20 Benefits Of Chili, Spicy Gives Luck For Health

20 Benefits Of Chili, Spicy Gives Luck For Health

Chilli instead of plants that are foreign to you, because it closely with chillies. Chili became a very important part when making the seasoning. Some foods without chilli, then comes with the meal is not perfect. People who like spicy food, of course, they always provide the chili  at home.

Chili is very beneficial for health, because the nutrients content is quite high, Several nutrient content of chili is like vitamins A, B, C and e. based on information I get that chili has vitamin C content is greater than on orange. Besides vitamins, chili also contains minerals like folate, thiamin, potassium, manganese, copper and molybdenum.

The benefits of chili for health

Protect the body from free radicals

Chilli has capsicin content, namely chemical substances that can cause spicy taste. Chili Peppers have vitamin C, vitamin A and contain beta-carotene, which works as an antioxidant. The antioxidant protects the body from free radicals. Antioxidants present in hot peppers to destroy cholesterol cause heart disease such as atherosclerosis and other diseases such as cataracts.

Lose weight

Chili has also been able to lose your weight. Chili can also reduce the fat on your body. When you consume that chili, then automatically your sweat will continue, because it proves that the powerful chili as well lose weight.
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Help improve the body's sustainability

In the Chili is found the mineral carotene that is so abundant, beta-carotene is the same with the vitamin Pro A, its ability to keep the immune system from the inside, add more elements of the vitamin C, you can use chili to overcome the problems of body system immunity.

Fight against fever and flu

Cayenne pepper Powder has its advantages in helping to break and remove the mucus. After the mucus secreted by the body, and then usually followed by the healing of the flu.

Helps control diabetes

High levels of insulin are directly related to the incidence of type 2 diabetes. This fact can be overcome by incorporating a 24% chili pepper regularly incorporated into the food. The peptide also encourages the liver to make it more capable of against excess insulin in the presence of chilli.
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Help with hair growth

Cayenne pepper can also help your hair growth. One of the main reasons for the baldness problem is due to a decrease in blood circulation (the blood could not be smooth). Cayenne pepper when applied topical to the scalp will improve blood circulation, and therefore can help with hair growth. Indeed this will cause irritation on the scalp, but it would provide good benefits.
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Relieving a sore throat

Cayenne pepper can also help relieve a sore throat. Mix the cayenne pepper with water, and use a gargle. This procedure will help you to restore your sore throat quickly.

The disorder of digestion

We all often hear complaints that spicy foods annoy you stomach or heartburn because it. In fact, many studies have proven that spicy chili peppers can actually prevent chronic indigestion, kill bacteria the cause of stomach ulcers, intestinal peristaltic function and trigger did not even cause the disease of acid reflux. The advantage of Chili contains capsaicin which is able to induce microorganisms either on digestion increases absorption of nutrients for its metabolism.

Prevention of headaches

Cayenne also has advantages in preventing migraines. This can relate to the ability of cayenne pepper powder to stimulate the response to pain in different parts of the body, causing the brain to divert attention to a new place that feels pain. With the emergence of the reaction of this pain, the nervous emptying of the liquid P (chemical pain), and the perception of the pain that arises due to the migraine are reduced.

Good for eye health

In the process if the regular consumption of chilies provide positive effects for the health of the eye, which relate directly to the prevention of macular degeneration and nyctalopia on people who are already elderly. Indirectly and without we realize when we consume the means of chili, we are already enough will need vitamin A 9 percent of daily needs.
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Protein Source for the body

As described above, 100 grams of chili pepper we can get at least 2 grams of protein, which is able to give the effect on the flow of blood and oxygen in the body, proteins are also useful to maintain the time of the muscle, bone and Also the system nerve center.

Fortify Your bones

Is it true that chilies can strengthen the bones? The search was made on this chili pepper if it has the declared content of the calcium contained in this pepper, while the calcium is very suitable for the strengthening and growth of your bones. But if in relation to the content of the calcium contained in the milk, the calcium content of the chilli is still not how. But as long as you consume the chili as needed then only the calcium content in it will also be absorbed into your bones. So your bones become healthy and strong.

Helps to counteract toxins

Peppers have acted as detoxifiers because they remove dirt (waste) in the body and increase nutrient supply to the rest of the body tissues. Chili also act as a gastrointestinal detoxication, as aid in food digestion.

As an antibiotic

The abundance of vitamins contained in chili Peppers can be one of the vegetables that acts as a natural antibiotic. When there is an infection, chili peppers can bring fresh blood to the site of the infection. Fresh blood will fight the infection; While white blood cells and leukocytes are found in fresh blood would be in charge of eradicating the virus.

Preventing cancer

It has been noted that vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid found in hot peppers can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Hot peppers like cayenne pepper have cartonoid lycopene, which can prevent cancer.
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Preventing lung disease

Chili peppers occur with nasal congestion by increasing the metabolism that cause lung dilation of the airways that can reduce asthma and wheezing. It will also reduce the risk of chronic lung disease in alcoholic drinkers. In addition, vitamin A that is present in hot peppers will reduce the risk of pneumonia and emphysema caused by smoking.


Inflammation is the reaction of the complex against harmful materials such as: Microbes and also damaged cells (usually necrosis) in the form of vascular response, migration and activation of leukocytes and retemik reactions. The purpose of inflammation is inflammation so that in this pepper is beneficial as an inflammatory herb (inflammation) such as: arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, and nerve lesions associated with herpes.

Help with blood clotting

In this case, the chilli serves to reduce atherosclerosis, supports the activity of fibrinolytic, and prevents the symptoms that cause the onset of blood clotting, which can help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Prevent anaemia

In some cases anaemia may occur because the body is an iron deficiency, on the benefits of fruit Chili This iron ore can be found a lot in the yes, indirectly the consumption of chili can improve the production of haemoglobin In the body in order to be able to prevent the anaemia of the seas or lack of blood, the disease is characterized by the symptoms of the body are weakness, lack of appetite and also dizzy.

Help with the production of saliva

Cayenne pepper gives a stimulant by helping the production of saliva, the key importance in good digestion and maintains optimal oral health.

That's 20 chili benefits for health. Caution If you have gastric problems do not consume too much chili.


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