16 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

16 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber squash family fit in where is the largest deposit of water. Cucumbers have been very popular and everyone would already know. Cucumber provides delicious taste good eaten or processed into other types of foods. Another name of cucumbers cucumis sativus L is, according to the history of the cucumber is derived from the area of the Himalayas and has now spread across the world.

Cucumbers turned out to have a fairly high nutrient content and beneficial for your health, not just that alone merits of cucumbers can also be used for treatment of skin mainly facial skin. Historically, the cucumber is believed to control hypertension and treat some diseases. The following benefits of cucumber for health.

Help control high blood pressure

For the friend who experience high blood pressure can try cucumber cucumbers from drinking juice or consuming directly. The content of potassium, magnesium and natural fibers found on the cucumber is effective in lowering high blood pressure.
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Help protect your brain

In cucumber there is a substance called flavanol (Fisetin), which has advantages in improved memory and protects nerve cells, from a decline in brain function associated with age. In rat-led research, the Fisetin compound provides protection against Alzheimer's disorders progressively.
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For healthy heart

The benefit of cucumber juice is the best IE can help to nourish the heart. The potassium content was in the cucumber juice is similar to the bananas. Magnesium and also existing in the fiber is very good once consumed by people suffering from low blood or high blood. As an electrolyte, potassium is a union that has a positive charge that must be retained at the time of concentration. This has been covering the interaction of substances on sodium to help with cardiac function.
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Improve digestion

The fibre content of a cucumber can be proven to facilitate digestion. Consuming cucumbers on a regular basis can help overcome digestive problems such as gastritis, stomach ulcers, heartburn or constipation (state of constipation).

Helps purify toxins in the body

Mentimun is smashing toxins into the body effectively. The moisture content of the cucumber that is nearly 95 percent will have the effect of eliminating toxins in the body through the urine or sweat we spend in a variety of daily activities.

Maintain weight

These vegetables are very low in calories, so a cucumber is certainly well suited if it is made in a beverage to help your diet program. The soluble fiber that existed in cucumber has the texture such that milk can help slow digestion. So this is going to make new regulations that you feel longer. Therefore, this could help you to control your weight.

Helps maintain kidney health

Cucumber is also able to preserve the health of the kidneys and bladder. The moisture content of the cucumber promotes the performance of the kidneys in the urine production (Urines).

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Chewing on the cucumber can stimulate the salivary glands to produce more and can reduce the acidic substances in the oral cavity as well as the bacteria that grow in it. Gum disease such as pyorrea can be treated effectively by cucumber.

Prevention of constipation

The abundant water content as well as the fibers in the cucumber would feed the digestive organs at the same time lead defecation or eliminate the constipation that you may experience.

Help lower blood sugar levels

Consuming good cucumbers for diabetics is good, because the cucumber contains mineral manganese that is beneficial during the process of synthesizing hormone insulin in the body.

Used as a natural remedy for diabetic patients

This is because, cucumber or cucumber contains a hormone that plays a real insulin product in the organ cells of the pancreas that you have.

Protects the body from free radicals

Cucumber is a vegetable that has extremely high antioxidant content and also vitamin C which is very good to ward off free radicals. Talking about free radicals is one of the things that should be avoided, as this could put up the cancerous cells in the body and if it let rest could be more danger. Therefore, it is advisable for you to consume the cucumber juice on a regular basis.

Lowering cholesterol levels

For the PAL that has the right start of high consumption cholesterol commonly cucumbers. In cucumber fruit contained a compound of sterol is effective in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Help cure the symptoms of rheumatic fever and gout

Vitamins A, B, folate, potassium, magnesium in cucumber mixed with carrot juice to get carrot, was able to relieve pain and astritis levels of uric acid in the body.

Boost the immune system

On your body, the content of the vitamin C in the cucumber plays the real to maintain the state of the body so as not easily sick or struck with various diseases such as climate change and others.

Help Prevent Cancer

High antioxidant content in cucumber is good to prevent cancer. Cancer is one of the chronic diseases that are very deadly. So before the disease is attacking you, it would be nice for you to prevent, because preventing is better than cure.
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That's 16 healthy benefits of cucumber you can get if you want to eat the cucumber. Such information benefits of cucumber for the health of the body, may be useful.

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