9 Health Benefits Of Mimosa Pudica

9 Health Benefits Of Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica plants have small leaves and prickly and can touch the leaves will close. Mimosa pudica including the wild herbs that grows in the empty land, rice fields or on the roadside. The plant is believed to cure various ailments. The following benefits of plants mimosa pudica for health.

Natural Cough Remedies

Efficacy Mimosa pudica leaves to cope with the cough is very powerful. The compounds in the leaves can be a natural drug that does not contain a side effect to relieve a cough in your throat.

Overcoming insomnia

For those of you who are now often having trouble sleeping or insomnia, you can try to boil the leaves of Mimosa pudica and 30-60 in the drinking water stew. As to reduce the bitterness, you can prepare 15 grams of leaves Mimosa pudica and 15 grams of leaf mustard from the sky (Vemonia cinerea) and 30 grams of leaves of calinc, boiled in water and then drink.

Treatment of hepatitis

Mimosa pudica Stew has proven to be also able to treat hepatitis disease.
The trick is quite easy, i.e. boiling mimosa pudica as much as 15 grams of water with 200 cc or less to boil for 15 minutes.

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Treatment of chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis is a disease that attacks the lungs. For those of you who are now experiencing this glitch you can treat it with the Mimosa pudica plant. Should I just boil a root of 60 g mimosa pudica with water as much as 600 cc, boiled in water with the use of the small remainder to be 200 cc. Then water for 2 times.

Treating asthma

For those of you who are now suffering from asthma, you can treat it with the use Mimosa pudica Herb. How to do: Please boil 10 grams of herbal Mimosa pudica in 100 ml of water. Boil for 15 minutes and once cooled, you can consume 3 x per day as far as 1-2 tablespoons.

Calm the Mind

The effect of the Mimosa pudica sheet is ideal for calming the mind. These leaves can also prevent you from stress or depression. The healthy mind will also make your body to be healthy.
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Lower Heat fever

Efficacy Mimosa pudica leaves for fever which is able to reduce the heat caused by fever. These leaves will also keep your body temperature so that the heat of the fever will not come back.


Efficacy Mimosa pudica leaves as anti-inflammatory can relieve inflammation. Anti-inflammatory is the nature of these sensitive leaves to prevent the onset of inflammation and swelling of the body due to certain factors.

Launch of blood flow

Another of the benefits of Leaf Mimosa pudica is that can not overlook, which launched the bloodstream. These versatile sheets can nourish your body with how to circulate the blood throughout the body.
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That's the mimosa pudica benefits for health, may be useful


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