Amazing Benefits Of Garlic For Healt

Amazing Benefits Of Garlic For Healt

You certainly already know garlic, garlic is used to complement the spices turned out to have benefits for health. Garlic smells the pungent and less tasty. But garlic is able to nourish the body.

This is because the nutrient content of garlic much utilized both for traditional medicine as well as to care for the beauty in nature. You will get these benefits if consuming garlic. This is the benefits of garlic for health.

Amazing Benefits Of Garlic For Healt

Helps lower blood glucose

Basically, diabetics have food and beverage limits. This relates to the various intake can increase the blood glucose in the body. It turns out that garlic can lower the levels of triglycerides in the body and high levels of glucose in the blood. Garlic contains a variety of complex content such as allicin that can prevent the rise in blood sugar levels.

Preventing cancer

Raw garlic is rich in bio-active sulfur compounds. According to the National Cancer Institute in the United States, the compound could prevent the formation of cancerous cells in the body. This is because the bio-active function of sulfur to fix or kill body cells that protect the body from damage, carcinogens, and inhibit the spread of unhealthy cells. Various scientific researches in the world has proven the benefits of eating raw garlic to kill or reduce the many types of cancerous cells such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer.

Prevent cholesterol

According to a study published in the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, taking at least 10 grams of raw garlic every day for two months has managed to help lower the cholesterol level. Other studies conducted by experts from the Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences also reveal that eating raw garlic has been able to increase the levels of good cholesterol while lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. To obtain the conclusion, the study of the participants published in the Pakistani Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is requested to consume 10 grams of raw garlic for 42 days.
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Good for pregnancy

Although some mothers a little heavy eat these foods, garlic is very good for pregnancy. Some pregnant women can eat garlic to reduce the risk of pregnancy, pre-eclampsia and help increase the weight of the baby while in the uterus. So baby certainly healthier and as strong. The calcium content of various vitamins and also antibacterial is so good for pregnancy.

Helps control hypertension

The polysulfide content in raw garlic proves to be able to control blood pressure for patients with hypertension. According to a scientific maturity review, the polysulfide will help to relieve and open the blood vessels so that the pressure is not too great. No wonder if eating raw garlic for three months, it spins can lower the blood pressure by about 10 mmHg.
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Helping to cure anemia

People with anemia will be tormented if they continue to be low blood pressure that causes dizziness head or easy to lose consciousness or faint. For people with anemia could give the contents of garlic nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin C and iron in particular can indeed reduce the patients suffering from anemia recurrent experience of the blood pressure drop.

Helps prevent heart disease

The good news comes from a study published in the Nutrition journal. In the study, revealed that raw garlic can help reduce the accumulation of plaque in the coronary arteries, i.e the blood vessels pumping blood to the heart. Eating raw garlic regularly is also effective in preventing the formation of plaque accumulation and on a coronary artery. It is certainly very useful for those of you who have different types of heart disorders and the metabolic system.


The content of allicin in the garlic turns can relieve the stomach that produces enzymes that make body aches and bloating as well. In addition, allicin in garlic can stimulate the intestinal and abdominal wall so that it has initiated digestion. Consume garlic by way of getting into any of your food.

Prevent hair loss

Who would have thought to eat raw garlic can overcome the problem of hair loss that was very annoying? Alopecia or baldness is caused by auto-immune disease and raw garlic can strengthen and encourage hair growth on the scalp. Some people even put garlic gel in the head to prevent baldness.

Help stimulate nerve cells

Why garlic is good for healing. Especially for those of you who are suffering from nerve-related illnesses. Garlic contains compounds of the salty vine that works to stimulate the nerve cells so that the arrangement works well.

Improving the health of the brain

Various disorders that attack the brain such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia seemingly can be avoided by eating raw garlic. A recent study in the Journal of Neurochemistry proves that the content of S-allyl-L-cysteine (SAC) and antioxidants in garlic is able to keep the brain from a variety of cognitive disorders. The chemical elements were used to prevent the accumulation of harmful plaques or substances on the central nervous system.
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As a source of stamina

For those of you who are easily tired, garlic could stimulate stamina naturally. Most materials contain instant chemistry and can be dangerous. Actually, garlic contains proteins that provide a source of stamina in the body. Garlic is also good for you who want to recover from the disease.

To treat cholesterol

Allin and garlic allicin can help you who have high cholesterol disease for less garlic. The body will be problematic if you have a high cholesterol level. As with cholesterol causes diseases to come as it does the heart and also the hypertension.
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Used as traditional toothache remedies

For those of you who have a toothache, especially as holed teeth do not worry. Various bacteria can be eliminated by including garlic germs and bacteria on the teeth. You can just cut the small garlic and slipped on the holed teeth. Antibacterial properties of garlic will work and kill the larvae of small causes of dental pain. You can also gargle with water using garlic stew. In this way is very powerful and widely used the ancient society in the world.
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Helps treat hemorrhoids naturally

Hemorrhoids are one of the digestive diseases, but have been more severe. Garlic with its antibacterial properties can treat hemorrhoids. Puree some garlic cloves, then apply to the anus that lives hemorrhoids. Do not always drink medicine because it will affect the development of your kidneys. Just use garlic as a relief and also swollen hemorrhoid cures. Wait a few minutes, then rinse and pat dry with a towel to clean.

Strengthen the nails

Some people experience fingernails, porous experience flaking easily. This occurs because of the lack of nutrients such as calcium or because the fungus on the nails. Garlic contains calcium and also an anti-fungal medication that can be so suitable for treating porous nails. Dip a cotton ball in the garlic marinade, if necessary, destroy the first garlic to stick on the cotton. Then stick on the sides of the nail so that it can absorb into the skin of the lower part of the nail.

As anti Aging

Garlic can be used as an anti-aging medication. Through regularly consuming garlic can then nourish your skin and prevent aging. The content of vitamin C and B1 is good for rejuvenation of your skin.
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Help treat disease ulcer

It turns out that some studies show that garlic has more than 200 compounds that could fight the gas in the stomach is increased. In addition, garlic can treat sores in the stomach. If you have a chronic ulcer then fast drink a glass of water, then drink boiled water with garlic. Then your ulcer will be lost in total in a few months. It is to heal and fix your diet.

Help improve Brain performance

The Sallycylstein compound is apparently capable of preventing the degeneration of the frontal lobe in the brain. So the brain can develop well and is very good for children.
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Help eliminate Toxins

Garlic can be a detox for the body. Garlic contains an antioxidant useful for detoxifying and gives good effects on the body. You eat garlic regularly.

Helping to lose weight

Losing weight turns out to be not always use medications or a slimming tea diet. It turns out that consuming garlic that has many benefits can remove the body weight by controlling your appetite. In addition, garlic already contains calories and protein so does not be afraid to feel hunger or undernourishment.

Consuming garlic can indeed cause bad breath, but you will get benefits for health. Hopefully the information about the benefits of garlic is beneficial to you all.


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