caring

Sensitive facial skin reddening, flaking and easy experience inflammation, even very easy breakouts. Cucumber can be used to treat sensitive face with using it as a face mask with a mixture of apples and oats. Benefits of oatmeal for the sensitive face indeed has long been known to have facial exfoliation benefits as one of the ingredients the makers of the facial mask for sensible.


Cucumber contains caffeic acid and vitamin C which can serve as a means to prevent premature ageing and also reduces wrinkles, skin that is damaged due to the scorching sun and so on.

Beating dry skin

Cucumber mask and avocado could solve the problem of dry skin on the face. How to do it:
  1. Prepare the pieces of cucumber and half mug of avocado, one white egg, and two teaspoons of powdered milk.
  2. Mix all the ingredients until it forms a paste-like texture
  3. This mask can be used immediately or can also be inserted first into the refrigerator for half an hour.
  4. Rub on the face and neck while getting a massage.
  5. Let stand for thirty minutes or until somewhat dry
  6. Rinse with lukewarm water, then follow with cold water.

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That's the benefit of cucumber for beauty, may be useful.


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