18 Health Benefits Of Guava Is Important For The Body

18 Health Benefits Of Guava Is Important For The Body

Guavas are well known around the world, not only tastes delicious but the guava is rich in essential nutrients required by the body's health.

Guavas are plants that come from Mexico, Central America and South America. Now the guava has already spread around the world. Guava plants cultivation that has been developed in various countries either subtropical or tropical countries. A guava property is to help the digestive system. It turns out that there are still many benefits of guava in the other. Vitamin C is high enough to become the best antioxidant to protect the body from cancer.

Based on the experts attest that guava has vitamin C is four times greater than on citrus fruits. And many other nutrients content needed by the body. The following benefits of guava for health what you should know.

Reduce high blood pressure

The benefits guava is for preventing the thickening of the blood of the guava, in order to maintain the fluidity of the blood and reduce blood pressure. Guava also helps to reduce cholesterol in blood research has shown that the less dietary fiber ingredients (like flour) increase blood pressure, due to fast sugar conversion. Guava is very rich in fiber and hypoglycaemia so effectively help lower blood pressure and trigger cardiac work better to prevent the onset of symptoms of heart disease.

Boost the immune system

Guava is a fruit that is able to stimulate your immune system. Because guava contain high vitamin C can prevent your body from various diseases.

Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Many experts believe that the damage caused by free radicals is a factor in the growing disease of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), cancer, and other diseases. Not only the guava, turns the leaves also contain antioxidants.

Initiation of digestion

Guava is very high in natural fibers, which are very important to lower the blood sugar levels. Another advantage of fiber is to preserve the health of the digestive system, i.e. by helping to protect the mucous membranes of the intestine by reducing the time of exposure to toxins, as well as the binding chemicals cause cancer in the colon and delete it together with fases.

Removing cholesterol from the body

A health benefit of guava is for the first is able to eject bad cholesterol in our body. This is because the content of pectin in the useful to bind cholesterol and bile stones and remove it from the body. You can eat guava with eating it directly or by way of making juice.

Overcoming Diabetes

On the benefits associated with the above mentioned blood pressure, guava intake can also help diabetic patients, such as the benefits of Noni fruit. The high content of guava fibers allows regulating the absorption of sugar by the body, which helps to lower the insulin and glucose in the body. Research has shown that guava can consume helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

Anti-tumour and anti-inflammatory

The contents of lycopene in the guava useful as anti-inflammatory substances and prevent the growth of tumours.

Source of vitamin A

Brightly colored fruits contain more nutrients compared to the colour of the fruit is paler. Fruits of vivid colour such as guava, tomatoes, oranges and mangoes are rich in carotenoids, i.e. vitamin A that can help prevent heart disease. Vitamin A can also prevent this problem in the eye, keep the growth and development of cells, stimulate the immune system, and make the skin stay healthy. With Vitamin A in it, you get a lot of benefits from guava is good for health.

Source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for healthy bones, teeth, gums and blood vessels, helping to heal wounds and brain function, and helps the body absorb iron. Vitamin C is also necessary to form collagen, i.e. a network that helps to hold the cells together.

Helping with the treatment of dengue

According to the study, the guava leaf extract may inhibit the growth of the suspected dengue virus. The guava leaves are simmered never claimed to be able to avoid bleeding on the dengue and an increase in the number of platelets 100 000/mm3 in about 16 hours.

Sources contain the vitamin B complex

The fruit is also a great source of vitamin B complex which is quite good, such as pantothenic acid, niacin, and vitamin B6. The vitamin B complex has many different benefits to the health of the body.

Preserving the health of the thyroid gland

The mineral content of the copper contained in the guava of the fruits, which is already proven in the maintenance of the functions of the thyroid gland, in case of disorders of the thyroid gland will then lead to the emergence of a serious disease.

Treat constipation

Guava is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber in terms of fruit. A part of the seeds, if swallowed whole or chewed, serves as a laxative. Secondly, the nature of guava, help establish a healthy intestinal movement and helps the body to maintain water, and really cleanse your colon.

It is said that constipation can cause 72 types of diseases, so that the help of constipation will be beneficial. Total health cannot be denied, which is affected by digestion.

Preventing premature aging

A high level of antioxidants in guava has been able to neutralize free radicals and prevent the onset of oxidative stress causes premature ageing.

Helping to absorb nutrients

Other mineral content in guava red i.e. manganese, manganese content can help absorb nutrients in the foods we consume. Therefore, eating healthy food that high nutrients are absorbed into the body more.

Maintaining Brain health

The vitamin B3 and B6 found in the red guava fruit is very useful in helping to maintain brain function by way of conducting a blood circulation as well.

Maintain Healthy skin

The red guava fruit is also very useful for maintaining healthy skin, because in the red guava contains vitamin C, beta-carotene and are also very high in antioxidants. Thus, the skin will appear brighter, soft and away from skin disorders such as acne, dry skin, oily skin and other skin disorders. So it’s no wonder if guava fruit is often used as an ingredient to make lotions for the skin of the face and body.

Like a drug fever and coughing

Rich in vitamin C contained in the guava, potent cold virus and prevent infection. Guava juice and guava leaf stew provide benefits reduce phlegm by coughing. Like a disinfecting throat that inhibits microbes on the airways and lungs.

Now you already know the benefits of guava for health, so don't forget to consume guava every day so that your body is healthy and strong.


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