5 Essential Nutrients Of Mung Beans

5 Essential Nutrients Of Mung Beans

High nutritious food that you should not ignore is the green beans. A fairly complete nutritional content of green beans very well used to meet your daily nutrient intake. This plant is found in tropical climates. Although green beans is grown in tropical countries, but the green beans were already traded throughout the world, and even quite easy to obtain.

Green beans are often made into a pretty tasty porridge on the tongue. It's not just limited to the delicious taste of course, but the green beans also contain nutrients that are superb, so feel free to take him. Green beans contain some very important nutrients required by the human body.

The following nutritional green beans


The benefits of green beans can be used as a source of alternative to vegetable proteins. Protein content in every 100 grams of green beans, as much as 7 grams. The protein in green bean has a complete amino acid profile and can be absorbed by the body more quickly. Protein useful in helping the formation of muscle cells, accelerate the restoration of health, increase stamina, and the body make sense of satiety for longer.


Green beans contain folic acid of 159 g/100 Μg of vitamin B1 and a number of 0.2 mg/100 gr. Not only that, green beans are also equipped with riboflavin, B6, niacin and pantothenat acids are useful functions of aid Metabolism and body organs.
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Fiber in 100 gr green beans is 7.6 grams of fibre. This number can meet the needs of the daily fiber of 30 percent. Fiber is beneficial in maintaining the functions of the digestive tract, preventing constipation, and helping to lower cholesterol.


Green beans are rich in minerals. Each 100 g of green beans are potassium (266 mg), phosphorus (99 mg), Manganese (48 mg), calcium (27 mg), magnesium (0.3 mg), iron (1.4 mg), zinc (0.8 mg), selenium (2.5 µg).


Green beans are also rich in omega-3 of 0.9 mg/100 gr. and Omega-6 of 119 mg/100 gr. As we know that essential fatty acids is useful for lowering cholesterol and maintaining heart health.
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5 essential nutrients content of green beans above into consideration for you who hesitate to consume mung bean.


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