21 Morel berry Benefits For Health

21 Morel berry Benefits For Health

Morel berry is easy to grow everywhere, especially in an area that has a tropical climate. This plant is often found in the area around the House, in the rice fields, empty land or on the roadside. Morel berry has the Latin name Physialis Angulata is a wild plant that grows by itself without being cultivated. To get morel berry quite a difficult area filled with housing, but morel berry can still be found if it is located in the village.

Who would have thought morel berry is often referred to with this wild herbs have tremendous benefits for health. It's not just the fruit, leaves and the root can also be used to maintain health. Below are the health benefits of for morel berry.

Curing heart disease

One of the advantages of the morel berry fruit is a treatment of heart disorders. The trick is quite easy, take 40 strands of morel berry leaves and destroy it with a blender like juice, then mixed drinks without anything. Moreover made like juices, the leaves can also we eat directly, but we assure that it is washed clean.

Treatment of epilepsy

Epilepsy can be easily characterized by the loss of consciousness of a person followed by convulsions and foaming of the mouth. For those who suffer from epilepsy, sometimes they feel ashamed by whipping this syndrome because it is not known when it is time. To overcome this, the fruit of the morel berry can be used as a medicine. But, it is good if you keep related to consulting a doctor and treatment with fruit morel berry this only as an escort in the acceleration of the healing of epilepsy you. 10-Morel berry the consumption of fruit regularly every day and feel its benefits.

21 Morel berry Benefits For Health

Can treat the flu

One of the benefits of improving due to morel berry Leaf can treat someone who is hit by the flu. How to make a remedy is never the costume, namely:

  1. Cut the sheets into pieces for morel berry
  2. Then boil with boiling water
  3. Drink boiled water, to recover
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As a cure for asthma

The deployment of morel berry as a remedy for asthma is also easy. Take the leaves and stems of the morel berry fruit, boiled and boiled water. Or take the leaves, then mix with the whiting and then destroyed using both hands. Then give a little water. After that put on the palm of the hand so that it comes out of the water is green and the moss whitish. Apply to the chest, abdomen and back.

Solving the Thrush

The thrush can be defined as a disease of the gums, mouth, tongue or interior of the mark by red and white spots. People with canker sores usually complain about pain and sores especially when used to eat and drink. It still coupled with the emergence of bad breath because of the activity of bacteria in the mouth. Now you do not need to worry because the content of vitamin C in fruits Morel berry is able to prevent and treat the thrush. It is easy to consume 10-fruits morel berry per day directly or made of juice.

Treatment of pertussis

Any proven Morel berry sheet can be a remedy for those who have pertussis or pertussis. The contents in the leaves of Morel berry this can relieve a cough naturally gradually, but not back.

Lowering of the Fever

Not just leaves, the fruit of Morel berry can also be consumed to lower fever or hot especially in children.

Lowering high blood

High blood pressure is a condition in which the bloodstream exceeds the limits of necessity. It would definitely be fatal if keep it left. Make a concoction by boiling the five grains of morel berry fruit in 100 ml of water. Boil for 5 minutes to allow its nutritional content is not lost and evaporate. Filter the decoction and drink water when it has been turned into a little hot regularly twice a day. You can check the difference in blood pressure before and after consuming this potion.
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Treat mumps

Morel berry leaves also has benefits for relieving inflammation, to reduce the pain that causes like goiter. Mumps is a condition where part of the pituitary gland, swelling of the neck. When you encounter a goiter will feel pain, then naturally can be reduced by drinking the decoction of Morel berry leaves.

Helps clear urine

The urine on hold will be at risk of forming kidney stones. Of course, the first thing that needs to be done before the treatment is to fix your habits. When the urge to urinate, then you hurry up into the toilet to remove it. However, if you have difficulty urinating because for some reason, try to make the concoction by boiling the fruits Morel berry 10 rounds in a glass of water. Boil until water is left half the glass. Drink warmly and do it regularly three times a day.

Relieve Vertigo

Vertigo also known as diseased lungs. When something is not right with your lungs, it resulted in his ability as a kana organ of respiration. Your breath will not be optimal as before. For that, you have to address it as early as possible before it becomes worse. This time you not only need the fruit alone but all parts of the plant are morel berry such as leaves, stems, and roots. Boil all the water to taste until boil. Strain the potion to separate the fibres. Drink the potion while warm three times a day on a regular basis.

Treating Ulcers

Do not let your beauty or his level dropped drastically due to the appearance of ulcers on the skin. In addition to lose confidence, boils will certainly give a sense of uncomfortable for the sufferer. Puree using some morel berry fruit blender until smooth. Then dab on the skin of the maimed. Leave it until it dries and then rinse with water. Repeat this step three times a day until it boils have really decreased.

Treating breast cancer

Breast cancer may sound as a terrible disease. But it turns out the morel berry fruits can also cure this disease. Here's how the young shoots, mixed with rice seeds and shoots four turmeric. Then ground with grated coconut until pulverized. After that the Herb last directly affixed on the breast.
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Helps Neutralize Toxins

It cannot be denied that an awful lot of food that you consume each day. But sometimes for not carefully, we eat food that has expired or food for that matter should not be eaten, even the passage and into the stomach. As a result the body will experience poisoning in certain levels. In addition to using pure milk, you can now utilize the fruits of morel berry to resolve this issue. Eat as many fruits morel berry accompanied with white water to help neutralize the poison.

Diffuse Disorders Of The Lymph Nodes

If ever experienced swelling of the lymph nodes, then it is highly recommended to drink water decoction of leaves of morel berry on a regular basis. But drinking the decoction of leaves of plants like this, morel berry must be balanced with the benefits of white water intake.

Provide Energy Reserves

The sweetness in the fruit of morel berry indicates a content of sugar in it. This certainly would be nice to prop up your daily activity, let alone you are a hard worker. The content of sugar in morel berry able to energize your body. Rajinlah consume fruit which is ripe morel berry per day.

Treating stroke

Drinking and eating parts of fruit morel berry regularly can also help treat stroke.

Accelerates Wound Healing

Because in morel berry leaves contain more chlorophyll, then it can also speeds drying on the new cuts. Do I simply by mashing the leaves morel berry and then apply it on the wound.

Treating Heart Disease

Not many people know about if this one plant can treat diseases disorders of the heart. How we mashed 40 strands of leaf morel berry until smooth or as juice, then consumed directly without using a mixture of white water.

Lower cholesterol

Part of the morel berry fruit turns can also lower cholesterol. Do I eat the leaves of fruit morel berry two strands three times a day.
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Treating joint pain

Painful joints and rheumatism can be resolved by way of a mix or leaf cipukan mashed together into a paste and then whiting your joints that are problematic.

Thus the benefits for the health of morel berry may be of help or provide additional information concerning the nutrition of plants.


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