20 Source Of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

20 Source Of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1 is known as thiamine, vitamin B1 which helps to increase the body's energy. The body needs energy to do all activities, through food carbohydrates are absorbed and then changed by vitamin B1.

Not only helps in the formation of energy, vitamin B also helps the brain in order to work optimally, the need of vitamin B1 for pregnant women, breastfeeding women 1.2 mg 1.5 mg for men of 1.1 mg. Get the number of intake, you should consume foods that contain vitamin B1.

There are many food sources containing vitamin B1 include, as mentioned below:


Pineapple is known as high fruit nutrient on life is largely planted in tropics land. Fruits have characteristic yellow flesh. Many have been planted in the West Java region, East Java and North Sumatra. The content of vitamin B1 in this pineapple is 100 grams and 0.08 MCG. This fruit is useful for preventing stress.


In a cup of whole grain is providing 4.47 MCG of thiamine. The very fantastic value for this type of natural foods is containing vitamin B1. Pure wheat is suitable as vegetarians to fulfill thiamine needs per day.


The nuts included in the dense nutrient and also contain vitamin B1. Macadamia nuts are the best sources of vitamin B1 with 100 grams provides 0.71 mg or 47% of the Daily value (DV) of this vitamin. Other beans are good sources of vitamin B1 include pistachio nuts (13% DV), Brazil nuts (12% DV), pecan (9% DV) and cashew nuts (7% DV). So now it's time to avoid the snack of processed foods that are not healthy and started chewing nuts to improve nutrition.


For the citrus contains vitamin B1, it depends on a variety of citrus fruits itself. Vitamin B1 on lime by 100 grams is 0.04 MCG. Vitamin B1 on orange sweetened by 100 grams was 0.08 MCG. Vitamin B1 on Mandarin orange by 100 grams was 0.07 MCG. Vitamin B1 on grapefruit by 100 grams is 0.04
Tuna Fish

With the consumption of 4 ounces of tuna, meets about 38 percent of vitamin B1 needs every day. So, it is very good for consuming fish to meet the needs of vitamin B1. The source of vitamin B1 of this type of fish is also widely found in salmon.


Shiitake mushroom which is quite famous in the world contain 0.01 mg (1% daily value) per mold. While 1 cup of crimini fungi contain 0068 mg (4.5% daily value).


Vitamin B1 on grapes by 100 grams was 0.05 MCG. This fruit is useful for treating fatigue and Hypoglykemi that contain natural sugars, namely fructose and glucose. It also prevents coronary artery disease up to 50%. In addition, the grapes also prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the blood, as it contains saponins.
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The source of vitamin B1 can be obtained from beef. You easily get thiamine intake by consuming beef packaged in boxes. For the packaging of the product contains thiamine around 0.9 MCG. It is better for the beef to be consumed without being preserved. Beef has a low fat content, so that safe consumption without fear of the risk of obesity.


Pumpkins are available in several varieties and some of them are a good source of vitamin B1. For example, acorn Squash is the best source provides 0.17 mg or 11% of the daily vitamin B1 value in 100 grams of the dish. Other varieties include baked pumpkin accounts for 10% of the daily value of vitamin B1 in a 1 cup dish.


Processed cereal products contain vitamin B1 is very high. Enough with the ¼ Cup of cereal can provide 0.5 mcg of thiamine. Cereals are particularly suitable if combined with meat and fish.


Vitamin B1 on the fruit of watermelon 100 grams is 0.033 MCG. The watermelon fruit has advantages to improve blood circulation, increasing the metabolism, as well as to prevent the onset of neurological damage. The fruit is typical. Where the fruit of the hard skin is green, with dark green stripes. The fruit is a red colour many contain water and seeds.


All legume varieties, including the Peanut Navy, black beans and Pinto beans contain high levels of B1 vitamins and healthy heart proteins. Marine Bean is the best source to provide 0.24 mg or 16% of the daily value of vitamin B1 in 100 grams of the dish. Other legumes that are a good source of beans from vitamin B1 black beans (28% of daily value).


Vitamin B1 on 100 grams of spinach is 0.08 MCG. While spinach itself has benefits such as anti-inflammatory, prevent cardiovascular risk, and lowering of blood pressure. In addition, spinach is also useful for preventing the onset of osteoporosis and diabetes.


Various grains are also a good source of vitamin B1. Sunflower seeds have the highest concentration of vitamin B1 which provided 1.48 mg or 99% of the daily value in 100 grams of the dish. Sesame seeds with 100 grams of dishes provide 1.21 mg or 80% of the daily value of vitamin B1.


Vitamin B1 on 100 grams of eggplant is 0.039 MCG. Eggplants grown in season tropes are without getting to know the seasons. Dry or wet season can grow well. Eggplant is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, launched urine. It is also useful for curing digestive problems and coughing.


Among the green vegetables, asparagus is a good source of vitamin B1. 100 gram of asparagus provides 0.16 mg or 11% daily value. Canned RAW asparagus gives a daily value of 5% in a half cup of dish.


How does vitamin B1 in paprika 100 grams? Vitamin B1 is 22.0 MCG. Paprika is a fruit such as a bell with its variety of colours (type). The fruit does not have a spicy, spicy but sweet pepper, because the paprika seeds did not enter the passage like chili on the dishes of seasoning processed. The benefits of peppers themselves increase body immunity, prevent eye diseases, increase sperm count in men, and a good source of antioxidants.


Bread made from wheat flour also contains large amounts of vitamin B1. This gives a piece of bread or 0.14 mg 9% of the daily value of vitamin B1. Another variety of bread that is a rich source of vitamin B1 is whole wheat bread (9% of daily value).


Vitamin B1 on Broccoli 100 grams is 10 mcg. Broccoli is a vegetable that is unique to the shape of a fungus-like leaves (but not mushrooms) that rises on the stem. The tree is small but rich in nutrients. Broccoli is beneficial for fighting various types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and other cancers.


Vitamin B1 on 100 grams of carrot was 0.04 MCG. Carrots are a lot of benefits. Besides carrots contain beta-carotene that can maintain eye health, carrots are also useful for overcoming hypertension, can overcome the fever that strikes children, then cures the burns, to overcome menstruation Painful.
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That's some foods that have a high content of vitamin B1, you can consume these foods so that your body is healthy. May be useful.


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