8 Benefits Of Cucumber For Skin

8 Benefits Of Cucumber For Skin

Benefits of cucumber for skin, - Cucumber is rich with nutrients that are good for the skin; do not be surprised if many people use cucumber to care for beauty, especially for the skin. Have a healthy and clean skin certainly wishes everyone. Many people spend a lot of the ordinary in order to have beautiful skin. Skin care can be done naturally, using natural ingredients from nature such as honey, cucumber, jicama and others.

Cucumbers have a great efficacy for the treatment of skin and hair. Use natural ingredients to care surely will save your costs and you can do at home. Cucumber for skin properties you can read below.

Protect Skin from sunlight exposure

Sunlight during the day containing ultraviolet light (UV) has certainly had an influence that is not good for the skin, namely beauty can make the skin become wrinkled, changes in skin color, premature aging. Well, cucumbers contain as a coolant for the skin that is exposed to sunlight. How to use cucumber to treat sunburn from the skin, namely:
  1. Clean a fresh cucumber
  2. Grate the cucumber which has cleared up to smooth consistency.
  3. Apply grated cucumber to sunburn skin.
  4. Let stand for a few minutes until it dries, then rinse with clean water.

Help moisturize the Skin

Cucumber is useful for restoring the moisture of the skin. How can I use it? Take a fresh cucumber, and then cut into sections. Fix the pieces of the cucumber for facial skin for about five minutes. Foster then clean. In addition to moisturizing the skin, cucumber also helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles on the face.

Helps to tighten the skin

Cucumber is also beneficial for our skin beauty, even many people who believe that cucumbers are able to whiten the face, get rid of acne with freckles. Well, if you want to have a clean face, acne free skin stretched and then tries the occasional cucumber mask to use for your face.

Prevent and treat acne

If you have problems with your dull and spotty skin, cucumbers can be an easy and inexpensive solution. The way to use it is very simple. First clean the face, and then put a bit of sliced cucumber on the part of the face skin rashes. Leave the cucumber for fifteen minutes, then lift and wash the face with facial soap and clean water. Repeat regularly until your skin problems are reduced.

Brighten Skin face

Cucumbers can also be used to whiten the face. It's easy, i.e. you stay smooth and enjoy the cucumber added with a little lemon juice, then stir until the two ingredients are well mixed. After that, use this cucumber mask every night when before going to bed.

Reduce the effects of oily face

Then you can also enjoy the cucumber to overcome and eliminate excessive oil on the face. Here's how easy, i.e. you just live a cucumber fruit and then use it as a facial mask.
Disguise the black spot acne scars

In addition to eliminating acne, the gum skin cucumber has also believed beneficial to disguise stains or black spots from acne scars. Here's how the cucumber skin, attach an eraser on the face stained skin. Let stand for up to fifteen minutes, then lift and remove. Do it regularly, then stain the acne scars will be exhausting and lost.

Preventing premature aging

As your age, someone may just experienced sagging facial skin as well as emerging signs of premature aging. Apply cucumber because it can help  soften the skin in a fairly short time.

That's the benefit of cucumber for skin care in order to be more healthy and beautiful, may be useful.


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