17 Benefits Of Papaya Leaves

17 Benefits Of Papaya Leaves

Not only fruit, but the papaya leaves are also rich with nutrients so it has a variety of healthy benefits for the body. Papaya leaves have bitter tastes, usually processed into vegetables to eat. Papaya leaves are used for vegetable usually young papaya leaves.

Benefits of papaya leaves can be used to cure various diseases and to prevention it. So today many herbal products that add papaya leaves into the composition of the product. Well, what are the benefits of papaya leaves for health? Read below.

Helps increase appetite

To solve the problem of lack of appetite, mix the good fresh papaya leaves with lukewarm water and salt to taste. Crush until it is smooth then filter water and drinking water filters. This way can also be used on a child who has difficulty eating.

Herbal appetite Enhancer Give it 2-3 days, not too often. For the children, the portions are not too much. 1/4 enough glass only.

Having anti-cancer substances

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Ethno pharmacology, Papaya leaf juice contain some enzymes that have cancer control properties against a variety of tumors. This makes this sheet of papaya extracted, often recommended in the context of chemotherapy in some parts of the world population. By fixing T lymphocytes, the papaya leaf extract stimulates the immune system's response to cancer. The leaves are bitter; indeed many contain anti-cancer substances, which are also found on the benefits of leaf binahong.

Helps relieve the symptoms of dengue fever

When you experience a variety of symptoms such as fever, the appearance of a rash on the skin, joint pain, muscle, even a headache, then most likely you are hit by dengue fever. Other dangerous symptoms are caused by a virus transported by Aedes mosquitoes usually include a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood to hemorrhage. This makes dengue fever one of the deadly diseases.

But fortunately, medical disorders can be appeased with the benefits of papaya leaves that are rich in enzymes from papan and Chymopapain, where both are able to standardize platelet levels and prevent damage to the liver due to the Dengue fever. In addition, papaya leaves can also help restore the condition of someone from dangerous diseases.

Helps to remove bacterial growth

As a microorganism often causes the disease, the bacteria spin can be avoided using papaya leaves. The Karpain compound can inhibit fungal, bacterial, and parasitic worms, so as not to penetrate and affect various tissues of the body. This makes the papaya leaves are often used as a herbal medicine for bacteria. Papaya leaves can be effective in inhibiting the development of bacteria that are sometimes easily contagious.

Helping to take care of skin health

Vitamin A, E and C on papaya leaves proved to be higher than its fruits. This causes the papaya leaves can extrude various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and excess.

Healthy intestine

Intestines are including parts that are particularly vulnerable to the disease. So you might be a little worried, how to protect the bowel and keep your food consumption. Papaya towers can protect the intestines and eliminate worms in the intestinal wall. This is because the papaya leaves contain tannin is beneficial to expel worms.

Help improve Body immunity

Other benefit of papaya leaf juice is its ability to withstand viral infections such as common cold virus. The papaya leaves will naturally regenerate white blood cells and platelets. Papaya leaves contain more than 50 ingredients, including vitamins A, C and E that support the immune system.


Enough to consume these leaves boiled or processed into sautéed vegetables, you will get the benefits, i.e. avoid the problem of food indigestion.

Helping to treat enlarged prostate disease

Papaya leaves can help you who are experiencing problems of benign prostate enlargement; moreover these leaves can also help to reduce problems such as increased prostatic problems related to rectal injury.

Benefits for women

Specifically for women who are menstruating and want to eliminate pain easily and safely, try traditional herbal papaya leaves. Combine 1 sheet of raw papaya leaves; tamarind and salt are then boiled until cooked. By drinking water the herbs so that menstrual pain can be reduced. Pregnant women should not consume the papaya leaves too often (in the form of any treatment) because the risk of providing a detrimental effect on the fetus in the uterus.

Prevention of viral infection

A benefit of papaya leaves this one because of vitamin A, C, and E are used to stimulate the immune system.

Help the production of thrombosis

Blood cells are part of the body that must have normal levels. For those of you who have blood cells or platelets are weakened or excess, and then had to eat papaya leaves. 50 materials and a variety of vitamins, including a, C and E that can protect the body.

Helping to cure Emphysema

Emphysema is one of the deadly diseases that can also be avoided and cured by papaya leaves. To avoid this medical disorder, the body needs the vitamin D plug is sufficient, and the papaya leaves can meet this need.

Help control high blood pressure

The next benefit of papaya leaves is to control the blood pressure in the body. Boil five leaves with half a litter of water and then sear the water decoction and add the sweetener of pure honey or brown sugar.

Aid for the production of breast milk

For breastfeeding mothers, the use of papaya leaves can naturally initiate breast milk. Prepare 5 pieces of young leaves, and then place it on the fire until the leaves are wilted. Stick while heating on the breast of the mother unless part of a nipple.

Helps strengthen bones and teeth

The vegetable consumption of papaya leaves regularly can strengthen your bones and teeth. Its content is reliable can make the teeth stronger and healthier bones.
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Boost the body's immune system

The body's immune system is very important; its function is of course to protect the body from various threats such as disease. The immune system can result from the consumption of foods that are healthy and nutritious vegetables, as well as vitamin C and also minerals. These nutrients can be found in the papaya leaves.
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That's the benefit of papaya leaves, may be useful. Thanks


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