9 Pomegranate Benefits For Skin

9 Pomegranate Benefits For Skin

Pomegranate Benefits For Skin, - The pomegranate is a plant originating from the Middle East that brings huge benefits for health and beauty. Read the benefits of pomegranates to health that I have written before. As it turns out, the benefits of Pomegranate not only for health, but pomegranate also has properties beyond the costs of treating beauty especially for the skin. The skin is the body part beyond the vulnerable exposed to pollution, impurities, viruses, fungi and so on.

Well, in order to keep it healthy and soft skin you must perform maintenance. Skin care can be done with modern way that is bought many kind of creamy skin that had been available in the market. If you want to take care of the skin can naturally using natural ingredients straight from nature. To care for your skin can take advantage of an already famous pomegranate fruit and drank for beauty.

The following benefits of the pomegranate for skin

To treat acne

Acne on the face can be caused by digestive problems or the presence of an ineffective disposition of hormones in the body. Pomegranates can help to attack and prevent it by destroying direct root causes. Solving acne with pomegranates in this way is, the pomegranate juice is made then apply on the face that there is acne. In addition to overcoming acne, pomegranates can also prevent the formation of acne scars on the exposed face.
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Anti aging

Pomegranate juice for the skin is a good remedy for damaged skin due to sun exposure or aging. Pomegranates can repair this damage so that you get smooth and youthful skin. The pomegranate prolongs the fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastic. The pumping of collagen from the skin and elastic and create the elasticity. These in turn, keeps the skin stay young over the years and minimize the visibility of wrinkles.
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Avoid wrinkles

The skin of the pomegranate contains substances that damage the collagen cells in the skin and help the growth to retard aging.

Here's how: Take two tablespoons of pomegranate seeds powder and add the milk until it becomes a paste. Brush your face with this dough and let it dry. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Using at least twice a week.

Pomegranate skin cream

There are two methods of enjoying the benefits of pomegranate skin, you can opt for cosmetic formulation or use it in the most natural form. Cosmetic creams Use to extract pomegranate seeds and combine with a variety of other chemicals. As a result, most of the properties of the pomegranate fruit is lost due to over processing. In addition, these products are often very expensive and do not produce the expected results.
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Like a natural moisturizing cream

The skin of pomegranate can rebalance the pH levels in the skin. In addition, the content of the ellagic acid is also able to maintain the natural moisture levels of the skin.

How to use: Take the pomegranate skin powder; mix with a spoon of yogurt with shaped pasta. Apply on the face and neck, let stand 10 minutes, after face redness with cold water.

Help cell regeneration

The damage that occurs to the skin is the cause of the appearance of problems such as skin pigmentation as well as the emergence of a black stain. Well, in this case, the pomegranate fruit is beneficial for protecting the outer skin layer or epidermis, and can help with the regeneration of the skin cells found in the skin section in epidermis.

Beating dry skin

The fruit of the pomegranate has a small molecular structure. The structure of the molecule is able to penetrate into the skin so that it can moisturize the skin, chapped skin caused by dry skin. Pomegranate also contains Omega 5 fatty acids that have advantages to conserve moisture and avoid moisture loss to the skin.

Like a facial scrub

The skin of the Pomegranate also helped lift the dead skin and blackheads on the face.

Usage: Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar and two tablespoons of pomegranate skin powder, and add a spoon of honey and a spoon of vegetable oil to make the pasta mix. Rub gently on the skin of your face and massage. Then wash with water and use a toner.

Make your skin shine

In addition to the above advantages, Granada also has benefits to make the skin become more radiant. It's easy; you can prepare a pomegranate fruit, then make it in the juice and then apply it evenly on the face and let it sit for 1 hour. To get the most results, you can use a mixture of grape seed oil and papaya.
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That's the amazing benefits of pomegranate; please try to use this fruit to treat your skin beauty.


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